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A Strange Coincidence, shared by Japan and the United States

Updated on September 19, 2011

Undersea Possibilities

The Marianas Trench lies near Guam and not far off the sea of Japan and an area known there as the "Dragon's Triangle". It is our own equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle off our Atlantic ocean to the east, and an area that forms a triangle with Puerto Rico, Bermuda, and the coast of Florida. Is it a coincidence that both the Bermuda and Dragon's triangle lie within the 36th parallel? Both areas have the deepest ocean waters discovered by mankind. In 2009, the United States research groups sent a deep rover in to the depths reaching more than 6 miles into the deep. The average depth of the sea is about 2 and one half miles and in our Atlantic, it reaches a depth of about 6 and one half miles.This is the region off of Puerto Rico and part of our "Devil's Triangle(Bermuda). In the triangle there have been a great number of missing ships, airplanes, and people, and unexplained events, which have baffled researchers over the ages. In recent times there have been many theories as to the disappearances and among them are natural causes, as in bad weather and hurricanes. Strange compass anomalies and weird green lights have been seen in the areas of the Triangle. Lights or orbs have been witnessed to rise and dive into the waters there, also and have led some to believe that Extraterrestrials may be involved in the strange disappearances and sightings.There has been some theories that maintain that there is some kind of vortex or black hole involved in the triangle, but this would have to extend into the air above the waters there.

Hundreds of ships with cargo and personnel have vanished from sight over the years and no plausible explanation can be made about this. Some believe that gases rise from the oceans depths and cause ships to sink from lack of buoyancy created as it reaches the surface. Experiments have been successful in proving some of these theories, although they cannot account for all of the myriad of of vanishing giant ships, and airplanes, that disappear from the sky, as they fly over the triangle area. A famous case was the disappearance of Flight 19 that vanished there back in the 40's. A flight of five Avengers on a training mission vanished without even there being a good explanation, and there has never been any downed aircraft remains found in the area of their being lost . Another larger plane was sent to investigate the five planes and it too was lost in that area, as well. The USS Cyclops and the Marine Sulfur Queen were two huge ships that vanished with both crews in the history of the triangle's strange events. In the 70's a man discovered a strange pyramid and crystal that he brought up and now has as a relic found there. Strange crystals have been said to be remnants of a lost civilization known as Atlantis. The famous figure, Edgar Cayce made predictions and said that crystals held supernatural powers and could actually cause some of the weird occurrences taking place in the Bermuda Triangle. In the "dragon's Triangle"off Japan, there have been an equal number number of strange and unaccounted for disappearances and these have been recorded for several hundred years there. The Marianas Trench is not far off the coastal areas near Guam. It is one of the deepest regions of all the oceans found to date, and is the subject of recent research there.The lower islands of Japan are close to this area and the "Dragon's triangle" is a part of that region. According to Japanese researchers, there have been hundreds of unexplained planes, ships, and people to vanish without any sign found of these, after exhausting and extended searches were made.

Because the areas of these deepest regions of both triangles and their almost inaccessibility in reaching or observing them, some believe that these two specific areas are being used by other worldly beings as their bases. The deep depths are impossible for human beings to go there except by robotic devices, that we have already sent there on a very small scale, much like a grain of sand of the desert, in its comparison and of research. What lays out in the depths will be the object of much research in years ahead. Our oceans are a new source for exploration, even greater in its demands than that of space, beyond our atmosphere. As to whether these regions are being used by E.T.s is up for debate, however many strange craft have been observed by countless reputable sources as seeing these odd assortment of vehicles rising into the sky from waters and going back into them at extremely rapid speeds that our fastest inventions of aircraft or submarines, cannot come close to equaling. These witnesses have been military, scientist, researchers, sailors, boaters and fishermen. Even some on ocean going sea liners have been witnesses. Cylinders, balls of varying colored lights, saucers and many that were three hundred yards, or longer, have been seen in the areas of the triangle.some thought has been done on how the craft appear to leave and enter without disturbing the water and some have suggested that tubes of a material like plasma, that we are not familiar with, may be used so that these craft may travel in and out and move with rapid speeds as they go to specific locations on the ocean's bottom. It is thought that someone or some entity, is using the area as a main base or even permanent home, and they are not from our civilization to date. There have been some theories saying that they are actually us, only in the past, and having advanced light years ahead of our own present race in technological development. This would make them the survivors of many past natural, and possibly man-made calamities, occurring over the ages, in the history of our planet.

At this point in time, we do not know as a fact, what is beneath our oceans. We can only make estimations, and guesses. We can have theories and with some observations and research, we can make generalizations. We can only use what our minds allow us to do at this point in our development as human kind. We can see and try to explain what we do see, but in observing, it only reveals a small part of the equation, ( perhaps that of: Energy is equal to Mass times the speed of light, squared) and that of Einstein. Until we develop our genius to the heights that allow us to understand and actually practice the science and technology of them, we will be left here on our blue planet.alone and still trying to encompass it all. One day when we resolve that we are capable of accomplishing great advances in our civilization, in the future, we may look back in our history and think..If we only had known then, what we now know!


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    • whonunuwho profile image

      whonunuwho 2 years ago from United States

      This is very absurd in correcting a response by someone else. Get your head examined.

    • Rodric29 profile image

      Rodric Johnson 5 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Entertaining and informative. I did not know there was actual meat to this triangle business before today. And to think that we have at least two of them.... Makes me want to know what else lies beneath. Voted up.

    • Lyn.Stewart profile image

      Lyn.Stewart 6 years ago from Auckland, New Zealand

      voted up and interesting ...

      There are so many things in our world that we don't understand. This is definitely a thought provoking hub so thanks for that.