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Angelic Visitation Number Two

Updated on December 5, 2009

I have come to believe that our beloved Creator, Great Spirit/All That Is/God has many messengers and some of them are angels. We’ve all read or heard stories of angelic visitations and been inspired by them. Have you ever wondered if angels can and do make contact with people in the modern era of the 21st century? Have you had any personal angelic experiences or known anybody who has?

So I am not surprised that an angel visited me in the back yard when I was thirteen years old? Well, I certainly was when it happened. And then to have a second angelic visitation by another angel two years later. That may seem incredulous but it happened. Looking back over the years I know that it was all part of my life plan. Now I would like to share the story of that second magical life changing angelic visitation when I was fifteen years old.

The year was nineteen seventy-three and it was during the summer season when the angel came to me. I was at my third foster home in Big Clifty, KY which is a small town about twenty miles south of Elizabethtown. I was a freshman at ClarksonHigh School. On Saturdays when the weather permitted I'd roam the fields behind the house. When it was warm enough I'd find a nice soft spot with thick grass and lie down and stare at the sky and clouds. One day I started moving my arms like we do when we make snow angels. I have always been drawn to angels and have acquired quite a collection of angel pictures, and figurines over the years. I closed my eyes and drifted into a reverie. A few minutes later I woke up and jerked, startled by some kind of flapping noise. I thought that some buzzard or bird had landed next to me. I rubbed my eyes several times then looked a few feet in front of me. Standing there, encased in a golden glow was a very beautiful woman. My heart started racing and my knees began to shake. I gulped and when I tried to speak I found that all that came out was a tiny whimper.

The golden glow slowly dimmed until it was gone but there was still a radiance about her. She was kind of petite and her eyes were the most beautiful blue I had ever seen. They seemed to be a hue I had never seen before. Her hair was long and golden and she wore a violet robe and a tiara of what looked to be sparkling diamonds rested on her head. I just sat there on the ground staring at her for several minutes. All I could do was marvel in her beauty and presence. Finally in a shaky voice I managed to say am I dreaming?"

She nodded her head and although she did not speak, I could somehow read her lips. She had whispered the word no.

Then I stammered are you an angel?"

Her head moved up and down slightly and she softly said "Yes, Michael, I am. I know that you have been having a hard time so I was sent to pay you a visit. You are a very deep, spiritual and open-minded person and soul, Michael, which makes it easier for an occurrence such as this to take place. You have always loved and believed in angels and secretly in your heart you have been asking to see one. Or another one shall I say. I know and am aware of the angel who visited you two years ago. She and I are very close. We are somewhat like sisters to put it in terms that you can understand although we were not given birth like humans are. Before I share the messages with you that I have I want to listen to you. Tell me what has been going on."

I was so moved and touched by her smile and compassionate gentle nature that I almost cried. First, when you go back to Heaven could you please give the sweet angel who came to me two years ago my greetings?

"I shall be very happy to do that for you."

"I have thought about her off and on since the visit. I am embarrassed to admit it but there were times when I tried to forget about her and deny that she even came to me in the back yard at the house that day. To think about her made me want to see her again. I missed her terribly and wanted to go where she is. It became so difficult at times that the only way I could deal with it, and not feeling I had anybody I could talk to about her, that I just tried to block her out of my mind. But I could really never forget her. To behold such a beautiful creation of God, and to be blessed with messages from her is something I am eternally grateful for. I can never forget her. No matter how hard I try. I know that in my heart."

"I understand and one of your rewards, if you accomplish everything you set out to do in this life, is that you will see her again. This should motivate you and give you something to look forward to."

"I know. She gave me so much hope when she said I would get away from our horrible home life and she said I'd go to college and help many people. Sometimes her prophecy is all that keeps me going and from giving into despair. I am very happy to be away from my mean and cruel father. But I have learned that getting away from him did not keep my problems away. They go with us wherever we are and we have to deal with them and try to somehow heal and work them out. It's also very hard having to start over. This is my third foster home. I just have so many emotional problems. Sometimes I find it difficult to be on the earth at all. Sometimes I don't even feel like I belong on the earth and I have suicide fantasies. I came close to jumping out of a two story window at my first foster home. I think my other two foster families sensed how troubled I am. They felt hopeless, like they couldn't do anything to help me. I guess I did stay in my room too much and hide behind a shell. I fight the depression but sometimes it just takes over and seems to choke the very life out of me. I guess my foster families concluded that I was one screwed up troubled boy and decided to send me on my way so they could find some child they could help. I have been working so hard to make things work out here with the Rainy's.

"I try so hard to fit in and belong. My foster brother Rick and I are the same age. He seems so together and happy. Everyone at school and church like him. He really is my hero. He and his younger brother Greg are really into sports. I play basketball, football, and baseball even though I am not very good at any of them. Rick tries to coach and help me. I buy baseball cards and memorize the baseball players of the Cincinnati Reds because that is Rick's favorite ball team. When my foster mother bought me a ball glove for my fifteenth birthday I wrote on it Dennis Rainy instead of Dennis DeWitt because that was their last name. (This was eleven years before I legally changed my name from Michael Dennis DeWitt to simply Michael Dennis and I decided to go by Michael instead of Dennis which everybody knew me as.)

I'd imagine myself as Dennis Rainy and I'd feel good for awhile. But it never lasted. When the cousins and relatives would come around I always felt awkward and out of place. Oh, they tried to include me with activities and I tried hard to join them, but I always felt strongly and knew that I could never be a Dennis Rainy or a Dennis anybody else. I felt like the misfit, Hermie, the elf, in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I would never fit it.

She looked at me intently, her eyes full of love and compassion. I even thought I saw a tear spill down her cheek. "Michael, you have had such a hard way to go and I am so sorry for that. Part of the reason for feeling out of place and like a misfit is that you are more of an artist at heart instead of an athlete, and yes, part of it is from living with people and families you have never known before. If you recall you used to write poetry and songs. You much preferred doing that to playing ball. You kept it to yourself because your father used to make fun of you for loving to read books. He'd call you a sissy and say you needed to play sports with other boys instead of keeping your nose stuck in a book all of the time. That hurt you very deeply and made you afraid of sharing your poems and songs because you didn't want to risk ridicule and being made fun of again."

"It was like I kind of lead a double life or even a triple life. I go to school and keep up with my class work and make good grades. I play sports with Rick, Greg and some of their cousins and friends. Then there is the spiritual and religious aspect of living with the Rainy's. My foster mother, Margie, is very religious. We go to church every Sunday and she can get real emotional in her testimonials. Sometimes she cries, shouts, carries on, and almost appears hysterical in expressing her jubilation and love for her savior, Jesus Christ, as she puts it. I am not really offended. To each their own has always been my motto. I derive some comfort from the church services but something is missing. I can never talk to anyone about some of the, how shall I say, more personal and spiritual experiences I have had. They would not have believe me and they might even accuse me of witchcraft or something if I talk about visions I have had or psychic impressions, precognition, precognitive dreams and such things. I know I could never mention that one experience in church back home a couple of years ago."

"Yes, I see why you feel the need to keep quiet. You even blocked a lot of things and shoved the memories in your subconscious mind. I can see why you feel so alone. There is another reason for the deep loneliness that you feel and it has nothing to do with being in foster homes. There is also another reason why you have always felt like a misfit."

I looked up at her in surprise. "Really. What do you mean?"

"Michael, I know about that experience you had in church a couple of years ago. You have even tried to convince yourself that it never happened. You know in your heart and soul that it did. That special woman gave you some wonderful messages. She also told you that you will see some 'sky people' in the future and these visits will change your life and give you some much needed direction."

"Sky people," I repeated. "That rings a bell and sounds familiar. Yes, I recall. An unusual woman named Pansy Parker told me one day at church that I would meet some sky people. I have wondered for years if she might have been an earth angel. Is such possible I would ask and then other times I would try to deny that anything happened."

"Not only is it possible it happens far more frequently than you might imagine. Certain evolved souls are capable of taking on angelic or human form when it enables them to accomplish a certain task and mission."

I so much wanted to ask her if she were Pansy Parker, but something kept me from it, and to my disappointment, she did not offer the information. I may never have the answer to that question and perhaps I am not meant to.

We were quiet a few moments then she continued. "Michael, the special lady was correct in telling you that you would meet some sky people in the future, but she left something out because you were not yet ready to hear it. There are many beings who are well aware of a deep aching loneliness that has been haunting you for a very long time. You have always been a star gazer and you are always wistful and lonely when you look at the stars. This is because your soul knows what is really going on. I am here to inform you that part of your loneliness is because you are a sky person, yes a star child. Your origins are far away on distant realms. You have spent many life times on those distant realms and parts of your soul essence still dwells in those places. You visit many of them in dream time and on spirit journeys but forget the visits when you awake. This is one reason why your deep dark depressions are worse in the mornings and mornings are always the hardest time of the day for you. It also explains how you sometimes use sleep to get away from your painful, boring, mundane life. You are literally ‘getting away’ as your soul takes flight to many places.

"No one is really ever alone. There are many angels and helpers you can call upon. There are many beings from other dimensions who will pay you a visit. You will write of your visits and journeys and one day they will form part of the base for spiritual books that will help a lot of people who also feel this deep loneliness that you suffer from. You must learn not to run from your deeper spiritual experiences, but to embrace and accept them. You are a very old soul and you have much to offer the world. You also have a lot of healing to undergo. I promise you that although it may not seem or feel like it, your problems are going to make you stronger. They are not going to break you. You will be a much more powerful healer and counselor due to all that you have endured and will continue to go through. You are going to heal and you are going to know a love and joy that few people ever do. For every tear that you shed and every song of sorrow and sadness that you play on your little record player, you will sing, play, and even write songs of joy. You will perform before groups and people will be moved by your beautiful voice and the passion that comes out in your performing."

I smiled. "Yes, I do love to sing."

"You have a glorious future ahead of you."

"I have always sensed I am here for a special purpose; to somehow help people. And then I just tell myself I am in la la fantasy land self indulging in wishful thinking. I can't even get my life together. How can I help anybody else?"

"You will. This I promise and assure you, Michael. I have seen it. It is your destiny. I know you are having a hard time but you have to take my words on faith and believe me. Think of these words when the despair and suicide thoughts enter your mind.

"Your sky friends and the beings you will encounter are your friends. They love and care for you. They can help you not to feel so alone and a misfit. And there are so many of them waiting to pay you a visit when the time is right. For now take one day at a time. Perform your earth duties and deal with the people in your life. Make time for recreation and please make time for your writing. Writing is a strong skill that you possess from many lifetimes where you have written books, poems and even opera. I encourage you to write more in your journals. This will give you practice to hone and refine your skills which you will need in the years ahead."

"I find that very interesting because I was compelled to take up typing when I was in the eighth grade. It's like part of me knew that I would be doing more writing."

"That is true. And along with making time for your studies, and your writing, always continue to star gaze and spend time alone in nature. You just never know what new friends may show up. I must take my leave now. Do not forget me nor the words that I have spoken to you today. I suggest that you go back to your room and take some notes while our visit is still fresh in your mind. It will give you comfort in the days ahead."

"Can I ask you your name?"

"I have many names but for you I shall be Morielle. Goodbye, Michael. You are a very special soul. Everybody is, but there is a tenderness and innocence about you that endears many to you and will continue to do so all of your life. I am happy to tell you that not only are you going to meet some fascinating beings and sky friends, you are going to meet some wonderful spiritual seekers from all walks of life. You will teach them things and they will teach you things and help you get established in your work and mission. Do not try to force any encounters. Just follow your intuition and inner guidance and know that you will meet them when the time is right."

Morielle stepped closer. I could have sworn that her feet were several inches off the ground. She gently touched my face with her left hand. The golden glow suddenly returned and warmth emanated from her hand. It felt like tiny electrical impulses were surging through my entire body. I almost fell backwards the energy was so intense. Every cell and the very fiber of my being tingled. It was such an ecstatic sensation that it was a struggle not to cry. It felt like my body was rising in the air. I wanted to go with Morielle. To leave this earth and never come back. I know that she read my thoughts because as I was thinking that she nodded her head and whispered "No. It is not time. One day you can come and be with me and the other angels, but that is not for quite some time." Then she disappeared.

I kept that experience a secret many years. I thought about Morielle from time to time, but never have I relived her visit with such vivid recall as when I decided to share this angelic visitation and put it in this book. And when I feel the despair and depression coming on, I read my notes and I pray, knowing that it will pass. I remind myself of my duties and responsibilities on the earth and my mission and soul contracts to be of service to humanity. This, and the promise of my rewards when I complete my duties, keeps me going.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Beautiful story. I did come across a reputable resource on angels and angel numbers here:

    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      9 years ago

      Yes, indeed there are angels all over the place watching over and guiding us. I give thanks daily.

    • Amanda Severn profile image

      Amanda Severn 

      9 years ago from UK

      Me, too. Thanks for sharing.

    • Tom Rubenoff profile image

      Tom rubenoff 

      9 years ago from United States

      There are actually angels all over the place, I firmly believe. Thanks, Mike


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