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A Parallel World

Updated on December 4, 2017
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Multiple Earths

On the Possibility of a Parallel World

There has been a lot of debate on the existence of a parallel world. While many believe it is quite possible, there are people who do not have too much faith on the idea. I was just thinking about the relativity yesterday and got an idea, which I think I should share with you all.

Firstly, I believe a parallel world is possible. Not just because it is easy to guess that in the space filled with billions and trillions of planetary objects, there could be another world that is just like earth, where there are the same people doing same things and carrying on the eternal humanity forever. But, why do I say parallel world is a reality? Here’s why..

Human Beings and Technology

Human beings are just animals with life, and being intelligent does not mean it is the guardian of the galaxy. There could be far more intelligent species in this universe. Sometimes, I feel like our existence on this planet is just a puppet show. Even when we have progressed in science and technology immensely, we are far from becoming god. We cannot control all natural phenomena of this universe. What we can do is live life in a more technologically maneuvered manner, the techniques for which are all invented by us.

The Most Important Consideration – Light

I believe that light is the base of all elements of life, both living and non-living. We are built by light, we live because of light and we do everything else for only the one superior most object of this universe, light. Now, whatever we do and see, everything is just because of light. As light falls on objects, it changes everything, and it is quite possible that the same light which falls on earth, falls on some other planetary object too. That may not be the same sun, but it could be another sun just like it.


That is why it is quite possible that when the whole solar system and the galaxy were created, the same phenomenon occurred in a distant place of the space too. Although not exactly like the birth of twins, but for convenience, we can take it to be the birth of a twin. So, when the light particles were getting changed to all kinds of other elements, the same phenomenon was going on on that planet too. Light was getting converted to various chemical elements and then light itself created the chemistry of creation.

Life and Living Beings

The living and non-living materials are all composed of elements, the same elements, and it is just a matter of technology that we became living beings, able to carry on with a life that is controlled by an organ called brain. While evolution and everything else that occurred in distant history is yet to be proved 100% correct, our brains evolved faster than all other animals, making us progress and reign over all other living and non-living objects on this planet. I think, the same phenomenon could be going on in another part of the space too.

Real time Copying

There is a very lucid reason why this could be possible. Think about this, copying in technology is no complex phenomenon. Take the photocopy. The photocopy is all about light, it is all about how we see things, and the photocopier can create another document that looks like the one we intended to reproduce. It is not a very costly or time-sensitive affair and hence a copier for this planet might exist somewhere else too. The only difference is that, it is much more sophisticated and highly technical in nature. It is quite possible that everything that’s happening on this planet is copied ‘real time’ somewhere else too. The issue is, we have no means to know what’s exactly going on on that distant planetary object.

Time and Light

Another possible support for a parallel world comes from the concept of light itself. While everything else on this space is limited, time and light are not. What I want to say is that although we do not think time is unlimited, it actually is. Time was there even when the space and everything else was not there. That time might not be the way we see it now, but time is always unlimited. Likewise, light is also unlimited. And if light and time are related, they could well be available in two positions at the same time. If time and light could be available at more than one location at a time, the possibility of a parallel world cannot be nullified.

In fact, I believe, there could be numerous parallel worlds in this space.


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