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A Measure of Intelligence

Updated on March 1, 2012
all rights reserved
all rights reserved
all rights reserved
all rights reserved

Four and one-half billion years in the past,

when our blue marble was then so cast,

From the hand of God, to the merry-go-round,

third from the sun, where we are found.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars,

with the other planets, tucked in with the stars,

Revolving, evolving on our journey here,

whirling about space, like a fluorescent sphere.

The earth, a sanctuary, with a mother's fine care,

given by the creator, for all to share.

Here great blue oceans and beautiful skies,

mountains superb, by a warming sunrise.

Colors of a palette, in reds, greens, and blues,

creating a vibrance, in such fine hues.

A world of creatures, both great and small.

each a part here, yet dependent upon all.

Over eons of years, and the dawn of mankind,

intelligence has grown, in a beautiful mind.

On a sandy beach, foot prints we may find,

yet how many more were placed there, in kind?

Could we be but one of the million, here before,

not one civilization, but perhaps many more?

What advancements did their scientist make,

How long did a trip to the silver moon take?

How many people in great societies long past,

and have we evolved well beyond the last?

We have ancestors we know, by historical facts,

yet certain proof, in the recording, it lacks.

Beneath the oceans, and behind the great wall,

hidden from view, a search beckons to us all.

How many times were we all here before,

to cast the first spear, or to just open a door?

Perhaps, this time we may have gotten it all right,

as our earth spins on its celestial flight.

If it's not this time, then maybe the next one,

after this civilization, has made its best run.

The sun will still rise over a sandy seashore,

the moon still light up the night, as before,

The earth will keep turning, as stars all shine,

no matter the season, to turn out just fine.

.All rights reserved


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