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A Few Tips For Becoming An Optimist

Updated on July 20, 2012

Earlier, people were firmly believing that it is impossible to change their destinies. But, recent studies have revealed that by channelizing our minds, we can pursue our dreams and be successful in translating them into reality. But, this can not happen unless we take action with an optimistic mind and are enthusiastic. At the same time, we should be careful to check that our optimism does not drive us to the point of recklessness.

If you develop such an optimistic attitude, you will not view impediments as insurmountable. You will consider them as temporary setbacks. You may come across negative experiences but you will view them as learning experiences. As an optimist, you will always hope for the best and firmly believe that things will change for the better.

If you are positive-minded, others will also respond to you positively. This means that you will become a "magnet" for the right opportunities and the right people. An optimistic attitude is so powerful that it will change the attitude of those around you also. But, a negative attitude is also quite powerful and it is capable of spreading negativity among others. But, you should realize that no one will like people who spread negativity and spoil their moods.

A proven benefit of an optimistic attitude is that optimists are more healthy than others. Their immunity against diseases and infections increases. Hence, if you are positive-minded, you may not be affected by diseases. Even if you age, you will age gracefully and elegantly but in the case of negative-minded people, they will look older than their calendar age.

If you have been negative-minded all along, you can change your attitude even now. It will dramatically change your life itself. Let us see how you can change your attitude.

- You may have come across many positive events in your life. You should recall such events and also your thought process when such events occurred. If you have not given due credit to your role for the occurrence of these events, you have committed a mistake. You should not forget the fact that without your contribution, however small it may be, the events may not have happened. So, you should find out what contribution you have made. This will certainly improve your self-esteem and help you to be positive-minded.

- You should do a self-analysis and know your strengths. If you focus your mind on them instead of thinking about weaknesses, you will be able to have an optimistic attitude.

- Many positive things may happen in your life in future and you must divert your mind only to such possibilities and not on the negative possibilities.

- Another way is to recollect how some of the negative events in your life have provided you with great opportunities. Opportunities have the habit of coming in the guise of problems. These opportunities may have benefited you immensely. If you look at these negative events with such a perspective, you will start viewing negative things also with a positive mindset. This change will open to you a whole new world of opportunities.

- You should think about the potential success you will have if you change your attitude and become positive-minded. Once you become an optimist, your way of viewing people and things and explaining events will completely change. You will start focusing on your strengths. If you practice it, this habit will become automatic.

- You should not forget the fact that you can not expect instant results. You should practice consistently but if you do so, you can certainly succeed in becoming an optimist.


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    • LucyLiu12 profile image

      LucyLiu12 5 years ago from Boise, Idaho

      Great motivation (reasons for being more optimistic) and practical tips. I voted Up and Useful. Thanks for writing.