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A Funny Thing Happened on The Way to Life

Updated on May 20, 2012

Happy. Frustrated. Sad. Frightened. All of these emotions are running through my head as I type this hub. The question that I keep asking myself lately is “Why does it seem that so many people are stuck in a rut?”

Over the past month, I have put out several opportunities to thousands of people. Only a handful of people have taken advantage of it. You may say to me, well, maybe they are the wrong opportunities! Fair enough, because that is what I thought, initially.

One opportunity was for FREE $50 just for opening an account with a company that provides services similar to paypal. Now, I put this opportunity out to thousands of people, yet only a few opened an account. Right now, after 5 days, I have accrued over $200 in this account. All for FREE!

What has driven me to this “point” is actually people’s “talk”. By “talk” I mean what they are putting out there, primarily on social sites such as Facebook. Their talk says one thing and their actions say another. When questioned about lost opportunities and failed goals, people have responded by saying, “I got caught up in life!” or “I got too busy!”

What is this thing called “life”. Maybe Prince had a beat on it when he said “Electric word life, it means forever and that’s a mighty long time.” well, I believe for most people life is nothing more that going through the same motions, day after day after day.

Wake up tired



Get the kids off to school

Go to work

Eat lunch

More work

Drive home

Rush to eat

Take the kids to soccer

Drive home

Put the kids to bed

Watch the nasty news channel or football game

Go to bed

Toss and turn

Do it all over again

Weekends - shove in as much as possible trying to forget what happened during the week.

Vacation 2 weeks a year some place that you can barely afford and hope that you have enough room on your credit card to make it through.

Repeat year after year and wake up at age 65 wondering what happened to your “life”!

Sounds pretty cynical, yes? Maybe? Could it be true???

At one time it was true for me. Be honest with yourself.

The reason for writing this article is two fold. One, to relieve some frustration on my part and two, to attempt to wake some people from the trance that “life” has put on them. In “Something in This Book is True”, the author, Bob Frissell, makes a bold statement and basically states that all humans are machines and we live our lives based on beliefs that have been programmed in us from our early years. In the book, he writes a story told by a man named Ron. I will quote it here:

“If you put a rat in a maze with cheese at the end of the fourth tunnel, after a while, the rat will learn to find the cheese. Humans can learn that too. If the cheese is moved to a different tunnel, the rat will continue to look down the fourth tunnel until the rat eventually learns to look elsewhere. The difference between rats and humans is that humans will continue to look down the fourth tunnel forever because humans have developed a belief in the fourth tunnel, Rats, on the other hand, don’t believe in anything - all they want is cheese.”

So, the question is, “What is your fourth tunnel?” What is holding people back from opportunity and seizing “life” the way they want it?

The free $50 is interesting. I believe most people were taught to believe if it’s too good to be true, then it can’t be. So, the idea of getting free money seems to good to be true to most, so they do not act on it. Maybe if I said you have to work like a dog for 5 hours, many more would act. This is based on most people’s belief that at $10/hour, that seems fair! (this is just my theory!)

What beliefs are holding you back from jumping out of “life” to the “life” you want? How long will your beliefs hold you back?

Feel free to comment on this hub. I would love the feedback!!! Or avail yourself to the links below!

Till then.

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