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My Journey to Speed Typing: Increasing WPM rate

Updated on March 12, 2012

At the moment I am obsessed with the idea of speed typing. I believe, that speed typing can save a lot of my time. Another reason for doing that is my interested in self improvement. That was the main reason why I joined Hubpages. So, the main idea of of this hub will be to introduce you my journey to speed typing. I have mentioned in my other hub, that the main problem I encounter is that I look at the keys when I type. So I decided to learn typing from the beginning. I found a very interesting website where typing lessons are introduced. So I will try to use my own tips to improve my skills. I will update this hub every week till I find my typing skills acceptable. Everybody who want to have a little bit fun, please join me.


Improvement Plan

My current skills and goals

  • Starting date: 2011.03.01;
  • Lessons source: Typingweb;
  • Starting speed: 26 wpm;
  • Starting accuracy: 97%.
  • Goal: 45 wpm or more; 100% accuracy.

To Do List:

  • Type 10 minutes every day;
  • Use special software;
  • Take a test every week;
  • Share my improvement.

I gladly invite everyone to join to my journey and share personal experience in the comments. I will update this hub next week.

Week #1 Results


Speed: 30 wpm;

Accuracy: 94%;

Time spent: 1 hour.

Well, this week was quite thought so I had to force myself to sit and work with my typing skill. I finished the first pars of beginner's exercises. So, I know the home row now. The next week I will start learning the top row keys. I believe that I will spend another hour with typing. I am not sure if I see the improvement, but I hope I will reach my goals.

Week #2 Results


Speed: 32 wpm;

Accuracy: 95%;

Time spent: 1 hour.

This week I was working on the top row keys and started the bottom row exercises. Well, the home row was much more easier to handle that those two rows. At the moment the most problematic keys are "R" and "B" but I believe that I will handle this problem. While taking the typing test I have noticed one problem. It is very hard not to look at the keyboard. Off course, this will disappear after a some time. Well, I can congratulate myself, because the results show my improvement. Is there anybody, who would like to join me? Start your hub about your experience or share it in the comment. I will gladly add your link in my Hub.

Week #3 Results

Well, this week I spent a lot of time working on my typing skills. However, after the test I found that my speed had dropped down a little. 


Speed: 30 wpm;

Accuracy: 97%;

Time spent: 2 hours.

The decrease of speed could be caused by increased accuracy. Also, I am trying not to look at the keys while typing. Oh, it is very hard to achieve this, but I am doing my best. Thins week I have finished my bottom row exercises. Also I have worked on easy home row words and did some exerciser for repeating. This helped me to remember where the specific keys are. My problem keys are P, R, V and B. I will need to work on those letters later. Well, I must say that I am very happy that I have started this typing adventure. I feel that this will help me to reach a better career in the future. Also, speed typing will help me to save some time while writing. I write in my mother tongue language mostly, so I fill need to work on specific letters later.


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  • Silwen profile image

    Silwen 5 years ago from Europe

    Thank you, Marcy. I am planning to renew this diary, because I abandoned this because of lack of my time. It is true, that increasing typing speed can help, especially when writing much online. High typing speed saves much time.

  • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

    Marcy Goodfleisch 5 years ago from Planet Earth

    This is a very interesting diary of your process of setting a goal and going after it. I can see why increasing your speed would help in so many ways. Nice hub - thank you! Voted UP and interesting.