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A Rule For Every Behavior, A Law For Every Misbehavior .....

Updated on March 14, 2012
Grant Fought and WON For America's Foundational Sins .....
Grant Fought and WON For America's Foundational Sins .....

Imposed Physical Slavery is Dead ..... Self-Imposed Intellectual and Behavioral Slavery is Alive and Well .....

How soon before our ELECTED local, state and federal officials have passed a law or ordinance or regulation or statute or policy for every conceivable aspect of our human behavior, to finally control our chaotic present and manage the unknown eternal future ??? The job we ELECT our legislators to do is to sit around in sometimes lavish chambers, in sometimes lavish buildings, (which we the taxpayers paid for, while we work in less self-aggrandizing surroundings) to argue and then concoct new legislation which will ultimately be imposed on the very "We The People" who voted for and gave them the power to do this. Year after year new laws stack up in already Everest sized piles of law books, and now back-up in trillions of bits of computer information. My question to we the "ELECTORS" ..... "Is all of OUR tax money that is being spent on all the legislated behavior control AIMED AT US making "WEE" the people" ??? Crushing down and constraining our every effort, so much law and so many regulations now take huge armies of specialized professionals, lawyers, judges, prosecutors, corrections and all else to interpret, impose, and enforce the weight of these books and electronic data upon us. The sheer volume of all of these laws and regulations create enough ambiguity in them as a whole that some laws must be judged ultimately (if they choose to do so) by a state and/or federal "SUPREME" court. These courts ironically must be of an odd number of members so split decisions, (based on what prejudices ???) can be decided by a majority, rather than what should seem to be a preferred consensus of all. If American's "SUPREME" courts make it look like they scratch their heads and cast a vote to determine good law, how do we who ELECTED those who "appointed" them to the courts have a chance to get it right ??? Should federal judges be "TEMPORARILY" seated and unseated by the PEOPLE, or instead seated "for life" by the whims and political prejudices of our often but not always "TEMPORARILY" elected representatives in government, who do not instinctively know or care or do what is in the PEOPLE'S best interests ??? Lifetime appointments by temporarily elected officials can keep bad law and bad ideas in place, and good law and practice out longer than we as individuals can outlive it and see true justice reign in our lifetime. Why do "We The People" keep allowing OUR hard earned money to be taxed away from us and spent by lawmakers on things we profoundly disagree with, especially being spent to create another huge volume of laws of which we have no idea what it contains until it falls off the dusty shelf onto our foot and proves to contain within its pages a law against allowing books to fall on American feet ??? Because WE let them !!! No amount of tax and spend is ever going to be enough to legislate morality or bring about desired human behavior. A fresh stack of $20.00 dollar bills from here to the moon dumped into education will not make everyone a gentleman and a scholar. Laws against oil in the gulf will not keep accidents from occurring there or anywhere at anytime concerning anything. We are all an accident of birth. Life is good and bad, predictable and unpredictable, rewarding and futile. None of us gets out alive. When financial times get tough for us ELECTORS, can WE tax our legislators and government or pass a law to keep the status quo of what our life has become and prevent all unknown hardships from occurring ??? When called upon to do so we everyday Americans tighten our belts, cut off the end, and boil it into a chewy tasty stew to fill our own shrinking bellies and keep on keeping on. I would feel much less hungry if our local, state and federal governments had no belly hanging over their belts, toiling with our consent and at our expense to buy bigger suspenders for themselves while we, their financial feeding troughs are running OUT of belt (but not resolve) to keep our own financial pants off the ground !!!

Lee's Army Lost But State's And This Time ALL People's Rights Shall Rise Again .....
Lee's Army Lost But State's And This Time ALL People's Rights Shall Rise Again .....

A Slave to Living Free, Our War For Liberty .....

The rule of law shall return us to a Utopian Eden on Earth in anticipation of the spiritual cleansing and new world order that will be wrought by Armageddon and the second coming. Or not. Law and plenty of it has the same power over human behavior that good locks do, keeping honest people staying that way. Giving ANY governmental authority power to define what is and is not acceptable to it, and giving that same authority the power to tax from "we the governed" to fund our own punishment for what is determined unacceptable, (and reward the acceptable by an ABSENCE of punishment) is a slippery slope slanted toward the thin edge of the wedge. Damn good work for someone if you can be convinced to give your vote away to those knowing better than YOU what kind of world is in YOUR own best interests, like it or not. In my home city I see a specially created mini-vehicle cruising the streets, replacing our one time "Lovely Rita Meter Maids. This hyper golf cart turned law enforcement vehicle has one specialized purpose, to ticket or have towed those car parking criminals whose time on the meter has expired, or have parked in front of a sign that tells them not to. Big bucks quickly leave the errant parker's purses and wallets while good will quickly leaves the hearts of those discovered in violation of this money grubbing scam. A whole culture and industry has arisen in my town around parking and the supposed violation of the proper and polite exercise thereof. A law is established, with good will and intentions, to keep the downtown employees from monopolizing every available parking spot so all fair citizens have the opportunity to park somewhere nearby their appointments and shopping, thereby keeping the merchants and medicine men downtown in the least convenient location possible for all concerned. Eventually parking turnover ceases to be the main objective, and a cash cow is born. New jobs are created to enforce the old and newly created parking laws, vehicles are purchased to be more efficient at finding violators than meter readers on the hoof, more area is planted with meters, more enforcement staff and vehicles are needed and purchased, more parking laws and territory are created to provide a broader base for creating violations and so on ad infinitum. Eventually so much cash is rolling in that other city departments can be propped up by the surplus cash taken in from the evil parking criminals, A science is born. How do we get the maximum income from parking violations without upsetting so many people that they park elsewhere, (or worse case escape to the suburban strip-malls for all their tradin', doctorin' and lawyerin'), causing the whole system to ultimately collapse or be destroyed as another bloated and corrupt cash stealing arm of the government that it is ??? This is just a low-level parking law example in a two bit town in the middle of norseville Minnesota. Apply it to all the laws applied to all things in our current American lives and you may get a hint of the dilemma I see. Do you ??? Our families are the smallest form of government we can't live without, together determining what needs to be done for them to survive, setting up rules and the means of attaining these needs, repelling attacks from hostiles, caring and sharing with those who are our loyal kin, friends and allies. From this strong but benign form of self-government, (the family unit), we should all be raised to achieve the "know how" and sometimes even the means of doing right and might as a responsible person and a citizen, through a lifetime and ideally even generationally. Generational blessings or generational curses are the rewards for how well or how poorly we all do as a family unit. A nation can be a "family unit", made up of the entirety of the individual family units dwelling there. Both of these "units of government" will have a great many heroes and role models, criminals and scoundrels. Success as a nation is best derived and defined by the success of the family units that make up that nation. Every necessary good thing cannot be guaranteed, every unwelcome bad thing cannot be anticipated and prevented. Living hard and living well brings smiles and stitches, unfair rewards and fair punishments, tearful joy and weeping sorrow to every good family and every free nation. My family and my American nation are both STILL the land of the brave and the home of the free. With the help of GOD, my loyal family and friends, and my right to keep and bear arms, I will do my part to keep "Life, Liberty, And The Pursuit of Happiness" the way it was conceived to always be. };>{>


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    • AnkushKohli profile image

      Ankush Kohli 

      7 years ago from India

      Great article! We are all victim of bureaucracy and red-tapism here.

    • American Romance profile image

      American Romance 

      8 years ago from America

      Government and Liberals desire to destroy the family unit, Once the family unit is destroyed they will gain all the power they desire! Individualism is another THREAT to liberals, therefore they want more govt jobs for you and I to pay for and get more people on the govt TIT so to speak. excellent thought process! Keep it up!


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