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A Possible Answer to Rid the Atmosphere of Volcanic Ash

Updated on February 28, 2012
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all rights reserved

Our future and the possible event of a severe volcanic eruption, such as that at Yellowstone National Park in the western part of our country, poses a great threat to us and our earth's very existence, as we now know it. With the advent of such a volcanic eruption, ash would be lifted into the heavens and circulated around the planet, blocking valuable sunlight needed to prolong vegetation life, and in turn, animal life. A seemingly never ending winter would then be set in place lasting several hundred years, according to some scientist, and of course this would threaten all life on this planet.

What if there was a way in dealing with the ash, before it completely circles the globe? Would it be possible to create a hurricane that may well alter the progression of the heavy ash emitted from the volcano.? The wind power and heavy rainfall would possibly have an altering effect upon ash, which would be made heavier and brought to the ground or seas before it could have a chance in blocking sunlight, vital in maintaining and prolonging life on our earth. The reason that I say that we might alter the ash with a man made hurricane force, is that there have been a multitude of rumors and investigations into possible man made altering of the weather patterns and tracking of storms in recent years. This, of course, would depend upon whether we do have the ability to create or control weather that might help in dealing with a crisis such as volcanic ash circumventing the earth. As fantastic as it may sound, there might be a way in negating the ash, that will be the enemy to all of existence. The forming of huge areas of cold air and in turn, very warm or hot air, and how it is manipulated may someday be an answer to prevention of ash that may end civilization, as we know it. Imagination, creativeness, and exploration fueld by an insatiable appetite of curiosity, has always been the motivating forces that spur humanity forward.

Another way in that we might survive as a species, is to build huge domes that could house whole communities or cities and prevent poisonous gases and ash from making life impossible.(See my hubs about future survival and using ocean water in desalination). Sunlight would still be missing, but with the use of man made light, such as that which is already being used to promote plant growth in controlled facilities, we might all just have a chance to get through, until the ash has dissipated and sunlight may once again rain down upon the earth and give it vital needed sustenance to promote growth and prolong animal life, as well.There have been several experiments using UV-B, ultraviolet light and other light sources and some progress is being made in its development. Mankind is an intelligent animal and with all the pooling of our great knowledge and scientific ability, I believe here is a genuine hope for the future survival of us all.

A storage facility is already under way with hundreds of varieties of seeds needed for survival and many of these could well be grown under appropriate conditions, provided we are ready for the happenstance of its need, such as a major catastrophe, as Yellowstone, nuclear explosions. or other huge life altering events possible on this earth. Underground facilities are in place and have been for several years in the event of such happenings. Not only are there private ones that have been built, but there are documentaries showing that government agencies around the world have been in preparation for years and storing vital needs in these areas. With the advent of nuclear development and possible wars using it, it has spurred much more preparedness for such situations. Under sea or earth, green houses that will grow plant life and maintain it for years are also being experimented with by researchers.

There will be a lack of heat and sunlight and these will have to be dealt with appropriately. Heating units using nuclear facilities, electric generators and batteries are some of the proposed sources of energy. Many have a limited life and there has to be a way of generating a permanent source of needed energy to power heat sources, and all of the machines that are needed for daily life. Cold fusion has recently been developed and utilized and is one very possible source in powering future needs.The sun is an unbelievable power that we have grown to depend upon over the ages, without it, we are going to be severely handicapped, but we can survive if we use our heads and prepare wisely for such catastrophic things that loom in our future. Hopefully they will never happen, but you can take nothing for granted and wise preparation is always needed.

There has even been thought about forming colonies on the deep oceans sea floor and domed structures would be the structural choice because of strength and stability. The sea water itself might be a source of energy and sustaining of life needed in desalination of waters that cover three quarters of the planet's surface, Extreme depths may also serve as a barrier or protective wall for natural or man made incidences. There is no limit to which our minds can conceive of new and exciting ways to advance civilization. All we have to do is put our heads together and do just that!


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 5 years ago from United States

      I had also considered the concept of pumping mega volumes of salt water into vents of volcanoes, however I believe that most of the water would be turned into steam which might actually make the situation more volatile as the water vapors expanded and created more of an explosive atmosphere.Best to leave the volcano alone and play itself out over time.