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A Valentine Offering To You

Updated on February 13, 2010


The Awe Of The Song

The awe of the song

that you sing to me.

I want to hold your soft hands

while we kiss tenderly.


I will write a thousand songs

if that is what it takes

to convince you I still love you.

To heal your heart that I did break.


Everyone deserves to be loved.
We all need a second chance.

Let us sail on winds of time.

Let us partake of joy and romance.

There is so much I have to tell you.

My golden angel, my shiny jewel.

With all my heart I now promise

to be your knight, your lover , your fool.


Belle and Beau


Will you be my princess?

Can you be my Belle and I your Beau?

I will pick you fresh flowers everyday.

You are the Rose of Sharon of my soul.


There was so much I could not tell you

while we took our leisurely strolls.

But now I know that you are

the pure reflection of my soul.


The days are long without you.

Some nights I feel sad and alone.

But when I think of you, I smile.

Our love is sacred; it is our own.


I will be your Troubadour, my darling.

If you will hold me close to your heart.

You are my sunshine, my kiss of dawn.

Time nor space can keep Belle and Beau apart.



My Delight


Please weave me a Love Spell

that is sweet, undiluted and pure.

You mean the world to me.

Of that I am so very sure.


Now that Time separates us

you are in my thoughts every day.

Not a day goes by that I do not

blow a thousand kisses your way.


Thanks to you my life was enriched

in ways that I never really knew.

But I have since come to realize that

you are my dream yet to come true.


The angels enfold us in their golden glow.

The moon and stars fill us with light.

You are my heart song, my angel.

My daily sunshine and my delight!



You Are Love


You are Love.

I am Light.

I am the Day.

You are the Night.


Your sparkling eyes

melt my fears.

My soul is cleansed

by your tears.


Gleeful laughter

fills our heart.

In oneness we merge

with love and art.


I am your groom.

You are my bride.

From one another

nothing we hide.


To Me Once More


Speak to me.

Touch my heart.

Nothing can ever

keep us apart.


Art and Love

will heal our souls.

Side by side we

achieve our goals.


Dawn’s glorious kiss

greets each new morn.

She heals our hearts

shattered and torn.


Reach out for me.

To the sky we soar.

Destiny has brought

you to me once more


You Are Me And I am You!


You shimmer in the sunlight.

You dance with passion and grace.

I lose myself in your eyes

when I behold your radiant face.

We come from starry distant realms.

We carry ancient secrets in our souls.

We step inside a magical mirror.

The love in our hearts overflows.


We reach our arms upward.

We are encased in golden light.

Angelic songs gently remind us that

you are the maiden and I the knight.


I have waited my entire life

to find you, my angel so true.

Our love transcends our mortality.

In the mirror you are me and I am You!


Dreams Really Do Come True


We walk in verdant meadows.

On soft sweet grass do we lie.

Hand in hand, in joyous awe

we behold pictures in the sky.


The clouds and moon wink at us.

The stars smile upon us and grin.

I will come for you, my sweet one.
I just cannot yet tell you when.


The world of dreams where we meet

is much more real than you might think.

Let me fill you with my sweetness.

From the Grail Cup we do drink.


Words cannot begin to capture the

love I hold in my heart for you.

But I promise you, my darling

that dreams really do come true.


What Is Truly Real


On the other side we

ride on moonbeams

We glide on comets and

swim in sparkling streams.


Far past this world

our spirits do soar.

Let us walk together

through the golden door.


There the Wish granter

can give us anything.

A mystical painting for you.

A song for me to sing.


Words are so insufficient

to express what I feel.

On the other side

we see what is truly real.



Joyous Tears


Your caring is so deep.

You are so full of love.

That means the world to me.

I give thanks to the angels above.


On wings we take sacred flight

when Sorrow bombards our soul.
When I hear your sweet words

my heart sings and overflows.


I know that we have loved

since before the birth of stars.

No one or nothing can separate us.

For us there is no near or far.


Please remember these words

when you have doubts and fear.

Our Destiny was set in motion eons ago.

Let us offer gratitude with joyous tears.









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