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Warning, Warning…, the “Portal” Is Being Opened!!! (7/6/2016, Message#21)

Updated on July 8, 2019

Opening a Portal!?!

The Largest Machine in the World!!
The Largest Machine in the World!! | Source

They Make It Sound, So Good.

What Do You Know About CERN?

What Do You Know About It?
What Do You Know About It? | Source

Have You Ever Heard About CERN?

What is CERN? It’s the World’s Largest Hadron Collider or Particle Accelerator. Not only this, it is also the world’s largest machine ever created and built! The LHC (Large Hadron Collider) is a 17 mile loop where atoms or molecules are accelerate to nearly the speed of light and then collided with one another. Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem or cause any concern to the public. The experiments themselves sound harmless and could even explain how God created Creation. This would further confirm the Bible (Book of Instruction Before Leaving Earth), the intentions of the LHC or CERN is not to do this. In fact, their Location and the temple they have there are also in question?

Could We Ascertain the Real Purpose of CERN and/or who is Leading them on their Current Paths of Discovery?

The LHC or CERN?

Located in Europe!

Geneva, Switzerland
Geneva, Switzerland | Source

Where Is CERN Located!?

The fact that CERN is the Largest Hadron Collider (LHC) would have been Colossal News for Humanity. The fact is what is being worshipped or made as the mascot for this company and its experiments? CERN is Located in Geneva, Switzerland in Europe. There are several companies and countries which financially support CERN. Did you know what is at the heart of the LHC? At the very center of the LHC or CERN is the temple of Abbadon, Apollyon, Shiva, the Destroyer or the god of destruction. This would immediately mean, CERN is up to no Good and their plan is destruction, not research.

You decide?

Not Your Normal Company Logo!?

Can You See the Six's?
Can You See the Six's? | Source

The CERN Logo!?!

As if the location was just a mere coincidence, how about the CERN Logo? Can you see the three six’s? If that wasn’t already enough, there is even a statue of a deity at CERN’s location. When does coincidences stop and we start asking questions? The master in whom CERN is serving is obviously the devil! People still what to believe Hell isn’t real, nor its master? Clearly CERN is under his influence, and CERN is influencing the World and yet another coincidence?

Their god or mascot, is actually the god of this "World" of man, money and governments. This god is the devil (Lucifer, Satan) and CERN is one of his tools or resources used for "World" conquest and control! Don't be fooled, the god of destruction is not something anyone should mess with, especially a company where their are several people involved!! Not to forget also connected to the "Most Powerful Machine" ever built or created by human hands!!!

"AWAKE" Comes Online At CERN!!

Shiva, the god of destruction.

It's abbadon, apollyon.
It's abbadon, apollyon. | Source

The Deity of CERN?

The Bible states, “the number of the devil (Lucifer, Satan) is Six Hundred, 3 Score and Six.” CERN’s Logo has the same number. Yup, this is just another coincidence, ignorance is bliss. Wrong, the time to wake up is now! Darkness is befalling the Earth and there are forces at work, making this happen! This is not a mere coincidence; the darkness at CERN has a plan and is able to accomplish this because of the Age of Grace toward the Gentiles (Everyone who is Not Israeli or Jewish). Right now, God is allowing CERN to do their experiments and for one sole purpose, the fulfilment of Fifth Trumpet of the Angels in Revelation. This same deity knows his time is short and he is clearly using CERN to fulfill his will.

Don't Be Fooled!! Darkness surrounds Geneva, Switzerland and even the Weather and freak storms proves something is going on!!

Are You Even Watching?

Strange Clouds on Radar?

Right Above CERN, Switzerland!?!
Right Above CERN, Switzerland!?! | Source

The Disturbances of CERN?!

As if running this great technological feat wasn’t enough, there have been some strange events which have been taking place in Geneva, Switzerland. Many of which are hard to explain or make sense of. There has been strange weather over CERN, freak storms and unusual lightening. It is also believed CERN could even be causing some of the numerous strange Earthquakes all over this Planet "We" have been experiencing!? I mean, the whole goal of CERN is to open a portal to another dimension. Say What!?! Why would anyone want to accomplish this, what would be the purpose? Not to mention, "who" or "what" would be on the other side?

I am no expert, let’s just say if there are 3 Six’s in your logo, your location is directly over the temple of the god of destruction and you are clear a servant of the devil (Lucifer, Satan). I am guessing, if the portal were to be opened to allow him to come through or his kingdom. It would not be like “Stargate,” or the way this TV show depicts the use of portals.

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus. This "World" is clearly going to "Hell" in a hand basket!

Anomaly Forms Above CERN

Who's Really Being Fooled?

Many Are Watching, Does CERN Even Know?!?
Many Are Watching, Does CERN Even Know?!? | Source

What is CERN Attempting to Unleash, Are They Even Aware?

Whether they know it or not, CERN is being used as puppets. Sure the World Wide Web was invented by CERN and several discoveries have been made by the same company. Ultimately, they are still being used, and they are clearly servicing the devil (Lucifer, Satan) and his kingdom (the Fallen Angels). I would dare say and be bold enough to proclaim, CERN has already opened portals to another dimension. This is why there have been some strange things taking place in Switzerland. Darkness is entering this "World" from this point; only the small entities can fit through the portals which have already been opened. Soon CERN will open a larger size portal or even open the portal all the way and those which have been trapped will be free.

Read Being Spiritually Attacked and Lifting of The Veil of Protection to better understand what will be coming through these portals.

The Truth of Darkness, CERN and This World!?

The "Key" to the Bottomless Pit?

Could CERN Be The "Key?"
Could CERN Be The "Key?" | Source

Where is the CERN Portal Opening to?

According to the Bible, “the key to the bottomless pit was given and was opened…” Could we be the ones who open the bottomless pit? Could we bring this destruction upon ourselves? CERN is certainly starting to look like the very instrument or the “key” by which this could be accomplished. This is just another coincidence; the Bible is just a book and nothing more. It has been right thus far, why not about CERN. In fact, Abbadon and Apollyon are both mentioned in the Bible. Could this be another coincidence, nah, I don’t think so!

According to book of Revelation in the Bible, The Tribulation Period could be even closer than we are aware! The Angel which blows the Fifth Trumpet, the "Key" to the bottomless pit is given at this point. If this takes place during the Days of Darkness of The Tribulation Period, How Much Time is Left to Prepare before the Rapture of the Bride?

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus.

CERN is Bigger Than Most People Know!?! What Are They Really Up To!?!

What is Dark Matter!?

Mystery of the Universe or Something Else...?
Mystery of the Universe or Something Else...? | Source

Dark Matter and Black Goo...

According to CERN and many other scientist, "Dark Matter" is invisible and yet they know its there. Strange? Scientist will admit "Dark Matter" exists, but not Father God? Yet both are invisible to the naked eye!?! o_0

Think about this, could dark matter represent something else entirely, or a kingdom which is making the scientist think "dark matter" can actually be found or measured? It can be found alright and the reason why it can't be seen is because God doesn't want man to see what "Behind the Veil!" If we do, we are not going to like it, nor will we be able to put the darkness back, once it is released!!

Even with these Warnings and so many other shouting "Don't!!!" No one seems to be listening, nor do they even care?! Dark Matter and Black Goo, both represent the same side, the darkness or the kingdom of the devil. Don't believe me? Watch Lady Gaga - Fame - Full Official Commercial (New Perfume Film) and you decide!?!?! This video is too suggestive for my tastes to put this video within this Hub. The CERN Dancing video is almost in the same category, yet both apply to this HubPage. We All Need to be conCERNed with CERN!!!

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus. He is the only one who can protect people from evil, darkness and all of its forces!

CERN, Dark Matter and Black Goo... Could There be a Correlation?

We Are Nothing Without Jesus!!

There is Only Destruction With Out Jesus!
There is Only Destruction With Out Jesus! | Source

Intelligence is Nothing, Jesus is Everything!!

CERN is led by some very intelligent people; they run this massive machine, which is a feat of technological proportions! Even with all of their intelligence, they are still puppets to a very cruel taskmaster the devil (Lucifer, Satan). CERN has been pulled into thinking they are in control and are freely forging their own path. How can they actually say this? They have a temple of darkness on their premise, the number of his name in their logo and they are clearly worshipping him in dance. In reality, they would seem so smart, they're actually stupid. So Sad, with all of their brainpower, they can’t see whom they are obviously serving. Rather they are spiritually lacking, they do not have the Holy Spirit on their side.

This is why the Lord Jesus Christ is so important! Because of His sacrifice for us, when we come to Jesus and He can open our minds and hearts to see things others can’t. God never uses people as puppets, we choose His Will and He uses us to do His Will. There is no deception involved, trying to hide or mislead people into thinking something else entirely.

To see past the lies of CERN or to become less concerned with CERN, we need to acknowledge Jesus Christ! To do so, you must confess with your mouth “Jesus is Lord,” believe with your heart God raised Him from the dead and you will be saved. Your Faith in Jesus is what brought you to Salvation, not the intelligence of man. It’s by the Grace of God, in which we have redemption and Jesus is the only way! So let Jesus Christ write your name into the Lamb's Book of Life, you too can enter Heaven and escape the Days of Darkness which are just ahead!!

This is Why Humanity Needs Jesus.

Be ConCERNed with CERN!?!? CERN, Period!!

The Portal Has Been Opened!

A Small Portal, But Still Open!
A Small Portal, But Still Open! | Source

CERN at Present!?!

As of 6/24/2016, CERN began a new program called AWAKE. This new program is to aid in helping CERN better calculate and more effectively cause better collision reactions within the LHC. Why call this AWAKE? What is the real purpose of this new program? Even though this program has been running for couple of weeks now, it is already stirring things up. As if the previous amount of strange events weren’t already enough, now Switzerland is experiencing more! Has anyone ever seen lightning bolts go upward toward space, verses downward to the Earth? Well, this is what is now taking place with the storms over Geneva when AWAKE is running at CERN. This new program has awakened something alright; it may have even been able to open a larger portal. There have been strange lights, energy and freakish storms taken place at CERN. There are smaller entities which are already being released onto the Earthly Realm!! The ones who can fit through the small opening which have already occurred.

Could these portals at CERN be the source of Dark Energy being brought upon the Earth, causing or being a part of the latest and recent spring of violence around the World? Hmmm, This may be the source!? "AWAKE" began this June of 2016, could there be a correlation with the shootings; the truck at Nice, France incident; and the killings of the Police all of a sudden? I am no Expert, nor am I Rocket Scientists either, all of this isn't just a mere coincidence to me. At what point do several, strange, bizarre happenings change from coincidences to reality? What does it take for people to connect the dots and "See" what is going on all around them? CERN is the "Key" and the source of darkness entering this Planet. This has been stated by them, "Our Goal is to Open a Portal to Another Dimension." This right there should be enough for you to realize the dangers of CERN! Don't be distracted, Do You See the "Signs" of the Times?

Are we about to see the “Key” given to open the bottomless pit? If so, There Isn't Much Time Left to Prepare?!?

The fact is, Whether You Know It or Not, This is Elohim’s Story! Everything has a purpose and CERN is no exception.

More News On CERN!?

Take A Vote!?

Have You Heard About CERN?

See results

Opening the Abyss or the Bottomless Pit!?!

Ignorance Isn't Bliss, It's Dangerous!!
Ignorance Isn't Bliss, It's Dangerous!! | Source

What Do You Think About the Largest Machine in the World?

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