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Owl: A Harbinger of Evil and Death?

Updated on February 21, 2013

I'm not superstitious, but my native american mother in law thinks I should be concerned.


This happened to me a few days ago and everything is just fine so far. No evil has visited my home. I am alive and my family is well. How long should I wait until I dismiss this superstition? Should I forget the hideous creature that visited early one morning or consider its visit as an omen?

An Eastern Screech Owl about the size and shape of a softball appeared on the open window sill of my hunting blind before first light one morning. I heard the gentle clicking of it's talons on the wood as it landed and when I looked to the left there it was, just two feet from my face. It otherwise arrived silently. Carefully I picked up my camera thinking I may have a chance to take photo if I moved slowly, then snapped a photo using the flash. It stayed as I proceeded to take approximately 2 dozen more photos. Over the next hour between pouring cups of coffee and getting out of my chair to put more wood in the stove it remained as I contemplated different poses and back grounds.

Finally it was time for me to go back to the house so I closed down the stove, picked up my rifle and tossed on my backpack. A glance toward the owl perch before I left. The owl was gone. I noticed a Blue Jay fussing and squawking loudly outside the window, accompanied by a bright red Cardinal fluttery about and chirping excitedly. A Nut Hatch skittering up and down the trunk of a nearby tree. I peered out the window to see the owl perched on the nub of a branch in a nearby tree.

Good Omen? Bad Omen? I don't know for sure, but I think not. One thing I do know this little fellow entertained me one morning and for that I'm thankful.


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