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A Perfect Method To Increase Your Memory Power - Mnemonics

Updated on May 4, 2017

‘Mnemonics’ To Sharpen Your Memory:

Mnemonics is derived from an Ancient Greek word and is known to be the "memory device". It is the oldest techniques to memorize things for any human. And this is not any new term for most people, many foreign and also some Indian folks identify this technique since long. Hence, 'Mnemonic' is another term for memory device as already mentioned.

Mnemonics can be simply defined as:

Mnemonic Notes Effective Memorized On New Ideas Creatively.

Let us see how Mnemonics technique is:

This Mnemonics technique is for memorizing any difficult thing or our schooling lessons that are somewhat difficult to remember and recall. Therefore, the following calendar rhyme will help to make you aware of what actually is Mnemonics technique: “30 days has September” rhyme for memorizing the number of days in every calendar month.

“30 days has September,
April, June and November
All the rest have 31
Except February alone”

Our brains have evolved to encoding and interpreting difficult information and data like structures, images, smells, colors, sounds, tastes, positions, touch, emotions and language. We humans use these objects and emotions to make things simpler in our daily surrounding. Our basic memory is strong enough to memorize some really basic objects that surround us.

In reality, and unhappily, the new world is so busy with the extreme numerous things that they tend to forget lot many important things. And this makes them make use of the sticky notes that are not only available physically but also in the electronic format. These sticky notes help a human to remember most of the things within minutes. But, to what extent shall we trust this man-made thing. Not every time we can blindly trust it. To avoid such confusion, mnemonics can perfectly well suit our human needs. All we have to do is remember one line and memorize the complete things one by one and quickly. The mnemonics technique not only helps to memorize things quickly but also you will be able to co-relate things they will boost your memory power. People not only from the government sector but also the private sector need to remember many things, and not every small thing can be remembered. Therefore, mnemonics contains such a portion that assists to deal with all such issues. The technique will also help you save lot of time rather that preparing those short sticky notes. Some colleges in Nagpur have wide syllabus for the students, so the students might make use of this method.

To conclude about the introduction to Mnemonics, we today have lots to remember, and this is the only technique to help cope with memories. This technique will now only help you memorize things but also make your memory stronger. Nowadays, best coaching classes in Nagpur are making things simpler for the students to remember, but then also for the formulas, children can use Mnemonics for better results.

There are some ways and types of using Mnemonics, study some essential types:

1) The Music Mnemonics:

As compared to any other mnemonics technique, the music mnemonics is the easiest one. We all know about the fact that the text section is not as easy to remember. We, humans capture the visual effects more quickly than simply the text format. In the same way, the video format contains the audio and the pictures as well. We daily watch so many visual effects in our lives, the Television, the Radio, You Tube and many others. While watching or listening to these advertisements or serials, we might come across such tones that attract us. For the same music, we can relate the important things that we will need to memorize later. In all the schools in Nagpur the high schools have the maths and more of theory lessons to memorize, for this time students might use this method and make their curriculum go well and smooth.

We can hence, figure out the following example for the Music Mnemonics, so that even you can apply for your daily lives.

If we want to memorize any musical notation, the best example would be “Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge”. You can Google out this to get other better examples.

2) The Name Mnemonics:

Another most famous mnemonics method to remember your lessons is the Name Mnemonics. Now, consider for example, someone asks us the number of Planets in our solar system; we might verbally answer some really famous planets, but the best technique for memorizing this is “My Very Educated Mother Just Shown Us Nine Planets”. Now you can make out every planet’s name with the first initial of the words in the sentence above.

For example:
ROY G. BIV (in reverse order) = colors of the rainbow (Violet Indigo Blue Green Yellow Orange and Red)


3) Word Mnemonics or Expressions:

This is actually the most commonly used mnemonics. To create an Expression or Word mnemonics, the initial character of each item in a list is ordered sequentially to make a word or phrase.

For instance:
The order of operations for math is Brackets, Order, Division, Multiply, Add and Subtract = Bring Out D (the) Maths Assignment Sums.


Most people have been using these methods to make their memories sharper and stronger. The technique not only helps to make memory sharpen, but also you will make your mind more creative and artistic. But be aware, your Mnemonics notebook must be restricted only for yourself and not shown to others, of course you can share the memory techniques, but not your work.


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