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A Glaring Error by Evolutionists

Updated on July 11, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology

When you make assumptions

Things do not necessarily go as planned. Physical evidence may be missing or does not exist. The physical evidence you do have does not line up and on it goes. There are many things that can go wrong when you turn to assumptions.

Unfortunately evolutionary scientists and the supporters of the evolutionary theory use a lot of assumptions to develop their theory. The problem with making scientific assumptions is that the scientists have to go looking for the physical evidence to support their claims.

Often, the physical remains used by evolutionary scientists to support their theory needs to be manipulated to fit the theory. Much information is read into these vulnerable remains because there is no evidence available that helps verify the evolutionary theory.

One such piece of evidence

In Matt Ridley’s book Genome, we read the following words on page 21 - 22:

“The three letter words of the genetic code are the same in every creature…The genetic code, bar a few tiny local aberrations, mostly for unexplained reasons in the ciliate protozoa, is the same in every creature. We all use exactly the same language.”

It is this type of information that leads most evolutionary scientists down the wrong road as they attempt to explore man’s supposed natural origins. Because all creatures share this identical genetic code and often share similar internal organs, evolutionary scientists assume that all life forms descended from a common ancestor.

They continue to make this assumption and try to build upon this foundation without any real evidence linking this similarity to a natural development process. This idea is read into the physical evidence, not taken out of it.

That is the problem with starting with an assumption instead of using facts to build a theory. The physical evidence, artifacts, or other remains are not present to support such thinking.

Trying to link the identical genetic code to an assumption never works because the identical code has nothing to do with evolution or the development of man.

We need to begin with the facts

In this case the fact is that all life forms basically have the same genetic code. The main question that has to be answered is ‘why is this so?’ A common ancestor is not the correct answer as no one knows what that would be nor how the evolutionary process directed the development of life.

Evolutionary scientists do not even though what the original environmental conditions were that helped bring that supposed original life form into existence or what it looked like. All they can do is assume.

There are no ancient or other historical records that document one iota of data that would shed light on their problem. It is not like the theory of evolution is new. The book Darwin’s Ghost record the many people who were contemporaries of Darwin who had thought of the same theory but in slightly different formats.

But even these men were not original thinkers as the theory of evolution was first recorded in the 6th century BC. Knowing mankind, the theory probably had an even earlier start and the 6th Century BC was only the earliest preserved recording of the theory.

Yet, in spite of all this, modern evolutionary scientists, etc., have no ancient records to work from. Instead, they must do their work with fully developed specimens then read into the results their assumptions.

There is not one ancient manuscript that records one claim made by modern scientists on how the evolutionary process worked. Their claims and theories are all based on assumption not fact.

If they use fact, then those facts are misunderstood and credited to the wrong ideas.

What is the truth

Going back to the discovery mentioned by Dr. Ridley, we see that there is an answer to the question, ‘why is this so?’ The answer doe snot come from scientific sources or evolutionary thought. The answer lies with the Bible.

In Genesis 1 we read about God’s creative act and as we read through what he did, we make an interesting discovery-- God only created one environment. This environment did not develop over time but is as we know it today. It has not changed.

Then we read that God created the different life forms we also know about today. He placed each life form in the same environment. That is our clue. For all life forms to exist in the same environment, they need to have similar genetic codes, similar biological processes, similar functions and so on.

The reason all creatures have the same genetic code and similar biological organs is that they all had to live in the same environment. With no historical record of any life form possessing a different genetic code, evolutionary scientists have made their glaring error.

They have rejected the truth for their assumptions. They have been led down the wrong path by following and trying to prove their assumptions instead of following the facts to the truth.

Some final words

There is no other explanation for this commonality. That is because there are no fossils or historical records showing otherwise. There is no mystery to the solution of the question why do all these lifeforms have the same genetic code.

It is because God designed them to live in the same environment and function in the same basic ways. We know this because there are no historical or other records documenting changes made throughout time.

There is no way to verify the assumption that the original environment on Earth was any different than it is today. Any claims to the contrary are assumptions only. In any other world than the scientific one, an assumption is seen as making a fool out of the person making the assumption.

Yet scientist build their reputations on unverifiable assumptions and do not consider themselves foolish. There is something wrong with the scientific world, not God, the Bible or the truth.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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