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A Simple Guide on How to Get into Medical School with a low GPA

Updated on September 4, 2012

Getting into Medical School

Learn how to get into medical school even with a low GPA
Learn how to get into medical school even with a low GPA | Source

Pursue Your Dream

To become a doctor is a childhood dream for many aspirants who apply to medical schools. The competition to get a slot is extremely high. It takes more than just a dream. The process by which to achieve this goal is a long, enduring and tedious work with certain requirements that must meet the criterion set by medical school admissions. As specific education is important, you need to keep in mind the following steps.

Preparation is the key to any successful endeavor. Understanding the prerequisites on how to get into medical school is important. You would want to make admission committees take notice of your excellent personality and exceptional performance in other activities rather than take notice of your low grades. The GPA or grade point average is definitely what makes or breaks the odds. But it is definitely not the end-all be-all of things. You can still prove the admissions committees that you can handle and know what it takes to be a physician by doing good work outside of academics. Having a low GPA is no excuse to simply give up your dream of becoming a physician. Here ae some ways on how to get into medical school with a low GPA.

One way to achieve this goal is through community service. A visit to your local kitchen soup to volunteer your services is one way. Allot some spare time to help feed the poor. Another good way is for you to do volunteer work in a hospital. You can observe how an emergency room operates. Be around doctors and medical health care professionals. Observe how a baby is delivered in the Ob-Gyn ward. You can shadow doctors and get to know how they conduct their profession on a daily basis.

Another good way to beat the odds of getting into medical school is to include in your application the achievements you have made through extracurricular activities such as sports, research work, leadership in an organization and other activities you are particularly interested in as an individual.

Getting into medical school is not just about biology, organic chemistry, mathematics, physics, general chemistry, and English classes. To become a good doctor, you need to learn how to communicate effectively to your patients. It is only through a variety of experiences that you can learn how to achieve this particular aspect of the medical admissions process.

Research, Community Service, Extracurriculars, Clinical Experience

Learn the Six Buckets of the Medical admissions Process
Learn the Six Buckets of the Medical admissions Process | Source

Improve your Low GPA and MCAT Scores

The medical College Admissions Test or MCAT is a test that will evaluate your knowledge on basic sciences that are required in medical education together with communication skills and the ability to solve problems. The MCAT is a forgiving process in a way that you are given the chance to do a retake In case you are not satisfied with your first results.

Other methods in getting your chances of being accepted into low GPA medical school include getting involved in specific clinical. You can offer your services to a local clinic or a hospital, during your undergraduate years in order to build a strong foundation. Volunteer work will also grant you the possibility to find out how working in the field truly feels like.

You can also help in a research study that requires a long period of devoted time. The medical admissions committees would most likely pay attention to your application if you can relate a long standing research work. The research need not be published. What is important is the amount of time you have spent in one particular research study.

Get letters of recommendations to impress the admission committees. It is very important to show them that you can handle the difficult task of being a reliable physician.This is your chance to prove to them that you are trusted by your mentors as far as knowig how it is to be like a physician.

If you have enough time and resources, consider taking post baccalaureate courses to help improve your low GPA. Take special science courses from a school that has affiliate teaching hospitals. Chances are these schools might recommend you to their affiliate schools and eventually get you a slot for medical schools admissions.

Create a compelling personal essay of all the experiences you have while doing all the recommendations above. Tell your story and make yourself shine above the rest. There is nothing more impressive than to show the admissions committees that you have what it takes to become a good physician - your unique personality and perseverance.


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