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A Sunday Night Visit From a Ladybug!

Updated on September 7, 2012
Here is a pic of Miss Ladybug on the tv remote
Here is a pic of Miss Ladybug on the tv remote | Source
Another pic of Miss Ladybug
Another pic of Miss Ladybug | Source
Ladybug on my flower pen
Ladybug on my flower pen | Source
Miss ladybug
Miss ladybug | Source

A True Story About A Ladybug And My Kitty!

This is a true story about a Ladybug who decided to visit me and "LucyBell", my faithful kitty. I was watching "America Has Talent", as I was doing my workout. I like to do it at night, as it relaxes me. All the sudden I saw Lucy trying to mess with the TV remote, so I stopped my workout to take a look, and I saw a Ladybug on the TV remote ! Ya, I know many people don't know that they are said to be lucky, if you find one in your home. My mother always told me Ladybugs and Crickets bring good luck!, if they are in the home. I always believed that, and you should never kill them, or you will have bad luck. And when you think about it, do they really cause any harm? At this point, please don't laugh. I ran to get my phone and took pics of the Ladybug, and in the meantime, I told Lucy "No", this is a good and friendly bug, unlike , ( as I shiver, nasty & ugly bugs). And can you imagine. Lucy backed off and sat under the end table? Wow! She probably thought I was nuts.

I was so surprised and happy! Even as I took the picks, for some unknown reason "Lucy", just sat there watching me. I returned to may workout, and then after awhile miss Ladybug scurried off somewhere.

Well it is now Monday night, and I have not finished writing this story. Now I know you will want to call me crazy, but Miss Ladybug is still here. Once again Lucy spotted her. This time she was on the ashtray. Normally Lucy just pounces on bugs, but I think she knew better not to mess with " Miss Ladybug". I took more pictures of her, and I also got her to get on my arm, and right now she is resting on my flower pen. I posted on facebook that I was going to adopt her, because she would be a cheap pet to have. She could roam around and eat all the bugs she wanted!

I also went online to really find out about Ladybugs, because I never had such an odd experience with one before. I always just thought they were a cute and harmless bug. Well I found out a lot about them. Oh my goodness. Ladybugs get together in the fall to hibernate. They usually like to hibernate under forest debris, and in tall grassy areas, as well as under tree bark. Ladybugs are attracted to older homes, and the heat that the homes reflect. If ladybugs penetrate the home, they are hard to get rid of. They can actually cause an infestation in the home.

The ladybug will release a thing called pheromones, and it's kind of like "perfume", and it is meant to attract the other ladybugs. The Ladybug uses this pheromones to communicate with other Ladybugs in mating & hibernation ( and here I thought ladybug meant they were always girls). Anyway the pheromones are very powerful, and it can be detected up to a 1/4 of a mile away. This will help the Ladybugs find each other, and they will come to where that Ladybug is and then down the line it will attract future generations of Ladybugs to that area, ( So now I think I should take her to the pound!) Ya know that's a joke, right? And all the ladybugs will bring their tents and what not, and camp out for the winter. More humor here! As we move onto some really serious stuff.

Now here is a really disturbing aspect of these cute little bugs. The pheromones won't go away easily, and the chemical scent can stay year after year, inside and outside of a home. At this point Miss Ladybug is not looking so cute after all. Although Miss Ladybug did not spray her yellow blood on me, so she must not of been scared of me. The yellow blood ( hemolymph) contains pheromones ant it stains. You can see this when a Ladybug gets scared, and it is a normal reaction to stressful situations , and it is a way that ladybugs can protect themselves. The blood is said to smell bad, but I don't know, because my Ladybug did not do this. Ladybugs like to eat aphids, though not all Ladybugs like the flavor of them. Ladybugs also like to eat scale insects & plant mites. Though it should be noted that not all Ladybugs eat other bugs. Some ladybugs are vegetarian, and eat things like mushrooms or mildew, and some just like to eat leaves. Ladybugs are not poisonous to people, though there can be toxic effects on some animals. The Ladybug is still a wonderful and harmless bug to have around. As long as it stays in the garden for the most part.

So in the end of my story. I took her outside and set her free. I hope she will be okay and be happy. And that is my story about " The Ladybug".


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