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A Necessity for Insect Pest Control

Updated on January 14, 2013

Insects have the potential to cause significant damage to an outside space, such as the lawn or garden. Luckily there is a range of methods which can be used to eliminate or at least lessen the impact of the destructive nature of these critters. It is often a choice of using organic or chemical-based methods to rid the garden of insects. Even though some of the insects can be beneficial to nature, they can on the other hand be quite destructive to a well-kept garden. A wish might be there to implement the right techniques to have a more insect-free garden.

Chemical Approach to Eliminating Pests

Eradicating a garden of pests is possible with several different methods. However, in most situations it will benefit to use a method that is non-toxic and less likely to cause harm to you, your family, or pets. Chemical based pesticides might be highly effective at eliminating a garden of certain destructive pests, but they can also have the potential to impact or harm others. It helps if you're able to find more friendly approaches to tackling these issues – a good pesticide, boric acid for instance, is able to rid the garden of the more undesirable bugs, but it doesn't have a detrimental impact on those working the garden or in close proximity. A pesticide such as boric acid isn't as effective as the stronger chemical but it is certainly friendlier to use.

Non-chemical Approach to Eliminating Pests

Beyond the chemical approach to clearing a garden of destructive critters, there are also a lot of natural strategies to effective pest control. A highly effective practice is to plant several of the plant species able to repel certain bugs. A pennyroyal for instance is great at repelling fleas, chiggers, mosquitoes, and flies. Basil is another plant that is highly desired if hoping to repel flying insects, such as the mosquitoes and flies. For houseplants, you might wish to try planting thyme, rue, rosemary, or pennyroyal to help with keeping plants within the home pest free.

It can also benefit to plant a range of plant species that attract several types of insects. Also, you can introduce worms or similar insects to the garden that eat or take the place of the more harmful bugs. Insects to introduce to a garden might consist of certain species of wasps, lacewings, lady bugs, and bees.

It will always benefit to rely on the more natural pet control Melbourne techniques for ridding a garden of destructive pests and bugs. Also, it is generally the case that the natural methods are a far-sight cheaper and last longer than the chemical alternative available on the market.


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