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A New Era of UFOs

Updated on February 4, 2013

The Threat

Home Grown
Home Grown | Source


On the morning of 22nd February, in the Brazilian state of Maranhao at approximately 6AM local time, a strong roaring sound was heard followed by an explosion. Not surprisingly, this caused fear amongst the locals who at first stayed inside their houses.

Eventually curiosity got the better of Jose Valdir Mendes and he went outside to investigate.

He found that there was a metal alloy ball on the ground. Its course had caused it to damage a Cashew Tree before landing, creating a crater.

The metallic sphere weighed about 30kilos and was one meter in diameter.

Other local residents joined Mendes in examining the object. They found that it was hollow but rattled, indicating that something was inside the ball.

Many of the people in this town of Riacho del Pocos, said that they were terrified by the roar that this object had caused on its arrival and had feared some kind of alien invasion or the end of the world, however curiosity had now beaten them and scores of them along with others from surrounding towns have appeared to examine the object for themselves.

Although no experts have yet arrived to examine the object officially, Max Mauro Garreto a local professor has said that he believes it to be a fragment of a space satellite.

The Source

How Often?
How Often? | Source

Not the First

In mid December, in the Namibian province of Omusati, panic ensued when a similar object appeared. This metallic sphere weighed 6 kilos and NASA and the ESA were asked to investigate.

Although no official word has been received from these agencies, independent investigators claim that it is a 39 liter fuel tank from Europe’s Arianne booster rocket.

There is though less mystery with a similar ball that crashed in North West Colorado in early 2011. On this occasion an acrylic inscription on the object stated that it was a tank from the pressurization system of a Zenit 3SLB booster rocket.

Alien Invasion

When you consider the size of the planet, then look at the relatively small area that is populated, that could witness these crashing objects, it must make us wonder at how many of these objects crash to the earth with potentially deadly consequences. Is it perhaps one per month, or more?

Is it that now, rather than fearing an invasion from some alien planet, we should fear a bombardment from our own space agencies?

When a satellite malfunctions or is due to return to earth, the agencies tell us and usually try to warn us of which area it is expected to fall in. These though are rare occasions.

These fuel tanks though are a different matter, they seem to be a far more regular occurrence, yet still are obviously potentially deadly, why is it that we hear nothing of these incidents?

With the recent increases of space satellites from countries around the world is it no wonder that there has been a marked increase in UFO sightings?

Why if these UFO sightings could be linked to fuel tank landings, why is it that the authorities do not say so?

Is it because these authorities fear that if the truth were known it could create more real fear than that of a possible alien invasion?

Do the scientists have any idea where or when this space junk will fall? Could they give warnings? Do they care?

If an Astronaut were to die in a space accident, there would be, correctly, a parade and a day of mourning for a “hero” lost to the space program. If however, one of us were to be fatally injured by a jettisoned fuel tank, would our death or at least the cause of it, be kept silent in the interests of the Nation?

Does the general populace rank so low in value that we can die in ignorance, as a “collateral” damage of the space program?


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    • Stigma31 profile image

      Stigma31 5 years ago from Kingston, ON

      I don't think it is a fact of caring. I think it is a known evil. To have statellites and rockets and any type of objects in space, there will always be space junk. What goes up must come down. When and where is completely unpredicable. NASA and any other organization, does not have the resource to stop this from happening, you would have to put shuttle and rockets up constantly to maintain all the space junk which in turn would just create more junk. People want to be in tune and up to date 24/7. This is our sacrifice. Just remember to duck! up!

    • diogenes profile image

      diogenes 5 years ago from UK and Mexico

      There's thousands of man-made satellites, decomposing space stations and other assorted junk gradually making its way back to Earth. Most is destroyed by friction, but much lands somewhere.

      That's the most likely explanation.


    • somethgblue profile image

      somethgblue 5 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Yes, we are expendable without a doubt, however your sarcasm may be dead on.

      NASA and other space agencies have used the space junk concept to explain away fireballs seen all over the planet, however upon further examination by the public these objects have turned out to be anything but.

      As the tail of Nibiru passes through Earth's orbit more and more of this space junk will rain down from the heavens, including some of ours.

      We will be unable to identify most of it but as Nibiru becomes more visible to the naked eye their will be no doubt.