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A template for a successful plastic cosmetic surgical practice

Updated on August 7, 2013

A Proven Successful Template for any Plastic or Cosmetic Surgery Office

(The Perfect Plastic Surgery Office Name Goes Here)

Critical Operational Areas & Initial Action Items: Proposal

Key phrases for this article: Plastic Surgery Website Template, Cosmetic Surgery Template, & Surgical Procedure Template

These are operational “must haves” that are critical for aggressive growth. Some may be already implemented at (The Perfect Plastic Surgery Office Name Goes Here) but they reflect the initial key success measures for any cosmetic surgery practice with plans for aggressive growth and increased market share.

Operational Area: Call Center

Brief bio on surgeon should be disseminated to all call center agents

Data Retention (data below is the minimum that needs to be immediately stored in a database)

  1. All Contact Information Should be obtained during initial call

i. Name

ii. Address

iii. Phone

iv. Alt Phone (cell)

v. Email address (utilized for future promotional emails and confirmations)

  1. Referral source should be obtained during initial call,
  1. Procedure Interested in
  1. Scheduled Date
  1. Will patient require financing?
  1. The surgeon scheduled for consultation
  1. The sales consultant
  1. The name of the call center agent who booked consultation

Have call center agents perform outbound calls to customer database, sample lead types are:

  1. Missed appointments
  2. Consult Completed but never booked surgery
  3. Patients from past Botox parties

Outside of normal bonus compensation, call center agents should be given incentives with creative competitions with prizes.

Immediate Action Items:

  • Increase call center staff to 4 call canter agents:-minimum required to handle call volume from new aggressive marketing campaign (see below in Advertising section )
  • Have all contact center agents become extremely intimate with surgeon(s)’ backgrounds and skillsets
  • Create up-to-date method of tracking daily booking performance (see managerial reports below)
  • Develop OUTBOUND Calling program
  • Develop scripting for call center agents to use on every call
  • Organize daily meetings with Call Center to discuss issues and problems and immediate changes to system
  • Schedule staff to cover early morning and evening hours with full staff at peak hours
  • Develop monthly bonus incentive for call center staff based on set performance standards

Operational Area: Sales

Sales Consultant – All sales consultants should have prior sales experience in an industry with similar customer base

“Intro calls” should be made 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment. 24 hours is not adequate time for the patient to cancel and/or reschedule

Scripts should be developed to screen patients during an intro call from the consultant. All data (answers) should be stored in database for surgeon to review prior to the consult

Sample Questions:

1. Have you had surgery before?

2. If so, were you satisfied with the results?

3. How long have you considered surgery?

4. What is your number one concern related to surgery?

5. Will you require financing?

6. Have you seen another surgeon for a consultation prior to visiting us?

7. Etc. More questions should be added as needed to assist surgeon with pre-sales info

Follow-Up Calling

After initial consult, each consultant should be given a report of patients that completed their initial consult but have yet to book.

This report should be aged by original consult date and also by last follow-up call. Notes as to what the current status is should be captured as well.

Outside Marketing

Sales consultants should schedule at least 1 half-day each week to perform outside marketing. The leads generated from this marketing deliver a significantly higher “show rate” and conversation rate to surgery after the initial consult.

Each sales consultant should create her individual database of local business that have a client base consistent with cosmetic surgery patients.


i. Tanning Salons

ii. Health Spas

iii. Beauty Spas

iv. Nail Salons

v. Cosmetic Boutiques

Sales Incentives

Outside of normal bonus compensation, sales consultants should be given incentives with creative sales competitions with prizes.

Implement ABC’s of selling: Always Be Closing

Sales consultants should be trained to always look for opportunities to up-sell. The number one sales tool for persons already interested in surgery is information. The most effective sale is often made from, “oh, I didn’t know you guys did that here…”

Continuous Improvement: Ongoing sales training should be conducted as well as organized paid sales seminars

Action Items:

  1. Develop bonus plan for sales consultants
  2. Hire necessary staff- Minimum staff required per surgeon: 2
  3. Develop Systems necessary to track leads and sales

Operational Area: Informational Technologies

Minimum staff required:

i. Tech Support/ Network Administrator

ii. Database Administrator (DBA)/ Systems Programmer

1. DBA is most critical for the capture of data necessary to gain visibility on daily operations via Sequel Programming and SQL. Tech Support can be contracted outside in the short run.

Operational Area: Management Reports

Action Items: Development of all operational reports below:

Required Daily Reports:

Sales Pipeline: These are the booked surgery sales & number of procedures for current and next period

· By Surgeon

· By Consultant

Consultation Pipeline: This reports show the number of initial consultations scheduled for 30 days out

  • By Surgeon
  • By Consultant
  • By site (when appropriate)

Call Center Flash Report: This report shows the number of consults booked by the call center for the pervious day.

· By Call Center Agent

Daily Show Rate: This report shows the “show rate” from the previous day’s scheduled consults

  • By Call Center Agent
  • By Consultant

*Consistently low show rates for individual staff may serve as an indicator of a potential performance issue or a need for additional training

Sales Conversion Report: This report show the historical conversion rate for patients who complete their consults and ultimately book a surgery. In order for this report to be effective, all staff must be measured by the same length of time. Analysis needs to be completed to extract the average length of time it takes your patients to book a surgery. Once determined as the standard, all staff are measured by conversation rates based on the number of patients who book within that standardized time.

  • By Surgeon
  • By Consultant

*Consistently low conversation rates for individual staff may serve as an indicator of a potential performance issue or a need for additional sales training

Call Referral Source Report (Daily & Weekly): This report gives “up-to-the-minute” visibility of the effectiveness of ad campaigns. If can be obtained in real-time with the data captured by the call center, the actual effectiveness of particular radio spots can be monitored. These reports are also a valuable leverage tool for the media sources that, if shared with them, they all get visibility on the effectiveness of the other competing sources. This allows for more effective negotiating which is what media buying is all about. The weekly version of this report is most adequate for making changes in the allocation of advertising dollars (most appropriate for radio). ROI Marketing Reports are ineffective because the expense is frequently incurred in 1 to 3 months prior to when the revenue being recognized. ROI Marketing Reports should be run quarterly and only for campaigns that have been ongoing for at least 3 periods.

Operational Area: Advertising

Image Overhaul:

(The Perfect Plastic Surgery Office Name Goes Here) has successfully branding itself as the discount cosmetic surgery practice. There are pros and cons inherent with this marketing strategy:


  1. Reaches segment of market affective by demand elasticity by offering surgery to client base for which price is the number one concern
  1. High volume of patients reduces idle time and helps offset non variable overhead costs
  1. Increased effectiveness from “Calls to Action” ads that are price related


  1. Alienates client base for whom quality and safety are number one concerns. The adage that “you get what you pay for” is ignited by the image that (The Perfect Plastic Surgery Office Name Goes Here) will beat any competitors’ price.
  1. Persons electing to alter their physical appearance, and more importantly their face are not willing to risk getting sub par results and thus price becomes one of the least important concerns.
  1. The educated buyer will intuitively know that the only way to cut price and maintain profit margins is to somehow cut costs. The lack of visibility on how this is done further alienates those patients whose main concern is quality and safety. Many patients elect to have surgery for reasons of vanity. The fact that they are willing to subjugate themselves to a surgical procedure should serve as an indicator that they would not risk the possibility of receiving sub par service in order to “save a buck.”. Although the thought that they will receive sub par service is an incorrect assumption, it is one the consumer naturally forms nonetheless.
  1. The bargain brand surgery center image will frustrate efforts to recruit qualified and experienced surgeons whose reputation for providing the highest quality service is most important to them
  1. In general and across all industries, bargain shoppers historically haggle in an effort to walk away with the sense that they are getting “more for less” but also demand a level of quality that is not consistent with the price they are paying
  1. Many times the staff can be the most effective marketing weapon a business has within its marketing arsenal. They are a 24-hour walking, talking referral source People tend to spend a significant time discussing their work with their friends. 90% of the client base is female any most female’s would not recommend that their friends see a physician of any sort that is known as the “cheapest guy in town.”
  1. One of the best ways to gain market share from competitors is give the impression that your product is in high demand relative to theirs. Claiming that “we will beat any competitor’s price” creates the perception of a desperate seller. The key is to deliver a modified message while remaining competitive. (see below in Action Items, Differentiation.”
  1. Customers (patients) are the number one referral source for medical practice, or for most all service industry businesses. Women who may be squeamish about admitting that they got their procedure done at a bargain surgical center will most likely defer the referral opportunity. This lessens the effectiveness of you most powerful advertising medium- word of mouth.


1. (The Perfect Plastic Surgery Office Name Goes Here) is currently positioned as the lowest priced surgical practice in the area.

2. captures the low end bargain hunter consumers

3. (The Perfect Plastic Surgery Office Name Goes Here) needs to shift branding to tap into the next level of consumers who are less concerned with price but more concerned with perceived quality and reputation.

4. These higher end consumers are the middle range consumers. Making this shift will allow for higher pricing of procedures thus making up for any reduction in volume

5. The transition should be slow (see Action Plan at the end of the ADVERSTISING section):

Correct Branding Approach:

1. GOAL: Position (The Perfect Plastic Surgery Office Name Goes Here) as the Leading Destination for Cosmetic Surgery with a superior product at affordable prices.

2. Communicate the masses that the way these procedures can be offered at more affordable rates due to special relationships with suppliers due to the high volume of business that is done at (The Perfect Plastic Surgery Office Name Goes Here). These savings are simply passed on to our clients because (The Perfect Plastic Surgery Office Name Goes Here) cares.

3. Differentiation- “WHY ?”: What gives the targeted market the impression that (The Perfect Plastic Surgery Office Name Goes Here) is different and superior to the rest. “Why should the listener or reader pay more attention to you” The message (this is not actual wording) should be, “we would love to have your business but we don’t need it to survive. We want you to feel relaxed, unpressured, and most importantly comfortable with your decision because we care.”

Radio Advertising

Managing radio advertising takes up 70 of the time related to all other media and is an ongoing tasks that if closely managed, can reap amazing returns. Subtle changes in spot times, syntax, copy points, and actual spend can effect the effectiveness of radio advertising in significant ways. Most time is spent (and should be spent) negotiating for better and better deals.

Daily Management Points for Radio Advertising:

  1. Use operational reports to;
  1. Identify ads on stations that have identical demographics and listener volume but non consistent results.
  2. Renegotiate to get better spot times and/or “leverage” potentially reallocating more to the station with the bigger draw.
  1. Mention website on every spot. Drive traffic to website.
  1. Negotiate extras into each media buy:
  1. Giveaways to sales staff and call center
  2. Live reads
  3. Event sponsorships included in package
  4. Free endorsements

Internet, Email, Other

  1. Organize monthly mailer program
  1. Send out email blasts to patients in contact database
  1. Use internet marketing firm to drive traffic to website
  1. Develop website and showcase surgeons and their work
  1. Sponsor expos and other special events targeting women
  1. Localized marketing for community grassroots marketing

Operational Area: Facilities & Aesthetics

In order to assist with branding and remove the stigma patients have with visiting medical offices, the initial visit needs to be as pleasurable experience as possible.

1. Change dress code policy for all front office staff- no scrubs. Clinical staff excluded.

2. No food should be eaten at desks in any area the patient enters or comes within a close proximity.

3. Surgeons must dress professionally during initial consults- no scrubs

4. Remove medical charts and files from line of sight in the waiting lounge

5. Inform patients that no children under the age of 12 are allowed in the office

Action Items: Strategic Marketing Plan for Media (A-C)

A. Print Media

  1. First change the print ALL media advertisements making them more appealing to higher-end clientele. Completely overhaul LA Weekly Ad first. (Example at the time published 2004)

  1. Make all ads consistent with overall marketing plan and branding strategy. Ads should capture the reader’s attention because they are recognized. Switching the message in the ad from time to time keeps the reader from passing it by.

  1. Only advertise prices for 2 procedures as limited time offers- “call to action”.

  1. Leave all procedures at their current rates internally (for the short term) in order to retain excising clientele

  1. Use New Female Models (use stock photos, very inexpensive):
  1. Women all have one common theme with regard to other women: extreme distaste for other women who taint the image of womanhood due to their lack of class.
  1. Too much information- change approach to “less is more (effective)”:

a. The most effective advertising communicates a lot without saying a lot.

b. What should communicated is the 4-6 target points:

i. The few most popular procedures

ii. Call to Action: Only discount 1 to 3 of the most popular procedures

1. This is key- 90% of your revenues will be generated from 2 to 3 procedures. Why advertise a discount on 10 of them? It’s the call center and the sales consultants that should inform leads of other procedures; “by the way, did you know we also perform…?”,”while if have you on the line, would you like to heard about our xxx xxx limited time offer, our surgeons are extremely busy and we have limited space, which I why we only let those who call us/come in to see us

iii. Differentiation from competition: WHY chose (The Perfect Plastic Surgery Office Name Goes Here)?

c. Most readers spend 3-7 seconds on a print ad. It takes them only 2 seconds to get a first impression. If a reader is bombarded with too much information and isn’t captured during the first 2 seconds, they move on. If initially held for the first 2 seconds and they can’t get the main points by the 7th second, they move on.

d. Location: The reader needs to know where the site is or at least the area of town.

e. The number one complaint from Internet Users are annoying POP-UP ads. The bubbles and circles in print ads deliver the same annoying feeling to readers. They feel that their attention is being pulled all over the page and quickly lose interest. Ads are commercial breaks between articles and the reader’s initial reaction is to “fast forward” and get back to the “program”.

f. The internet site should be included in ALL Advertising. Print media should be utilized as a quick TEASER and the website and phone number is how they can “inquire within” for more info. All of the other information about additional procedures and/or discounted procedures can be disseminated by call center and/or the sales consultant.

g. Remove exact price reduction guarantees and any other claims that could cause potential problems and customers feeling like they were lied to. Eg. “$500 off any procedure”. Customer could potentially come in for some low cost procedure not intended to be included in this promotion and demand that it be honored. Word spreads and this could become a potential major headache.

h. Remove asterisks and fine print. The most upfront and sincere advertising claim has no asterisk. An asterisk is a way of saying “but” or “except when…”

i. Make all ads consistent across all print media.

i. Only 4 versions needed:

1. one ad for full page,

2. one for quarter page

3. two for half page (landscape and portrait).

ii. The ads will be recognized by readers who read multiple publications advertised in and will increase the capture rate during that first 2 seconds one the second ad viewed. Also, if the reader sees the same ad across different media, the impression that a major amount of money has been spent on quality ads will assist in branding- only established business have can afford massive advertising campaigns and must therefore be reputable.

B. Radio Advertising

Launch Radio Campaign (must not be launched until print media ads have been completely overhauled)

  1. Begin on three of the historically most effective stations based on past experience
  1. Average total spend in print media in 2004 was $44K. Suggested initial radio spend is approx. $40K
  1. Launch radio campaign on 3 stations simultaneously
  1. Must not launch until infrastructure is fixed to accommodate increased call and surgical volume

i. Call Center must be increased

ii. Additional surgeon must have start firm start date

C. Change Company Name (proposal)

  1. Changing an image is difficult and VERY sluggish once one has already been established. (The Perfect Plastic Surgery Office Name Goes Here) has already become synonymous with “cheap” and thus is perceived offer lower quality services. A simple name change allows for a fresh slate and is more cost effective- advertising dollars aren’t spent to CHANGE perceptions or misconceptions.
  1. (The Perfect Plastic Surgery Office Name Goes Here) is very difficult to work into any slogan because when we advertise, the “speaker” of the ad can’t work “Me” into a statement that refers to the targeted listener “You”. E.g. Can’t say, “Come in and take the first step to a New Me.”
  1. “Surgical” “or “Surgery” needs to be in the syntax of the company name and/slogan. Leaving it out gives the impression that “Surgery” is not the primary focus of business and thus it is not treated as such (yet it is the most dangerous and potentially life changing). The impression to the targeted market should be “we specialize in surgery and are among the best at it, but we also offer a wide variety of services, all with helping you feel better about being you.”

*See attached proforma P&L that reflects impact of changes in overall marketing strategy


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  • Compliance Doctor profile imageAUTHOR

    The Compliance Doctor 

    22 months ago from Los Angeles, California

    Dr. Gilroy,

    I would be overly thrilled to be a guest speaker at one of your state conventions. The best way to reach me is to call me at 323 603 8333 which is my mobile.


  • profile image

    gilroy 1969 

    8 years ago

    You have done it again with this brilliant templates for the success of the doctors you've served. How amazing this template is, it is everything any new plastic doc would need fresh out of residency entering private practice. Compliance Doctor, I would like to invite you to be our guest speaker at our next state convention. Do you speak at engagements? Please let us know how to reach you, thank you. Dr. Gilroy


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