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A Light in the Dark: Breakthrough Insights on Schizophrenia and Bipolar Disorder

Updated on June 18, 2016

It is Time for a Global Reality Check!

Since this author was a youngster, she closely studied biological, psychological conditions and profiling dysfunction such as mental disorder, abuse, addictions, domestic violence and criminal influences. For the entirety of her life, she has devoted significant efforts, study, observation to investigate the 'root causes' of such micro-psychological conditions that effectively manifest as more macro-sociological disorders in society and in our world. The culmination of this research and acute observances over the past 45 years is beginning to coalesce and certain insights can be gleaned that may offer treatment potential in intelligence and medical circles who may be equally invested in solving these mysteries of the mind and body.

It is important to note, however, that there are certain parties that may not wish such mental conditions and disorders to be properly or effectively treated or even dare I say- cured. For there is significant employment, investments, systems, services, drugs and public policy that perpetually support it and parties who benefit from the generational cycles of illness, disease and disorder.

It is true that psychiatric conditions or afflictions are the result of a combination of influences that are inherently genetic, environmental and causal. In fact, we currently all can suffer and be affected by biological and mental disorders. If you do not have a mental health condition of some sort, you may have a genetic predisposition to one and it is only a matter of a simple trigger be it an allergy, an infection, chemical exposure, a bacteria, a virus, a parasite or a trauma that can flick the switch on that gene and cause an expression or imbalance in your brain and body. If you have ever been ill, on antibiotics, vomited, overly fatigued, had lethargy, stressed, depressed, had stomach, intestinal or bowel issues, confusion or disorientation and insomnia or anxiety, sexual dysfunction or wasn't able to cope, you have experienced effects of a mental or a brain illness and most likely a biological infection.

What many do not understand is that any affliction of the brain affects the body or vice versa. I must emphasize that the mind body and nuclear soul symbiotic health of a biological, psychological and neurological connected system is paramount to overall physical and mental health and well being. Few understand or treat the 'whole' organism. And that is what you are is..a complex organization of sybmbiotic cellular living bodies within an organism. And we as organisms are a macro-biological organizational system on this living planet we call, Mother Earth.

Now I must comment that some organisms or persons' actions are more conducive to health while some are more conducive to disease while others are indifferent or ignorant. You do have a choice to be one of the above, in fact it is each and every person's responsibility to be a healthier organism and prevent disease and transmission with self-care and due diligence. I must express my frustration at the lack of personal self-care in western countries and the over use of biological warfare between nations that excessively exasperate and compound the issue causing pandemics leading to cycles of infections, the resurgence of diseases and social disorder that costs trillions in treatment, disable societies, judicial systems and medical services. There have been outright abuses and crimes by individuals, groups, corporations and nations using nuclear fusion of caustic and poisonous chemicals into items, crops, the food cycle and natural diets calling it voodoo, franken nutrition, treatment or witchcraft. But that is another article...let's get to the root causes.

Schizophrenia is a genetic disease, cellular and mental disorder previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder. Go figure, they keep changing the disorder descriptions and renaming illnesses in the DSM manual of psychiatric disorders simply to confuse everyone. It is a disease of dysfunctional cellular processes that originates in the left side of the brain responsible for the most basic of logic, scientific thought, math, computations, memorization, recall and controls the right side of the body. This criss cross control functionality of the brain is referred to as X by some. It is also related to X-Syndrome and X-men in pop culture and is a disconnect from organized sensible healthy brain function that causes fractional or distorted thinking, delusions, voices, paranoia, mood swings and often violence.

Schizophrenia actually affects well about 10% of the world wide population and there are more women than men diagnosed with the disease. Few realize that Schizophrenia can progress to be a very violent disorder where police statistics demonstrate a high number of murders, serial killings, mercy killings, murder-suicides and killings for profit have been committed by those with Schizophrenia or Schizo-Affective Disorder. In fact, Interpol, the International Police, recently relocated their head office to Singapore, Malayasia for the very fact that Schizophrenia cases, organized crime and violent crime are highly condensed within Malaysia. India and Pakistan more than any other places in the world. But governments and police agencies have not disclosed this information as to not alarm the public due to new information and privacy laws and discrimination laws that now protect those with disabilities- even dangerous conditions such as Schizophrenia.

Often the tell tale signs of Schizophrenia or Schizo-Affective Disorder as it is now listed in the American DSM psychiatric manuals used all over the world and by the World Health Organization, is hearing voices or harmful self talk in your mind, intrusive thoughts that interrupt your thinking, hallucinations or seeing mysterious things but what is most observable is different personalities or identity crises that present from the affected person which can be confused with mood swings. These personalities 'cycle' and may oscillate between degrees of anger, hostility, paranoia and violence to then depression, weeping, denial, low self esteem and despair. The personalities may sometimes act controlling, manipulative, accusational, persistently materialistic, defensive, self-defeating and present psychopathic traits that cause others isolated in their presence or life to question their own sanity and reality. Partners of Schizophrenics have often communicated they feel alone, depressed, trapped and forced to take blame for the ill person's erratic behaviors.

The most tell tale sign of Schizophrenia and it's diagnosis is it is a disease that is of positive + polarity as opposed to negative - referring to opposing electro-dynamic polarities of electricity. Don't let the science of polarities be confused with language meanings, positive electrical polarity + is extremely unstable, sparks and causes dysfunctional electrical arching patterns in bio cellular electrical functions in the heart, body and brain. It is almost as if this positive polarity electricity deliberately attacks you and incidentally is the cause of lightening strikes during storms and electrical shorts and accidents around power as well as is the main catalyst causing sudden strokes, heart attacks and electrolyte imbalances.

The left side of the brain is positive charged in polarity like a car battery's charge +.This seemingly artificial intelligence on the left side of the brain functions just like a basic computer or calculator and it suffers chronic genetic cellular fragmentation in it's left brain processing due to oxidation and bombardment by free radicals in the blood brain barrier. Cellular fragmentation causes abnormal cell and organ development where mutations successively compound, grow and metastisize just like a living cancer where it's cellular false matter consistently grows and cellular mutations become more complex within the body. The left brain operation is very similar to the way simple computer fractal programs operate and expand in a simulation. In advanced cases of Schizophrenia, the individual may be hard to detect when medicated or constantly self-medicating.

Disease + mutates and is a parasitical operation that feeds off of stable negative polarity - in the right brain cells causing possible cellular death of the host cell and the word mutation should only be used in referring to disease and disordered behavior in artificial cellular activity. Evolution is quite something different in biology where healthy and stable negative polarity and organ cells that do evolve display improved efficiency, task and functionality as compared to positive + polarity artificial cells that only fragment into fractions of their previous generations and this is a form of serious degeneration. A benign or cancerous tumor may grow as large as an organ or attach to an organ but it has 'no healthy' function or purpose in the body and 'must' be immediately treated to ensure the ultimate survival of the rest of the healthy cells and organs in the entire organism.

What is the essential cause? The key factor in hereditary Schizophrenia stems back to a disturbing and horrific history of cannibalism many in the world are now attempting to deny and justify the cruel hunting and treatment of animals. There were two key races that developed and one was Cro-Magnon- a vegetarian-gatherer type tribe and and then there was Neanderthal+,a hunter cannibalistic meat eating tribe. Unfortunately, the aggressive Neanderthal's forced barbarism and mating upon Cro-Magnons at a point in developmental history. I believe this story is well told by the different castes outlined in the fictional but rather true story- The Time Machine.

Cannibalism was then taught as a practice in certain aggressive tribes + where disappearances and kidnappings of both people and animals occurred and food was abundant in times of economic austerity and drought. It was 'starkly' apparent and obviously 'ironic' that no forensic evidence at those times were required to ascertain the patterns of obvious evidence that stems across fleed migrations where they escaped punishments and reinvented themselves within other lands as their barbaric meat eating civilizations destroyed every nuance of animal and natural life in their wakes. It is apparent in the traces of their rudimentary art, tools, culture, symbolism, structures, architecture, numerology, tels and now RNA and DNA. Scientific analysis does confirm and should be further explored to determine the origins and proliferation of cannibalism in the world. The history of both animal and human cannibalism is extremely perverse and disturbing from the Caribean Isles, to brutal British European genocides and Satanic cultish flesh sacrifices and feasting.

Realize the revitalization of cannibalism has spread throughout western cultures from Greece, Spain and Italy to where it is now so common place to dismember and brutalize wild and passive animals and even humans that people easily view Zombie and Vampire films and sagas so blind to realizing the horror flesh or meat eating has done. Many are in fact the blood meal and meat eating zombies and vampires they so often watch in popular media. Three meals a day, heh? They are actually cannibal day walkers who care little for the well being of any other organisms on earth but their voracious blood hungers. Are you?

Incidentally, in anthropology and archaeology, cannibal tribes also cause violent scattering patterns in other cultures similar to those affected by swarm theory or even star supernovas on a macro-system scale and can be considered the disease of that old affliction of 'consumption'.

It is irrelevant to name exactly what tribes and cultures it first infected because of deceptive integration but key evidence of Schizophrenia is that artificial disease exhibits 'game', gambling and gaming behavior similar to game theory and competition theory because essentially it is the cause of conflict and duality within the mind itself and in society. It also tends to address reality in mathematical perceptional terms, assigns significance to any object and is therefore predominantly materialistic.

BSE or Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy is an infectious virus agent + caused by cannibalism or any meat ingestion, not only specific to cattle, that directly causes degeneration of brain tissue into a hole filled low density sponge that cannot retain ordered identity or stability without blood meals and is the main factor in degenerative Schizophrenia. ALL cyclical consumption or murder of living beings for food is cannibalism and consumption disease- absolutely period.

The true testing factor of a Schizophrenic is it's inability to maintain a strict vegetarian diet indefinitely which is proven quite easy to do for any Cromag descendent regardless of race or ethnicity -. It is actually the healthiest diet possible which reduces and eventually starves and eliminates parasites and disease promoting extensive longevity.

True cannibals+ will be outwardly defensive of their cannibal blood hunger claiming genetic, biological or nutritional necessity with every illogical argument, even to the point of violence and death. The tell tale sign is they cannot live without protein and especially "iron" derived from blood or iron vitamin supplements, insect bodies which are high in iron or even require blood letting and/or blood transfusions. When starved of blood proteins and iron, they often experience panic, anger, mental destabilization, hostility, attack and collapse. The behavioral collapse eventually results in physical collapse including organ failures and conditions requiring transplants with blood transfusions.

Violent Schizophrenics cannot tolerate long solitary isolation without blood proteins and iron or these requirements either and will threaten or commit suicide. In this final stage, it will attempt any manipulation to escape, fuse, attach, get attention or feed. It hates cold or freezing temperatures and cryotherapy with liquid nitrogen..

A short note on Bipolar Disorder- the "Genius" Condition of the right brain. Bipolar changes in mood and energy are usually a sign of parasitical infestation and infection inducing neurotoxins by parasites. In fact, the right side of the brain- is the truly organic natural cellular tissue and function that promotes conditions conducive to life NOT death in the body, mind, nuclear field and environment. Often physicians misdiagnose these two conditions but a sure sign to differentiate the two is a Bipolar person is never suicidal, no identity or personality issues, has a high level of intelligence, low tolerance for anti-psychotic drugs and often demonstrates extrapyramidal drug rejection symptoms.

Bipolar is indeed a psychiatric condition but is unfortunately caused by parasitical and electrical polarity duality conflicts between the left and right brain that causes temporary communicative and memory deficiencies often resulting in overall lethargy and fatigue. Arching electrical currents in the right brain seem to be the cause of any mania episodes. This resolves over time with a vegetarian diet, omega fish oils, tryptophan, parasitical treatment and rest.

Treatment and Purge

One approach, and you may develop more advanced or technical and 'strategic' combinations of methods of treatment, containment and elimination, is to embark and commit to a permanent strict vegetarian diet, a parasite cleanse controlled by full spectrum antibiotics and diet along with an iron purge. Ensure your diet includes high amounts of spicy foods containing capsacin, antioxidants, antivirals, antimicrobe and antibacterial items from raw vegetables, there is plenty of information on the net in this regard. Avoid gluten, pizza, yeast and corn products. Include products containing food grade sodium hydroxide, potassium, calcium, magnesium, tryptophan and polyphenols.

'Domestic animals' from pet stores or breeders only perpetuate the cycle of reinfestation of parasites including Cryptosporidium and Giardia that live in their feces. No matter how cute they are or how many times you de-worm them and this is all house hold pets, a few always reinfest hosts and these parasites can cause symptoms similar to Schizophrenia.

Congratulations! You have also now surpassed the comical fourth wall or the fourth dimension perception and into the fifth. Welcome! Yes! Disease is + and Life is - that old tale of Death Vs Life or Evil Vs Good. Please feel free to check out my other articles that identify the root causes of disease and social disorders occurring around the globe. Thanks for your patronage!


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