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A Surprising Spirit Visitor

Updated on October 24, 2009


What do you think of when you hear the word 'seance'? is a question I have asked friends and clients over the years. I know some people have rather negative opinions and beliefs about them. They may think of long greasy haired old women in old Victorian houses sitting at a table with a crystal ball in the center where people are holding hands while she conjures up the spirits of the dearly departed.

Like I expressed in some other writings, I have felt the presence of spirits ever since I was very young. I never had one single malevolent one ever try to visit me and I have always believed that spirit contact is meant to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for those who seek them out. But we must know what we are doing. If one exercises prudence and common sense there is no reason to have a negative experience. It is not advisable to try to contact spirits using a ouija board or other means of divination if one is not capable or trained to make such contact.

The use of the ouija board is most always not recommended for mischievous or malevolent spirits often will come through, posing at first as benevolent spirits, then changing their tunes with more contact. So for those who think that pulling out a ouija board at a party where people are drinking, perhaps getting inebriated, and calling out the spirits is a good thing, I say be aware and be careful! It is especially unwise to try to contact the spirits of the dead while one is imbibing 'the spirits of alcohol."

Spirit contact is not something to take lightly and we have no reason delving into something when we don't know what we are doing. There are certified mediums totally qualified to contact the spirits of our dearly departed Loved ones.

There are also Spiritualist Centers where the religion of Spiritualism is practiced and one can study and become a certified minister medium, psychic or healer. One reputed spiritual center is CampChesterfield, in Chesterfield, Indiana, about forty minutes from Indianapolis. When you arrive at the center and enter you will see a big billboard that says. CampChesterfield, A SpiritualCenter of Light. Indiana Association of Spiritualists founded in 1886.

People come from all over the country to experience the psychic and mediumistic demonstrations as well as to attend numerous classes offered, private and public demonstrations and seances and to have spiritual fellowship with seekers world-wide.

I had the pleasure of first hearing about the camp back in 1984 when I was taking a psychic development class in Bloomington, IN. One weekend a bunch of us attended a class on karma astrology given by the Reverend Phyllis Harrison. When Phyllis came to me, she immediately picked up the name of a neighbor lady and dear friend who had died some years ago. Her name was Letha which is not a common name. Phyllis transmitted messages to me from Letha who is now a spirit residing on the other side of life. Letha referred to me as Dennis, which used to be my middle name, and is now my last name. At that time I was going by my first name Michael. Letha did not know me by Michael, so I was all the more impressed when Phyllis said Letha is calling you Dennis. I had not told any of the group about being called Dennis for many years. After the class was over I decided I wanted to visit this CampChesterfield where this Psychic and Medium Phyllis Harrison offered readings from her home.

To my joyful surprise the little spiritual center I was attending awarded me a scholarship which paid for me to stay a week and take classes at the spiritualist camp. Although I had never stepped foot on the grounds of a spiritualist camp, I have been deeply interested and involved with the paranormal and psychic realm for most of my life. So I felt at home there. While there I signed up for a private seance with a certain Rev. Austin Wallace. I was very eager for the day to arrive as he was quite busy and booked up and could not fit me in for four days.

Alas the day arrived and I knocked on his door at my appointed time. He was a very polite and soft spoken man and shook my hand and invited me inside. He led me to the seance room in his basement. There were a few candles spread about and some religious objects and some rather striking paintings and pictures on the wall of what looked to be spirit guides and such.

He then explained what would be happening and asked me to sit for the entire seance. He would be in a mediumistic full trance and it was important that it not be interrupted. I assured him I was all ears and would sit still. Then he sat in this big chair and flipped off the lights. It was pitch dark as there were no windows and he had placed some kind of black covering over the door entrance to block out the light.

Was I scared? No. Was I nervous? Yes, but nervous in a good way. After a few deep breaths a spirit guide came through and talked for a few moments. She had a high pitched voice and was very personable and friendly. She gave me some meaningful messages and then she said, there is someone here who wants to talk to you. His name is William Robert. I was take aback for a moment and had to think on that a bit. Then it occurred to me that my older brother's name is William Bernard. He is named after both of our grandfather's. "Papaw Barnes," I whispered, then out blurted this strong male voice "Hello, Boy."

"Hello, papaw?" I said, full of excitement and a tear had fallen down my cheek. "It's really you, isn't it?"

"Well of course it is. "Do you think I'm dead or something? We are very much alive up here on the other side of life."

" I know that and I wish I could tell Mamaw. You know she has not gotten over your passing. She says that she sees you outside at the old home place and my sister and the others just say that mamaw is caught up in her grief and is imagining things."

"Well, she is not. I am trying to give her some comfort and I do show up. She is not making it up, but I don't advise you to say anything to anybody. They will think that you are losing your marbles."

"I know. I just wish I could explain this to mamaw to ease her grief. She says she does not want to be here without you."

"Well, we do visit in dream time so that helps. Just know that it is not her time to come up here for several years. She will be fine. I will do what I can to ease her sorrow."

"Thank you, papaw."

We talked a few more minutes then papaw took his leave.

The spirit guide came back and said a few things then Rev. Wallace took some deep breaths and then he was back.

He asked me if I enjoyed my session and I told him that I did and that it was very meaningful. He wished me success on my spiritual path and winking he said, "you are quite opened up yourself, young man. You have many spiritual gifts and you will help a lot of people. Don' let anybody tell you otherwise or that you are crazy."

I thanked him and we bade each other farewell after we walked upstairs and he opened the door for me.

That was my first seance and it meant a lot to me. That the spirit guide knew and told me papaw's first and middle name (not his last) kind of surprised me. Perhaps she did that as a confirmation for me that nothing fraudulent or hokey was going on. What truly impressed me was the way papaw made his entrance. And looking back, I say how could it have been any other way?

When papaw was alive we'd visit him and mamaw about once a month. There was quite a walk on the old gravel road. Once we approached the house it was sitting on this big hill. There was this big hickory tree and when we'd climb up that hill, papaw would be standing there waving at us. He was always dressed in bib overalls, with a button or two unbuttoned. He wore an old white tee-shirt that had a few holes in it. He would be carrying a hoe and he always wore a cap of some kind. When we'd make it to the top of the hill he would reach for us and say "Hello Boy!" Then he would ask if we were behaving ourselves and minding our parents.

That private personal seance showed me that life continues after death. That we can make contact with our dearly beloved departed ones beyond the veil, and that that veil is very thin. I knew then that I would open up more and be able to make spirit contact in ways I had not been able to before. And, like the Rev, I would be able to use my gifts to help give comfort to ailing souls who need to be shown that there truly is 'no death.' The soul just passes on to another dimension, a higher realm, only invisible to those to closed to perceive what lies beyond. Beloved Jesus said "In my father's house are many mansions." That day at the Reverend's house, I stepped into another room of God's beloved kingdom and my world has been enriched ever since.

by Michael Dennis



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