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A Rainy Season at my Home village.

Updated on July 3, 2013
rafting and flood waters
rafting and flood waters

My Childhood memories of a rainy season.

I like rainy season. It comes after the summer season, which we feel as the showers of blessing from God. We enjoy the rain by standing on an open place. Cloudy days are the peculiarities of the rainy season. When cloud come over the land, the temperature goes down. Then comes the showers of blessing.

Thunders and lightning are the other peculiarities of the rainy season. It is frightening. When lightning comes we are sure that the thunder will follow. So we close our ears and wait for the thunder. It is nice to see others are frightened by the thunder. Many times I feel the thunder within my heart, in my chest and my heart race. I can feel the beat of my heart for the next few seconds. That is a great experience, but frightening. If the thunder is happening in a far away place, it won't affect that much. Without closing my ears I can face it. But when it happens somewhere near where I am, that is dangerous. I have seen trees affected by the thunder. But it happens rarely.

After the thunder comes the heavy rain. Rain is good. I think rain is being sent by the God to wash the earth. Rain water wash the trees and houses, animals and birds. It washes the roads and by lanes. Grass and trees are the happiest ones who receive rain with an open heart. The movements of trees and grass in the wind make me think that they are welcoming the rain with a happy heart. That is an awesome sight I love to see repeatedly for a long time. The earth become wet. Rainwater washes and cleans everything.

I like the smell of the soil after the first rain. It help me to feel the earth. I don't know how it come. But it is an experience I cherish to have.

On a rainy day, I like to sleep in the after noon.

Fishing at night with spear
Fishing at night with spear

Rainbow and flood waters

Rainbow is the another specialty of the rainy season. It remind me the story of Noah and the flood. Rainbow is a wonderful sight produced by the nature. Horizons become colorful and attractive.

After few days of heavy rain comes the flood waters. I like flood waters. In our area flood comes very slowly and stay for few days maximum one week. Our schools will be closed for those days. We enjoy the flood by making boats and raft made from banana tree trunks. It will be a mens of transport from one house to another. We spend a lot of time on these rafts.

Fishing in the flood water is another enjoyable thing we children does. We use nets and hooks for fishing. In the night we go out with spear and torch light to catch fish. I am not good at it. My cousins do well in that area. I accompany them to see the fishing.

After a week of merriment with fishing, rafting, rain etc. we have to go to school. Mostly flood comes once in a year. Very rarely we see flood two times a year. My home town is in a small village called Kavalam, in Alappuzha state in Kerala, India.

A thank you letter to team members

Dear Team Member,

As this incredible peace building Rotary Year 2012-13 comes to an end, it is time to thank you for your unstinting support, tireless efforts, and for everything you did to help achieve our District's goals for 2012-13

This Rotary year, for all of us, has been a year of growth, of discovery and of learning. It has been a year of new challenges and new experiences. It has also been a year of seeing Rotarians stretch themselves to their limits to indulge in peace building activities and a year in which I learned to stretch myself to achieve the most I possible could.

We all began this Rotary Year determined to make a difference, to leave this esteemed Rotary District stronger at the end of the year than it was at the beginning. And I believe that those goals have been met - for Rotary in our District is stronger today and our work has made the world a better place than it was a year ago. But if there is one thing I have learned in this incredible phenomenal year, it is that the changes that I have seen, the lives that have been touched in this Rotary year - they haven't been because of me. They've been because of you - because of who you are, because of what you've done, because of what you dreamed, and achieved, through Rotary.

It's difficult to find the words to express what this year has meant to me and xxx(wife's name). And I've spent a lot of time over the last few weeks trying to do just that - to find those words. How can one sum up an experience of a life time in just words? It has been xxx and my privilege to work with you, to share this great adventure in service through Rotary. You will be in our thoughts and in our hearts always.

As this peace building year comes to an end, let us continue to "Engage Rotary and Change Lives" as we move into the next Rotary year under the dynamic leadership of our incoming District Leader xxxxxx.

Let us all support xxxxx and xxxxx in their endevaours to take this esteemed organization to still greater heights during 2013-14.


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