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A Practical Guide To Online Research Chemical Vending

Updated on January 25, 2012


Who Am I?

I’ve vended research chemicals through 2008 to 2010 but had to slow down due to legal complications.I’ve sold MXE, AM-2201, JWH-018, Mephedrone, and 2C-E; so I’d say I have a fair bit of experience and I hope by reading this guide it will help you stay safe and prosper as much as possible.This guide will help you decide which product best suits you, proper security precautions to help you avoid detection, where to sell your product, and much more.

Is This Business For You

Before you even consider vending you need to take into account the risks and labor associated with this business.There is a possibility you can lose everything in this business; your house, your money, your family, everything.It seems every month they ban more and more substances often sold by many vendors.Improper packaging and inadequate security measures can lead to detection while your package is in route and with this comes the possibility of unwanted legal complications.You also have to take into consideration that this business isn’t just a get rich quick cake walk, while it is quite possible you can accumulate a lot of money in a very short period of time, there is a lot of hard work and labor that is necessary if you want to be successful in this business.Do you think you can dedicate most of your time to answering customer’s questions and taking back and forth trips to the post office every day?

What you’ll need

First and foremost if you want to get off to a good start vending you’ll need capital, there are a few things you’ll need to ensure long term business and satisfied customers.The most important is an accurate digital scale, if you’re vending substances accurate in the sub milligram range it’s best to purchase a scale that can accurately read down to a milligram, if you’re dealing with substance accurate to a hundredth of a gram then you should have no problems buying a scale that reads accurately to a hundredth.When I first started vending years ago I started with a scale that was only accurate to a tenth of a gram, so what I did was overweigh all my bags by an 100mgs, this was to ensure that the bags would never be underweighted and in my opinion it’s always best to have product overweight than underweight.I suggest buying your digital scales from eBay, there’s plenty of fairly priced scales that are very accurate.

Before buying your product you’ll also need to ensure you have proper packaging, I highly suggest using vacuum sealing I’ve found that this greatly improves your chances of avoiding detection by authorities.FoodSaver vacuum sealers are moderately priced and are a great investment for long term business.Many vendors like to ship their product in plastic baggies, but I recommend glass vials, this ensures that in the unlikely event your product is discovered it gives the impression that it is being used for scientific purposes compared to baggies often used for drug dealing.

Choosing A Product

Before you decide which product to vend you should ask yourself are you in this business for the short term or for the long term.If you plan on being in this business short term and just gaining a massive amount of money in a short period of time and then leaving this business behind then I recommend vending products like mephedrone or MXE.If you are trying to establish a long term business and don’t mind waiting for sales to pick up over a longer period, then I recommend vending AM-2201 or JWH-122.Below I have compiled a list of trusted vendors who I’ve done business with on multiple occasions for the aforementioned products.Some of these vendors are more public then others and some have great bulk pricing while others not so much.

Structure: Name / Website (all links are encrypted) / Contact / Pricing/ Comments


LittleMick / No Website / / 1g $30 – 5g $125 10g $225 / Great vendor did some business with in the past, very personable a great guy, not the best prices


TropicalHerbMan / / / 1g $15 – 10g $140 - 20g $260 / Not the best pricing by a long shot / did business on a few separate occasions


MotionResearch / / / 500mg $25 – 5g $160 – 20g $550 / Great vendor with great communication, while the MXE isn’t the best quality the price is terrific


TropicalHerbMan / / / 1g $13 – 10g $120 - 20g $230 / Not the best pricing by a long shot / did business on a few separate occasions

Security Precautions

Proper shipping:

Proper shipping can make or break you in this business.There are many carriers to choose from but I recommend using USPS to ship your product, this is because USPS has to have a warrant before opening any packages, while private carriers such as Fedex or UPS can open your package at will for no reason at all.Using drop boxes to deliver your packages is a much better option to delivering them in person at the post office.I also highly recommend purchasing a prepaid debit card to buy your shipping labels from, I prefer Vanilla Visa, you can search for random names and addresses on, and register the prepaid under those credentials, and this is to ensure that you remain as anonymous as possible.It’s always best to package your products in the free shipping materials available at every post office, ensuring your package looks like the millions of others they deliver every day.

Ensuring Safety:

In this business it’s always best to be as secure and anonymous as possible.Liberty Reserve, BitCoin, and other offshore payment methods are the safest to use to ensure your security in the buying and selling process.Many customers prefer easier and more well-known payment methods such as PayPal or AlertPay, but as a seller using these payment methods is very volatile, all it takes is for one customer to write the wrong thing in the payment field and all your funds are lost.Western Union and MoneyGram are also commonly used as payment methods, but these methods are not secure at all, authorities can easily trace the location payment was received and soon enough you’ll find yourself under investigation.

Encrypting your hard drive and using a private VPN to access the email you do business from are both great measuring to add to your security.You can use a free program such as TrueCrypt to encrypt your hard drive, but it would be more secure to use private encrypting software that authorities don’t have the algorithm to.You can find many private VPN services with a Google search, it’s best to use one located in another country outside of your jurisdiction.

Where To Vend

It’s always best to stay out of the public spotlight as much as possible in this business; many vendors have a public forum presence or are easily found in online databases, but both of these methods of advertising can bring potential problems.Vending on online forums is very hazardous to your safety as a vendor and price control runs rampant on many of these forums.The moderators of these forums like to accept payment to label vendors as trusted and require you to adhere to their controls on the pricing of your substances.Many vendors markup there products by outrageous amounts compared to how much they’re really worth.These isn’t bad in essence but say you want to charge $10 less than the other vendors, if you’re a member of these forums you will automatically be labeled a scammer no matter how perfect your track record is.I highly recommend against dealing in other peoples forums unless you’re personal friends with the moderator.Starting your own forum and drawing members there would be the more viable option.Having your contact information listed in online public databases of vendors can lead to complications down the line, say law enforcement compromises any of the moderators of said database, this in turn exposes your customers who have left feedback as well you giving them all the necessary information needed to present a case against and eBay have great potential for marketing your products when advertised the right way.Ioffer offers great exposure for your products the only negative is the fees and constant customers buying your products without every sending payment or changing their mind.Ioffer and eBay can bring to much exposure just like forums and online databases but in comparison they’re a little more secure when used the right way.In the past I’ve found that advertising on IRC channels pertaining to different substances is the best route to gather potential clientele while exposing you the least.

What Not To Do

In this business it’s very easy to amass a lot of money very quickly, and it’s very tempting to spend these funds on large purchases you couldn’t afford before.Being smart about how you spend your money is vital to keep from arousing suspicion.It’s also best to keep what business you’re in to yourself and keeps even your closest of friends from discovering what it is exactly that you do.The amount of money you make can easily breed jealousy and resentment in those you least expect it from.Before getting into this business you need to set a limit for yourself, decide how much you want to make doing this and once you attain it leave this business behind.Vending long term only increases the chances of you having legal complications later on.Like I mentioned earlier it’s best to stay as under the radar as possible, but if you choose to open a website it’s best to do business from an offshore host to ensure authorities cannot subpoena them and collect the information they need to press charges against you.Even dealing with analogues of already illegal substances carry many risks, all it takes is for authorities to test your product and it come back positive for something it’s not and then you wind up losing everything and fighting a case for years to come.Take all possibilities into consideration before beginning your venture into online research chemical vending.

Now that you’ve read this short guide to vending I hope you’ve absorbed this information and seen the potential risks as well as the potential profit.In this guide you’ve learned valuable safety precautions that tremendously help to reduce the risk you take to the most trusted vendors I’ve dealt with to help you get started in your venture.


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