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A Stage Hypnosis Session That Blew Me Away

Updated on September 30, 2009

From my book Halfway To Heaven that I am rewriting!


Winter semester and classes resumed and we became so busy that we put our interest in hypnosis on the shelf. But I did keep the notes I had taken after the session and each time it would fill me with a deep yearning for more knowledge. I guess my soul knew on some level that this period of my life was not the best time to delve deeply into hypnosis because I never asked Martina to conduct any more sessions. It wasn't that I didn't think about it; I just seemed to always to be doing this or that book report or term paper, speech for this class, audition for a play or musical, participate in extra-curricular activities such as choir, and running track. And all of that along with keeping up with a full load of courses, not to mention to try to have some semblance of a social life.

I do recall getting into a conversation one day with my room-mate about the mind and its wonders and powers and such. He was a musician and did some composing and said he often wondered where his musical ideas and pieces would come from. He said they would just pop into his head and sometimes even in the middle of the night. For some reason that led me to recall two a stage hypnosis demonstration I had witnessed in high school that made an impression on me. This very quick witted hypnotist went on about how some people were easy to put under and others were more difficult and some people blocked it entirely, but what was fascinating, as well as entertaining was the things that people could do and say while under. So naturally we wanted to see what someone would do or say while under. He sort of scanned the audience as he asked for volunteers.

When he seemed to have found three favorable subjects he called them to the stage and motioned for us to give them a hearty round of applause in advance because his 'little bird' as he referred to his intuition told him they would be good subjects. I forget the exact words he said to the boy but after a few moments the boy took an onion to the audience, walked up to his girlfriend and told her that he had a big shiny apple and invited her to take a big bite. She laughed and said that she would pass on the invitation. "Come on, sweety," he insisted, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Then he took a bite of it and said, "um good." The audience roared. The second subject took a bottle of vinegar and told his girlfriend that it was a nice cool refreshing can of Coca-Cola the real thing and invited her to take a drink. she also declined. So he opened the lid, lifted it to his mouth and took a drink.

The third subject must have been told that he was four or five years old again, because he began speaking in a little boy's voice and started to print his ABC'S on a big chalkboard that the Hypnotist's assistant brought on stage.. When someone in the audience yelled out, "Come on Darin, write your name. You know you can do it. This is all fake." Darin just looked into space and kept talking like a little boy and curved his hand and with chalk slowly spelled out the letters much like a little child would do, upon first learning the alphabet.

I know these early accounts are not mind-expanding or metaphysically complex, but they did serve to help introduce me to the wonderful world of the 'mind', hypnosis, and altered states which became so easy for me to enter down the road. Such experiences were the seed planting times as I like to refer to them. Was the hypnotist a fake? Did he meet with those three boys before the demonstration and set things up to pretend they would be real? I cannot say. I personally do not believe so because the boy who tasted the onion and the one who took a drink of the vinegar did not even flinch, choke or show the slightest negative reaction. I take apple cider vinegar every day and I know from experience that I still cough and form these funny grimaces on my face. He did not give the slightest indication that he was tasting an onion and not an apple. I believe the hypnotist must have told them only to take a small amount because neither took in much as it no doubt could have made them very sick. When he snapped his fingers and brought them back, they did not recall anything at all.

This experience spurred my interest in hypnosis and the desire to understand and explore the mind with its access to infinite realms of information. The journey was just beginning. I knew I could never go back!



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