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A Guide to Choosing the Best College or University Course in Kenya

Updated on September 16, 2016
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Januaris is a webmaster and writer with a great passion for the education niche. He loves to write about the university education.

With many different courses in the Kenya's institutions of higher learning, you can find it difficult to choose the best program to further your studies. There are degree, diploma and certificate courses for high school graduates and also for older people who are working or running businesses.

The best learning programs are designed to help students gain more knowledge and sharpen their skills. You can only find these reliable programs in the country's reputable colleges and universities.

choose course kenya
choose course kenya | Source

According to many people, choosing a career is more important than choosing a marriage partner. If you are a form four leaver, you might already be aware of the career to take in your life. Remember selecting subjects at high school? Well, this is usually the starting point when it comes to choosing a career.

This article guides you on how to choose the best college or university course in order to keep your career dreams alive. It analyzes how different study fields are doing in the Kenyan job market and pinpoints the most marketable courses in Kenya in 2016. It also touches on the best programs to study for good business opportunities in the country. In addition, the article describes some of the reputable institutions of higher learning in Kenya.

See the major factors to consider when selecting the best program to study in Kenya.

In a nut shell: which are the most marketable courses in kenya 2016? Well, they include:

1. Medicine

2. Sales & Marketing

3. Supply & Chain Management

4. Nursing

5. Civil Engineering

6. Information Technology

7. Electrical Engineering

8. Computer Science

9. Law

10. Architecture

Special Skills and Talents- Major Factors to Consider When Choosing Course Kenya

If you have special skills that you can excellently apply in a certain field, it is advisable to choose a course in that field.

For example, you can go for social science or art courses, such as communication, journalism, sales and marketing, if you have good communication skills.

On the other hand, if you have good numerical and analytical skills, you can be in a better position if you choose science, engineering or other programs that involve a lot of mathematics.

As far as talents are concerned, you need to identify your talent and choose a program that can boost it. Some great talents are those which can be applied in sports or artistic fields, such as music, drawing and acting.

Interests and Passion

In a number of times, I have heard people say that it is very crucial to follow your interests and passion in whatever you are doing. This is true because the two attributes help us do things perfectly.

If you are interested in a certain activity that can earn you a living, and you have a strong passion for it, you can choose a course that relates to that activity.

If you are interested in singing, you can choose a music course and pursue a career in that field.

Job and Business Opportunities

Most people go to school to gain knowledge and skills that they can apply somewhere to craft a livelihood.

Some study fields are more marketable (provide more jobs) and offer greater business opportunities than others. In Kenya, there seem to be more job opportunities for graduates who have studied business related courses.

On the other side, graduates who have done medical or agricultural programs find it easier to start businesses in their respective fields of study.

So, what is your motivation when preparing to join a college or university in Kenya? To find good a job or start a business? Get to know the programs that will find you a job or help you start a business in the country in the section below.

The section is about how different college and university courses are doing in the job market and the world of business in 2016.

This has been the best guide for all students. I've used it and have no regrets. Check it out to fine-tune your career.

Agriculture & Related Study Fields

Agriculture is still the backbone of the Kenya’s economy, but a good number of graduates from this field are not getting jobs. This is because there are only a few agribusiness firms in the country, and the government can only employ a small number of the graduates.

However, there are promising business opportunities for the students.

The best colleges and universities to do agriculture in Kenya are Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology and University of Nairobi.

Engineering, Architecture & Related Programs

Engineering and architectural fields are not well developed in Kenya. Any major engineering project that crops up in the country is awarded to overseas firms.

There are no opportunities to practice engineering in Kenya, which means that it is difficult to become a professional engineer in the country. Also, it is hard to set up a good engineering business.

You can try these courses at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture & Technology, University of Nairobi, Moi University, Egerton University, Dedan Kimanthi University of Technology and Technical University of Kenya.

Medicine & Related Courses

Medicine is the best course to do in Kenya and many other places in the world. Job opportunities in this field are not rare to find. There are also plenty of business opportunities for the graduates.

The best colleges and universities to do medical programs in the country include: University of Nairobi, Moi University and Kenya Medical Training Colleges.

medicine-most marketable field kenya
medicine-most marketable field kenya | Source

General Science Courses

From the beginning, science has been a luxury and most sought-after field. Thus, science programs are not doing bad in Kenya. You can find one or two job opportunities in the newspapers or jobsites. However, to come up with a business in this field is not a walk in the park.

University of Nairobi and other few universities and colleges offer science courses in the country.

Computer Science, IT & Related Programs

Like the engineering field, computer science and IT fields are not well developed in Kenya. There are many companies and organizations that pretend to offer jobs in this field, so you can get a job that is somehow technical from them.

On the side of business, cyber cafes are what Kenyans call IT businesses. It is hard to set up a business in this field unless you are assisted by someone from outside Africa.

Almost all colleges and universities in Kenya offer computer science and IT courses.

Social Science Courses

The best thing about the social science field in Kenya is that job opportunities are not hard to find. Most high school leavers are going for these courses, something which is likely to flood the field in the coming years.

If you want to acquire skills to run a company, you can find some good programs in this field to help take your business to another level.

Private universities, such as Strathmore and Daystar, are the best places to do these programs.

If you are looking forward to joining a public university, you can consider University of Nairobi or Moi University.

Arts & Humanities Courses

Someone would wonder why some of these programs are still offered in Kenya. The amazing thing is that these courses have continued to attract many students, making the field so much flooded with degree holders.

The job market for these courses is very competitive and it is not easy for the graduates to start a meaningful business.

There are many universities and colleges offering these programs in Kenya. So, you cannot miss an institution that offers arts or humanities courses in Kenya.

Education Field

There is no bad course to study at the university, but there are some courses you have to avoid in Kenya like the ones in the education field. It can take a decade for a graduate to get employed as a teacher.

And the worst thing about this field is that there are no business opportunities for fresh graduates.

The best universities and colleges to do education programs in Kenya include: Kenyatta University, University of Nairobi and Kenya Teachers Training Colleges.

education,teaching field
education,teaching field | Source

Now, You Have It!

Based on your performance in high school, you can choose the best college or university course to do in Kenya.

Be wise. Don’t allow some minor factors to hinder you from studying a program that suits your career. Identify your skills and talents and go for the best program. You can always consider the marketable courses, if you cannot identify your skills or talents.

Wishing you all the best in your career.

What factors would you consider when choosing the best college or university course in Kenya?

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