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A Valentine Banquet And Feast Of Love

Updated on February 6, 2010




The tenderness of your soul ignites

the flame of love that burns in my heart.

You are somehow always near me

even though many miles keep us apart.


Today I found myself thinking about you more.

I am filled with surges of energy joyous and intense.

I wonder if you are aware of my presence.

Who says that  'Love' has to make logical sense?


My heart tells me that we have loved in other times,

and that we are truly destined to love again.

I do not seek out the oracle for the time of our joining.

It is not yet time to know how soon, or the moment when.


I believe that Destiny is our mentor and friend.

He will bring us together when the time is right.

In the meantime I shall continue to love thee.

My shining angel, you are my light!






I'm feeling nervous, excited and vulnerable.

I wonder if you feel this way too.

My heart is telling me that soon

my dream for love shall come true.


Today I got bold and took things further.

I told you more of what I truly feel.

It is important that you be aware of this,

so I can know that what I am sensing is real.


Yes, I told you that I feel a strong connection.

I said that I do not always know what to do.

Now I am scared as well as very excited.

What I said needed to be heard by you.


I am trying so hard to remain calm and steady.

Without risking we can never experience love.

I'm sending you much love to smooth the way.

The angels bless us on celestial realms above.





Can this attraction to you be a past life connection?

It is so intense, so powerful and so very strong.

Surely my imagination is not fabricating this feeling.

How could what I sense about you be wrong?


Lots of energies fills me when I email you.

Thinking of you makes my heart flutter and sing.

Looking at your picture makes my head spin.

Love is such a grand and a beautiful thing.


Yes, I know that love is never guaranteed.

My friend says we must venture in order to gain.

I know that I must let this go where it will.

Otherwise I think I will wind up insane.


The dreamers are willing to take risks.

They follow and listen to their heart.

One thing is for certain, my angel.

I shall love you from the ending to the start.






I need you to hold my hand, my darling.

I need to be held by you in your arms.

I admit that I am completely smitten by you;

Your laughter, your depth, and your charms.


There is not a day that goes by that I do not

send you buckets and bushels of love.

In dreams at night we dance on the moon.

Our love is celebrated by the angels of love.


I need to experience an all encompassing passion.

I ache to sail on the wings of love on the seven seas.

Across the strands of time we meet in the fields of infinity.

The gods and goddesses hear our love songs and pleas.


I will walk beyond the threshold of limitations to get to you.

I will climb the highest mountain past the darkest night.

For nothing is destined to keep you away from me.

You are my shining star, my love, and my delight!




You are my precious soul flame.

It can be no other way.

The gods have decreed that we are one.

No matter what mortals do or say.


There are timeless joys awaiting us.

You are so much more than a person to me.

You are an angel come from Heaven above

to love and be loved by me for all eternity.


When I look into your eyes I become the poetry

that your sweet spirit sings to my soul.

In dreams we explore many distant realms.

It is time for our hearts to heal and become whole.


Thinking of you makes my spirit soar.

It is time for us both to take a chance.

In fields of dreams let us sing and dance

as we imbibe the nectar of romance.






Speaking to you today was one more step

for Love to come to fruition with delight.

Poetry sings to my soul when I talk to you.

In my mind you are never far from my sight.


The warmth of your smile touches my soul.

I am filled with inner tranquility and bliss.

Love is going to sweep us off our feet,

when we partake of ecstasy's joyous kiss.


With your caring, love and devotion

there is no storm that I cannot weather.

I feel that our hearts shall soon beat as one.

Are we not destined to eternally be together? 


I consult the sacred oracle about us.

She winks and gives me a mischievous grin.

"It is not by chance that you have met," she says.

In time it is your fate to be together again.






I greet the new dawn thinking about you.

I see your lovely face in the morning sun.

I feel the kiss of your breath upon my neck.

Our love affair has only just begun.


The sad and lonely memories from our pasts

have at last surrendered to eternal sleep.

It is the future that joyously embraces us.

Promising us undying love in our hearts to keep.


I intend to spend a tranquil evening in relaxation.

We shall meet in a beautiful valley in dreams tonight

Holding hands while we share our hopes and thoughts.

We shall embrace beneath the star filled sky so bright.


I give thanks to the angels for bringing you to me.

I shall love thee, my sweet one, forever and a day.

The radiance of your smile fills my heart with a song.

Destiny seals our love with a kiss without delay.










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