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The Sisters Of The Pointed Flame And The Two Moon Deities

Updated on February 5, 2010




My first contact with The Sisters of the Pointed Flame was at a friend's home some years ago. She invited me over for lunch one day and wanted to show me her house.  As she was giving me a tour of her large home on the way to the basement I heard a little voice in my head that said, "these women don't know diddly squat about true witchcraft."

When I mentally asked the voice who are you?" I heard these words.  "We are the Sisters of the Pointed Flame and we have things to say to the women who come to the various solstices and events that your friend sponsors."   I told my friend what I had heard and she giggled in glee.  "Let's do it, Michael.  I shall tell the women that you are going to channel The Sisters of the Pointed flame."

          The channeling took place on a Friday evening a month later and twenty eager exuberant women were present.  They sat spread about on pillows and the various sofas and love seats.  Helen lit white and green candles and some incense.  She saged the sacred space and there was drumming and chanting before Helen invoked the spirits of the four directions and said a prayer and invited the Sisters of the Pointed Flame to come through.

          I closed my eyes (all my channelings are done with my eyes closed), took a few deep breaths then burst into a strong accented voice.  A spirit who called herself Fiorella spoke first.  She said that I had been a sister with them in a past life in Italy where we honored the goddess and practiced our earth based rituals and worked with healing, herbs, and divination.  Fiorella emphasized over and over that the secrets of magic, healing, power and divination all dwell in the soul.  "You have to invoke and make contact with your soul, otherwise known as your higher power or higher self.  People can guide and be mentors, but they are only truly authentic if they help you to discover that all that you seek and all answers to your questions reside within the beautiful deep sanctuary of your own soul.  When you have touched your soul the healing and wholeness begin.  Until that happens you are constantly besieged by sadness and loneliness and there is an emptiness that tears at your heart.  Then two more sisters, Pathena and Geliana talked.  They spoke about making and evolving the magic, and personal empowerment.  They offered several techniques to enhance spiritual and psychic awakening and then responded to personal questions. 

          I found myself thinking about them for days after the channeling and I could feel their presence sometimes.  I kept thinking about what Fiorella had said:  "People can guide you and be your mentors, but they are only truly authentic if they help you to discover that all that you seek and all answers to your questions reside within the beautiful deep sanctuary of your own soul.  When you have touched your soul, the healing and wholeness begin.  Until that happens you are constantly besieged by loneliness and sadness and there is an emptiness that tears at your heart.  To touch your soul will involve merging with the essence of the great mother goddess." 

          I was particularly struck and haunted by the sentence, when you have touched your soul, the healing and wholeness begins.  What does that exactly mean? I asked, and what all does it entail?"  I certainly knew all about sadness, loneliness and feeling dead and empty inside.  I grew more and more sad as the days passed.  I would listen to the tape of the channeling.  The next night I had a dream where I was sitting in the woods, looking at the full moon.  It was golden and brilliant.  It even seemed to smile down upon me.  Then Fiorella's image appeared.  Then Pathena's.   Then Geliana's.  "It is time for you to come to us," they said in unison then disappeared.  I woke up with tears dripping down my face.

          “I cannot bear the loneliness of being separated from my soul,” I muttered, wiping away tears.  “You must help me to find that part of me and join with it, great mother.  I beg you."  I recalled the dream near verbatim as I often do.  "It is time for you to come to us," they had said.  Well, that had to mean something I assured myself.  If it is time for me to come to them then there has to be a way and I have to find it. 

          I was determined to contact the Sisters of the Pointed Flame.  I would do whatever it took.  My shaman, healer, medicine woman, and psychotherapist, Elizabeth had often told me that sometimes you have to take risks even when everyone else advises you against it, and even if it goes against your reasoning mind.  If your heart and intuition guide you, then you are obliged to follow it even if you are scared half to death.  I knew that my heart was guiding me to contact the Sisters and the dream confirmed it.

          A few nights later there was a beautiful golden radiant full moon just like in my dream.  I felt an urge to drive to a little wooded area a few miles away where I would often go to meditate and to get away from people.  I arrived at eleven p.m. and walked to my usual spot beneath an oak tree.  No one else was around.   I stared at the moon.  Minutes passed.  Then an hour.  Then two.  Although the crisp autumn wind chilled my tender skin, I would not move.   A few more minutes passed and then I thought I saw images of the three sisters in the moon again.  Except this time I was not dreaming.   Then something even more strange and extraordinary began to happen to me.  I could feel myself entering a deeper frame of awareness.  It kind of felt like it does before I go in trance and do a channeling of other entities and beings.  My solar plexus began to tingle and I was engulfed with a little light headedness and dizziness.  I leaned back a little closer to the tree and took a few deep breaths.  I know this sounds very strange but somehow the moon began drawing closer to me.  It moved very slowly until it was right above the top tree branch. 

          Then without knowing what words came out, I said  “Thank you, Mother Moon,” then whispered my gratitude again several times, not taking my eyes away.  I wanted to lose myself in its golden roundness and had the feeling that it was possible to do so.  I had no idea where that intuitive feeling came from because my logical mind is well aware that such a notion seems and sounds quite absurd.  But I have learned to keep an open mind when it comes to spiritual experiences.  I have also learned that anything is possible when it comes to shifts in perception, and altered states of awareness and consciousness.  I would go with things and see what happened. 

          The moon began to descend and I could fell its powerful tug and pull at me.  "It is time to merge with the moon goddess," a soft voice spoke in my mind.

          For some reason the thought frightened me.  I could feel a lot of energy moving through me and my grip on this reality began to more feel more tenuous. 

          "It is time to merge with the moon goddess," I heard again.  "It is your time to know the ecstasy of and wholeness when you merge with the Great Mother Moon." 

          "I am scared," I whimpered.  "I do not know what this entails and if I will come out alive."

          "Of course you will come out alive," the voice said.  "Let me tell you something.  Michael, you are very much a child of the mother moon.  You have three primary astrological placements in the sun sign of Cancer which is ruled by the moon.  Your sun, moon, and venus are all placed in the sign of cancer.  This endows you with the lunar qualities of intuition, psychic abilities, extraordinary sensitivity, musical abilities, deep compassion for others, a maternal and nurturing side and a heightened imagination." 

          "Sentimentality has its place but I feel more like an emotional basket case at times."

          "Yes being very emotional is part of your character, especially with three primary lunar placements in Cancer."

          The moon descended more and its pull became stronger and more enticing.

          "Hear the sweet moon song and let it lure your spirit into her loving maternal embrace."

          "I heard a soft tone then more followed.  Then a haunting melody was sung in a high soprano voice.  The song was so beautiful that it gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes.

          "I cannot join you yet," I said, still resisting, having no idea of what joining entailed.

          I closed my eyes and looked away.  My eyes had been glued to the moon.  I felt that if I stared at the moon much longer I would have disappeared.  But I could not keep my eyes away from the moon.  "Okay, come on down and encircle, enfold, me or whatever you need to do," I said in resignation.  I intuitively sensed that the Sisters of the Pointed Flame meant me no harm.  Their talk was very interesting and enlightening.  They have a reason for me being here.  It involves my connection with the deity and power of the moon.  I stared at the beautiful moon a few more minutes and then it descended until it stood directly in front of me.  I almost fell over.  Then it encircled me three times and then took on the most beautiful, golden, radiant face I had ever seen.  I felt dizziness but it soon subsided.

          “A beautiful woman's face looked at me from the moon.  She had tiny stars in her eyes and her hair was white.  Her eyes were pink.  I gasped, feeling awe and wonder.  Then she spoke.  My little moon brother, you have much power,” the moon deity said, looking me deeply in the eyes.  “You have no reason to fear or to worry.  I have no reason or desire to absorb your spirit.  Few have the strength or courage to resist my pull.  You are so unafraid.  Someone has trained you well.  Please tell me how may I serve you?”

          “The Sisters of the Pointed Flame said that we can never be whole until we touch our soul.  She also said that involved merging with the essence of the 'great mother moon goddess.'  I believe you can help me.”

          “You are right.  Anyone who has had the honor to associate with that sisterhood is never truly satisfied in the world of form.  The sisters are part of your soul family.  You have known them in many lives past.  They are only part mortal just as you are only part mortal.  To look into their eyes is like beholding the light in the center of a flame.  The spark of light in the center of the flame is the light that does not burn, but rather illuminates the soul, allowing one to see everything as it truly is.  It is they, if they choose, who will help you merge with me.  Once you merge with them they can bring you to me.  For to take in my essence without intermediaries could be dangerous and cause your neural circuitry to blow a few fuses as the saying goes." 

          “I seek the power of the flame and to merge with you into wholeness.  I will gladly merge with them as well as a means to merge with you for I seek wholeness more than anything."

          "Your wish shall be granted.  On the night of the next full moon you must light a white candle and let it burn for twelve hours.  Then, light another one the next day for twelve more hours.  Do so until you have burned twelve candles for twelve days.  On the thirteenth day at precisely fifteen minutes before midnight place all the candles in a crystal circle with a pentagram in the center and your special crystal wand next to it.  Then light all of the candles. Move your eyes move from one candle to the next in a clockwise manner.  Then close your eyes and speak loudly the words:

          “Far beyond this world where power transcends names,

          I invoke the Sisters of the Pointed Flame.”

          “You must chant the words until you build a momentum so strong that the words merge into one tone.  It will take about fifteen minutes to accomplish this.  No matter what happens, do not stop chanting once you begin.  Chant the sacred words until the clock strikes twelve and then open your eyes.  What you will see and what happens next will depend upon the will of the Sisters.”

          “I will do as you say.  Can you tell me how to recognize them?”

          “No.  Whether they appear or not depends on their will.  They can manifest in their fiery ethereal essence or just mentally communicate with you.  It depends upon their will.”

          “Thank you, Mother Moon Deity,” I said, waving as the moon began moving away.

          Quickly, I jerked as though I was returning to my body.  “Was I out there?” I asked, full of awe, pointing at the full moon.  I felt light-headed and strange.  Suddenly the thought occurred to me to write down the instructions.  I took pen and paper out of my backpack, turned on my flashlight and wrote down what the moon deity told me.  I made my way back to my car, drove home then undressed and crawled into bed.  I stared at the full moon until I fell asleep.

          By the day of the full moon I was so eager to begin my ritual.  I lit the candles just the way I was instructed.  Finally the long awaited thirteenth day arrived.  I listened to my Return of the goddess chants and songs tape and my very favorite tape, Enchantress by Gypsy.  My favorite songs are Enchantress and Magick and I sang along and replayed them three more time.  Finally the time passed and it was time for the ritual.  I placed the candles in the crystal circle with a pentagram in the center and my crystal wand next to it.  Then I lit the candles one by one.  I moved my eyes from one candle to the next in a clockwise manner and then as instructed, I closed them and spoke loudly the words:

          “Far beyond this world where power transcends names,

          I invoke the Sisters of the Pointed Flame.”

          There was utter dead silence.  The breeze had died.  Still there was a chill in the air as I continued to speak the words.  I gave it my all, speaking as loudly as I could.  If the Sisters were able to be reached, I would reach them.  I continued speaking the words with every ounce of energy I had.  My head began spinning. 

          Moments later the huge grandfather clock chimed.  It was the midnight hour.  I slowly opened my eyes.  All was pitch black.  The candles had gone out.  I put my hand in front of me and could not even catch a faint glimpse of it.  I looked at the window.  All was pitch dark outside.  What was the meaning of this?  Had some enchantment come upon me?  Had I enraged the Sisters by my audacity to invoke them for direct contact?   Was I doomed to darkness forever?  Perhaps it was all a mistake.  I was tempted to light a candle then go for my flashlight.   The moon deity had said nothing about this.  Nothing of the sort.  What she had said was that what happened after I performed the ritual and opened my eyes depended upon the will of the Sisters.

          “What is your will, Sisters of the Pointed Flame?” I asked, softly.

          Then the image of a flame appeared in front of my face.  The heat drew closer and closer.  Sweat droplets formed and trickled from my face onto my neck.  I did not move a finger.  The image of a woman appeared in the flame.  Her eyes burned all through my being.  I felt like I was melting.  Still I would not move.  The heat grew more intense.  I felt that my soul was burning along with every cell in my body.  The most amazing thing was that I felt no pain.  Trembling with delight, I let out a cry then dropped to the floor.

          When I awoke several hours later I was lying in bed propped against a pillow.  I was filled with a ravenous hunger.  The glow did not diminish.  After my hunger and thirst were satisfied I slowly made my way to the window.  The moon was the brightest red orange I had ever seen.  And it was a full moon.  How could this be when the last full moon was a mere thirteen days ago?  As my curiosity mounted swirling spirits of red flames darted from the moon, encircling it, then disappearing inside it.

          I experienced warmth in my solar plexus which created a tingling sensation in my stomach.  I began to giggle.  It was like the flames were playing with my energy.  I wanted to dance.  I began moving and swaying my arms in swirling motions.  Several flames danced in front of me then encircled me.  They did not burn me even though they touched me in many areas.  I danced with the flames for a long time, then suddenly the bright glow began dissipating.  Within moments the brightness had vanished.  I felt a loneliness I had never experienced before.  It was a deep yearning for something beyond my comprehension.  I actually longed to become a flame and dance around the moon with the Sisters.

          Then quicker than thought I was a flame spinning around the moon.  My mind and thoughts were intact.  I was overwhelmed with awe and wonder.  Never in my wildest dreams had I imagined that I could encircle the moon, although I used to have dreams of doing so when I was a child.  Spinning faster and faster, the ride around the moon sent waves of ecstasy all through me.  How can this be? I thought.  How can I feel when I don’t even have a body now?

          Then the thought popped in my mind, “you are in the heart of your soul.  Let your thoughts pass so you can become the flame and join with us.  We will help you to complete the merging and wholeness with the great mother."
          “Wow,” I exclaimed, wondering how much more of the ecstasy I could take.  It was so exhilarating and intense.  Nothing could be compared to it.  It was like every cell, molecule and atom in my body were copulating in a sea of cosmic bliss.  "Come closer.  Come closer," the flames whispered.  I gasped and looked away.  Suddenly I was back in my room, in my body.  “No,” I cried out.  “Take me back.  I have to go back.  I want to merge with the Sisters of the Pointed Flame.  Please take me back.”

          For the first time in my life I wanted to die.  I had come so close to becoming one with the Sisters.  I knew they sent me back because I had blocked the ecstasy by wondering how much more of the ecstasy I could take.

          “Why did I block it?  I’m sorry,” I said, softly, looking at the moon.  “It was too beautiful, too wonderful.  I’ve never before experienced anything so marvelous.  Please give me another chance.  I won’t hold back this time.  I want to merge with you, my sisters, with all of you and the great moon mother.”

          Nothing transpired.  I knew they were gone and might never come back.  I felt like part of me was gone; like my soul was gone.  I knew I would never be able to look at a flame again without yearning for the sisters and crying.  “That will be the price for holding back,” I said out loud.  I slowly undressed then crawled in bed.  I cried until I fell asleep.

          I woke up at noon the next day.  I was still disoriented and felt a touch of vertigo when I tried to get up.  My solar plexus was still warm.  “Maybe it wasn’t a dream,” I said, looking out the window.

          “No, it was not a dream,” said a voice in my mind.  "The Sisters of the Pointed Flame did come to you last night.  They took you with them to the moon and it was a bright red orange full moon when the last full moon was but thirteen days ago.  You almost merged with them.  It was so exhilarating and you have never known such euphoric rapture.  There are no words to explain what it was like.  You will have the opportunity to complete your merging another time, Michael, and until that time you will have your memories.  We helped you touch your soul, even if only for a few moments.  It only takes one such moment to give you the strength to get through any trial and tribulation and to deal with the limitations and restrictions that are a part of being human.  Your destiny has changed.  You will come into the fullness of many of your powers.  Until then we take our leave and give you our love and blessings."

          There was a shift in my energy and I knew that the Sisters had taken their leave.  I also knew that I would spend a lot of time thinking about, reliving, and trying to figure out what had happened that day in the woods and back in my apartment when I looked out at the full moon.  I smiled and reminded myself that things are not as they appear.  There is no way that the mortal mind can comprehend or know all of the secrets of the universe and the soul.  Mystery and awe are a part of life and if we had everything figured out there would be no adventures.  And I live for adventures!













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