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A Human-Universe Relationship Theory

Updated on June 19, 2013

A Human-Universe Relationship Theory

By Daniel Hinton

Introduction: In this paper I introduce a new way to look at an old idea relating it to our current understanding of the physical Universe. The first section consists consists of explanation. Followed by the application of theory.


From Newton to Einstein – particle physicists to cosmologists, the knowledge we have acquired of our Universe is vast, astounding, and logically fluent when discussed in context of how there is something when there could just in fact be nothing. Mathematics and Quantum Physics tell us, nicely summarized by Lawrence M. Krauss in his book A Universe from Nothing, we have something rather than nothing because in fact–nothing is unstable. Nothing cannot exist for very long without the ultimate conclusion that ‘something’ must come from it. While this discovery gives our existence (and existence of existence) plausible premises as to how, the question of how we as intelligent being interact with a Universe with such laws has yet to be asked.

In this paper I will try my to best explain my theory on how we interact with our Universe. If the plethora of religious scripture, its influence in society, and history of a God does in fact mean nothing to physicists – then logic must be forced to accept that something must ultimately come from it.

The Human Universe

Our brains contain neurons. Neurons fire when an action potential is reached, sending the potential down its membrane to another neuron – entire neural structures are activated, and then we pick up a glass of water to drink. These electrical signals make-up the electrical storm that projects our reality. It has always been this way. Things we learn things we experience, moments that happen to us (and only us) shape our reality – and all is recorded, through the combination of neural structure, as us. For lack of a better word, or the most perfect word we have, let’s call this our Soul. How has our soul become the way it has this way today? Well it all comes down to perception. For example, as a child we learn very quickly after touching a hot stove that the hot stove is dangerous – reality is altered, and we can’t help but make the conclusion that the stove which hurt us is, always will be, dangerous. But when we grow up we learn through experience that the stove was only dangerous when it is on, and when on, shouldn’t be touched. Our brain (through the work of an ever adapting neural network) then alters our reality to accommodate the new information about the stove – it become clear that the stove in fact is not always dangerous, but is only a threat when we touch it while it is on. So what was the rambling point of that example? Well yes, human perception is entirely responsible for the shape of our Soul; the context of existence in which our conscious mind resides–but even deeper than that – what is a combination of realities, or ‘a reality’, on its simplest levels?

A Universe.

The Only Way It Could Be

Evolution and Darwinism has shown us that the most correct method of survival is always favored to exist–and our brain has modeled the most correct method of existence we know to be true, the Universe it exists in. Another example, as we grow up we learn the context of our actions in the real Universe have consequences. If we stay up all night to finish a paper for school–we have an equal and opposite need to sleep longer to catch up on what we missed. Yes, this is an action of hemostasis – but isn’t it just our brain abiding by Newton’s third law of motion? (Motion in this case being our movement through time). The more thought given to the matter the easier it is to see the parallels between our existence, and the laws that make existence possible. We live in the context of our reality, and that is a fact no matter who you are talking to. Some might never do realize, but our subconscious mind knows now to fix everything we ever considered ‘wrong’ with ourselves/all whist containing the framework of our reality in a logical way that we as a conscious mind can understand. Either as simple as knowing in the back of your mind you should eat better if your pants get slightly tighter, to as complex as blocking a hurtful memory of an event during childhood that shaped ones reality in such a way as to making one fearful of birds–our brain shapes us in the best way it can to promote longevity and our potential. Potential being the most important thing we provide – which we will be discussing later on in the paper.

Reality, Actuality, and Formulas

There is a formula as to the reason how everything in your general vicinity came to be at the location is currently resides. Maybe there’s a glass of grape juice next to you–somebody saw a market for glasses, told somebody to construct it, they in turn gave it to somebody else to ship to a local store–and your need for a glass coupled with the actions of the manufacturer led to the acquisition of that glass into your personal reality. Now whenever thirst becomes an issue, you know a glass is always ready to be used and the weight of worry involved with not having a medium as to drink with – is gone. In general, its the simple psychological framework of a ‘tool’. What does this mean? It means this glass, even though the actuality of the situation shows that glass is now in your home, it is also a part of your reality. The reality in which you live adapted to the actuality of owning a glass; the reality filter in which the conscious mind resides is altered to the change in formula of your daily existence. Now when you get the urge to drink you are free of the worry involved with the ‘how’ and proceed to just ‘do’. And all of this-though abstract in picturing–is part of a formula. Not only is there a formula to how one came to acquire a glass in the first place, but the glass itself becomes a variable in the formula of how easy it is for one to obtain a drink – altering the reality in which one resides, ultimately effecting the potential of the future. What we have, what we know, and how we relate the two effects the ‘formula’ of things to happen in the future – his concept may be something you already understand, but I propose there is more to this then what meets our current understanding, and of how we relate it to existence–much more then we have ever realized.

Potential, Ideas, and the Potential of Ideas

Close your eyes and think of an idea for something to make for dinner. Open them and we find nothing happened. That thought was ultimately nothing. But if our reality is a byproduct of a self-perpetuated Universe then physics tells us something must come from the nothingness of our thoughts. That something is potential energy. Potential energy that alters the possibilities of our futures by presenting our conscious mind with the possible reality of something obtainable for dinner. Not only is this a possible outcome of your future, but it is a possibility of the actual future. Your idea bypassed the medium of space and time and set a possibility for the order of events in the future. And from here,we have reached the peak of the conversation. The next section is my personal experiences with theory, and our relationship with how we live in it. Abstract it might be, but it’s existence is without argument the single most important thing to human curiosity.

To Be, or Not To Be – That, is the Answer

Ever since childhood we look for what our purpose is. We learn how to be happy, how to make friends, how to make money – how to make our friends happy, how to accept everything and anything, and how to live as us in the constraints of our soul ultimately shaped by the randomness of our existence and our perception of the events unfolding around us. Most of us end up with the faith that a God will show us what we need be shown when we are ready – but what does that mean? Everyone has had this thought before, but as a people it has always been somewhat of a “taboo” topic to bring up in conversation. So, I shall try my best to explain what it means to me. Our subconscious mind takes note of where we are, what we hear, what we see, what we feel, and it projects the information into our imagination. Our imagination, something we all know we have, is the stage on which our conscious mind dances. Note earlier in the paper, our subconscious mind is a collection of everything we are; knowing what we need to realize in order to ‘fix’ us. Let us picture a man walking through a forest for a moment. He is a holy man, he gives whenever he can, he loves his family–his life, he always tries to help whenever needed, and he loves his God. But he is conflicted, and has to make the decision to do one of two things in the near future. He begins thinking about the first option. He finds more negatives then positives; he doesn’t get the ‘right’ feeling from it and can’t bring himself to accept it without losing some of his personal happiness in relation to his life. But when he contemplates the other side he sees a better choice, notices there are not as much negatives–but still, he asks for a sign. He stops walking under a tree and clears his mind, opening himself up to whatever he was looking for–and right at a moment he remembered the drawing of a leaf his daughter drew him the other day, a leaf falls from the tree and lands softly on his feet. Let us analyze this from a scientific point of view with a question–why did that leaf fall exactly at that moment? Yes, the man was next to a tree and yes, it could just be a coincidence. But what is coincidence in the context of a soul? Nothing but a significant relationship. Choice two was a choice that had more potential for the man, his family, and his future-potential not just for the man but for the future of the man, the future of his family, and entropy of the Universe. Because has already proven to be worth his potential–giving to others who have less, helping where he can–his subconscious emitted the potential for a moment to happen that was special, and specific enough to push him in the right direction to emit more potential or in other words (in the eyes of the universe) entropy. Disorder. And this, is the base of everything I am trying to convey today – the unexplained holes in our science, the mystery of our universe, of God, is all explained by this idea.

Entropy, God, and the Human Universe

The second law of thermodynamics states that entropy will increase with time. As stated and answered in the form of a question by David Palmer and Samar Safi-Harb on Nasa’s question and answer portion of their website, “With increasing disorder, there is inherently less energy that can be used to do useful work. With this inherent lack of useful energy, is it feasible that in some point in time the Universe will reach a state of thermal equilibrium, where there is nothing more than a collection of protons evenly spaced apart and all moving at the same speed?” With the answer being, “Basically yes. That state is called the heat death of the Universe.” That being said we are not in much danger for a very, very long time... Obviously. But with that in mind it is simple to see why our longevity is favored, Universally speaking. What is the one force of the Universe which is dominated by living organisms, is as strong as we let it be, and ultimately the one thing which in the eyes of the Universe is completely random? We use the word, love. Not only it is the connection we all have to each other, but what is it but the future of potential ‘being?’ If I love my Mom, there is a very high chance I will see her in the future. There is a very high chance that if anything ever happened to her in the future, my potential will be stunted until I am finished mourning her loss. But because in the context of the Universe our thoughts are nothing – when we ‘randomly’ take a trip during the day to go say hello to our parents that we love so much, it is only viewed as disorder. But isn’t disorder favored?

Our subconscious is the collection of our entire life, the tree on which we grow, the construction of who we are – who we will ever be, and the fixer of our conscious mind. But what if I told you your subconscious communicates with the Universe of potential? Like an ever turning aura in perpetual motion always around you giving us sense of reality and a connection to the world around us. But by altering the potential in the room from nothing, to something, a change must occur. An opposite algorithm that completes what isn’t, similar to the one in our brains, but exists in it’s entirety to be the something to our nothing. It is a network of future potential – separate of the medium of space and time that exists to create the physical moments that allow us to make the decisions we need to make, think the thoughts we should, and live the life we need to live in order to have the most potential and create the most disorder. It is a network (or if viewed from the lens of the Universe, a safety net) of love that is all around us at all times, connecting our love of everything, anything, and everyone. A blanket of potential covering mankind that favors the entropic expansion of matter in the form of potential that in turn helps shape our thoughts, our reality, and ultimately our futures – along with the future of existence.

You Are What You Eat

Life is filled with moments. We make choices in these moments and our choices give the outer reflection of who we are. If we see an old lady crossing the street we have a choice to help her (cliché, but it works for this example), or not help her. If we help her, then we have done a ‘good’ thing – but this good thing could also lead to more good things (joy from helping someone, feeling good about yourself ext.) But also we have increased our potential for that lady to help us in the future – the potential for entropy.... superficially speaking and all. We all have a life journey. We are, if I may, an ever expanding Universe. So for us to expand and evolve we need to understand the context of reality we currently live in, how we presently got to this reality, and how to get out of it. Some people may call it finding yourself, some call them life’s lessons, but the truth of the matter is – we are all on the same journey. It doesn’t matter how the story starts, we all read the same way – that being said, what happens when you get close to the end of the story? Let us go back to our previous example of the holy man. He made the right choice and is now an old man surrounded by his loving family, in a place he loves dearly, with a smile on his face. This man has always gone in the direction of God, and knows he has a deep relationship with the God around him. When this man walks into a room, people are happy – the mood lifts…. But one day he notices something else. Sometimes when he has a thought about how God relates to his life, things.... “happen.” The remote may slide of the couch, headphones fall off a desk – but all these actions have a common theme. These seemingly random events are just that, events. They could either happen, or not happen, and that’s the totality of the situation. The man finds that if his thoughts relate to God then the line between happen and not happen is titled in favor towards happen. But all this boils down to is the physics of potential (energy or future) the man has always been in God’s favor and something has always happened in the context of his thoughts in relation to the real world to push him in the direction of the better choice – so much so, that the man now ‘emits’ potential. This potential isn’t specific, just merely the push from not happening, to happening. Whilst reading A Universe from Nothing I thought of these moments as an emergence as a sort of ‘cross-reality quantum fluctuation’ – time, in relation to the event happening at some distant point in the future, was sped up to match ones thoughts and increase the chance of a thought been dwelled upon, thus increasing the potential for things to happen – ultimately rewriting the future. Quantum fluctuations, like those during the inflation period of our Universe altered the reality of things to be in the future (my question being; maybe it works the same way with the potential of our future in relation to our thoughts?).


In summary of this introductory paper; our thoughts hold potential that can lead to actions, these actions change events in the future and if potential permitting – these decisions in thought can be favored if the outcome is to favor the positive entropic motion of the person/humanity and longevity of the Universe. Personally I’d like to state that this paper is absolute theory until proven otherwise, and express my curiosity in the possibility of one day helping further understanding the world at which we abide.


Krauss, Lawrence M. A Universe From Nothing. New York: Free Press, 2012.

Lynch, linda. “NASA - WHAT’S YOUR QUESTION?” Web. 6 July 2012.


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    • Danieltastic profile image

      Daniel James Hinton 4 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      Who knows :)

    • profile image

      Hello-darkness-my-old-friend 4 years ago

    • Danieltastic profile image

      Daniel James Hinton 4 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      Our neurons make up a biological reality

      Perpetuates this existence and gives us normality

      But what did they copy in order to accommodate infinity?

      The best example of an expanding bottomless sea - which is we

      Blink your eyes and think about what you really are

      There is more to this living thing then just people amongst stars

      We fuel it, but if we didn't nothing would exist

      We provide the entropy that allows for the this current mind twist

      Because we are what we live in, physically, there must be a relationship

      If your thoughts are still on the curb, hand me the cup, so I may take another sip.

    • desert-pain profile image

      Desert Pain 4 years ago from the desert of this fractured Universe

      I fancy myself a philosopher of sorts,

      but I fear that my understanding has fallen short.

      Your writing is complex and has left me by the curb,

      could you explain this more? that would be superb..

    • Danieltastic profile image

      Daniel James Hinton 4 years ago from Orlando, Florida

      Thanks jabelufiroz. Always appreciated

    • jabelufiroz profile image

      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Great article. Voted up useful and interesting.