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A Visit To A Parallel World

Updated on October 6, 2009


I thought about the last verse of “Individuality” for a long time. The words "maybe one day they will awaken to their own individuality Look in the mirror with pride and be glad at who they see.” So I went to the mirror and looked at myself. Then I heard the question “Just who is this ‘self’ that I am looking at. Then I recalled another writing where I said, “I am a part of all that is; all that has been and all to be born.” This felt rather comforting as my spiritual and metaphysical belief system support the belief that we are all part of each other; that all life is interconnected and intertwined.

This theme was repeated continuously in the many spiritual and metaphysical books that I possess. I concluded that since I am related to all of life, then all of life and creation must be related and a part of me. I began to perceive everything as an extension of me, rather than as being separate. I did not believe this meant that my ‘personal individuality’ dissolved into some collective all-encompassing bubble of oneness devoid of personal identity. On the contrary I could still feel my personality and knew that I had my own tastes, interests, abilities, skills, weaknesses and other traits inherent to the human condition. I discovered that it was during this time that I began having some unusual visitors in dream time and outside dream time during the daytime.

Sometimes dream time and awake time overlapped. And what interested me the most that each visitor had some very interesting knowledge to share with me, and their company reassured me that none of us are ever alone. I now believe that I reached out and called out to these other world beings. I did this unconsciously and that is why I could never predict when a visitor would show up. This again reminded me of how active the subconscious mind always is and it reminded me that the more contact I made with my subconscious mind (or even the super conscious mind because when I would do public channelings I would access some rather convoluted metaphysical information on a variety of topics) the less lonely I felt, and the more I did feel that I was a part of the all knowing that is available, and that I could directly access it. I believe that everyone has this ability.

I remember how I began to channel what I believed to be angels, ascended masters, assorted earth renowned personalities, spirit guides, fairies, and other beings. I would simply sit with my eyes close, enter a trance and the channelings would pour forth. My voice often changed and I could go on for an hour or two easily. People told me that the channelings were informative, uplifting, provocative as well as entertaining. I took that as a compliment and I always made tapes to listen to later because while in trance I don’t recall much of what information comes through.

I treasure each of the public channelings and will always do them from time to time. As time passed, other things began to happen to me and my perceptions and outlook on life began to stretch and expand even more. I discovered that at other times friendly other worldly beings would appear out of nowhere, often in the middle of the day. Such happened one day when the tree spirit of the oak, Elora, paid me a visit. I had been having a bout of depression because no publishers were accepting the stories and novel I had written. I was beginning to think I would never break in the market and feeling tempted to just give up on my writing dream altogether. Yet, I also know that when I don’t write I am even more depressed. What to do? Well, every aspiring writer has no doubt dealt with similar feelings and circumstances.

A couple of days later I was so down that I went to bed at 7 p.m. I was staring out into space when I heard a voice whisper in my ear, “Don’t be sad, Michael. I have come to cheer you. Maybe it will ease my own loneliness. I think we can help each other.”

Who was that? I said, looking around. “Who are you and what do you want? There was no answer. “Don’t be sad, Michael,” I heard again; the voice speaking so softly that I could barely make it out. It was definitely a female voice and there was a gentle sweetness in her tone that made me smile. I wanted desperately to believe she was real. Yet some part of me believed that it was my loneliness causing it and I didn’t know how much more I could take.

I adjusted myself on my bed and propped against the bed board. Dancing shadows flickered through the window. Another breezy night, I thought, looking out at the full moon. “One of these nights that oak tree is going to reach one of her branches right into my room and shake my hand. Then what will I do? Visit the local mental ward and tell them my loneliness is causing oak trees to talk with me. What makes me think the oak tree is female?”

The voice whispered again. “Because you prefer the company of females. I have been lonely ever since I died two years ago as you have been since your grand-mother died.”

“How do you know about my grand-mother?” I blurted out.

“You tell me in dreams, silly boy. You tell me many things.”

“How would I know what I dream about? I sleep like a log and can never recall anything.”

“Not true. You recall me, don’t you?”
“Yes,” I said, looking around my room, half expecting the girl to appear. There was silence several moments except for the sound of the wind and the oak tree’s branches tapping against the window. “I do remember you. You are Elora, the spirit of the oak or at least that is who you tell me you are.”

“Yes, and I’m miserable. What I need is a magical miracle. We could both use that.”
I didn’t bother asking her to elaborate.

“Do you believe in magic and miracles?” Elora asked.

“To be honest I don’t know what I believe anymore.”

“That could get you into trouble or into some exciting adventures.”

“Before we think about going anywhere or doing anything, I’ve got to get something straight—are you saying that we are not dreaming now? How can this be?"

“Don’t ask me. Magic I suppose. What do I know? I’m just a lonely spirit who possesses limited magic. Maybe it’s because I’m a spirit now all of the time, while you are a boy in the daytime and a spirit at night.”

“What does that mean? I’m getting more confused now. How can I be dreaming? I’m awake.”
“The same way I can be awake when I dream in the daytime. I know I’m awake because the boredom and loneliness nearly drive me mad.”

“So do spirits recall their dreams better?” I stammered, searching for the right word.

“I don’t know. “I don’t even know how we’ve made contact this way. It’s not the usual order of things because you are not dreaming.”

“This is too much, Elora. It’s been hard enough of thinking of you as a dream. That I can accept but now you say you can be awake when you dream. Does this mean you are my dream? Or am I your dream? Or are we neither one’s dreams? Heaven forbid we should be someone else’s dreams? Perhaps we are both dissociating, going crazy and losing our minds!”

“Questions. Questions,” Michael. You’re worse than I am. I lost my mind a long time ago. We’re much better off without it. It only causes confusion if you ask me. But the heart is another matter. I never lost that, not even when I died. I wish I knew what I was searching for. It’s even more depressing not knowing what makes me sad. It’s like being locked in a dark room.”

“I know what you mean.” I reached out to touch her. I gasped. “Elora, you are real! I’m not dreaming anymore.” I scooted back on my bed. “How did you get trapped in the oak tree?”

“I am not trapped. I always loved trees when I was human. When I drowned in the pond my spirit came back to the tree it always loved and since no one was occupying it you could say that I was allowed to take residence there. Oh it's plenty big enough and there is lots of room. I can shift my shape and be as tiny as I want to be and I can think anything I want into existence. It's nice in there. One day I'll show it to you. This is part of the spirit magic that I have learned. Someday I will teach it to you."

“This is hard for me to take in. I mean it’s one thing to read a fantasy story or watch a movie. There anything is possible. But have you stepped out of dream time and come to my world?”
“Michael, I really don’t know what has happened to us. I sense it has something to do with perceptual shifting. Maybe the Dream Makers can help us. Therein lies our adventure. I think we are due some counsel. The Dream Makers live in a magical palace in DreamCity a long way from here.”

“Where is a long way from here and how do we get there?”

“DreamCity exists on another dimension on what you would call an alternate reality or parallel world and you get there by shifting your energy and vibration to a higher level. This is accomplished by speaking certain words. I have no spirit friends and I live alone in the tree. I’ve always been afraid to go very far alone.”

“I am your friend,” I said softly. I don’t care who you are or what you are. I like you.”

“Thank you,” Elora said shyly. Well now let’s be on our way. When I speak the words and include our names, we will be there in no time.”

I jumped out of bed. My head was spinning. Everything looked hazy and dreamy. Had it been a dream? Was it real? I shut the window tightly then looked at the moon a long time. Then my head began drooping and I crawled back into bed. I saw an image of Elora’s beautiful long golden hair, and sparkling sky blue eyes and there was a radiance about her. I kind of hoped that I was only dreaming but I somehow knew that I was not. This was a lot to take in, but I had to admit that for the time being I was not feeling alone anymore. I decided to just go with it and see what would happen. Elora nodded at me and gave me a lovely smile. I think she had read my mind. She looked at me then slowly began speaking the following words:

“We implore the Dream Makers, respectfully!

Dream Makers for all eternity.

Michael and Elora call out to you.

Please open your portal and bring us through.”

There was a sudden gushing wind. Elora reached for my hand. Then it felt like we were spinning in the air. A few minutes later two tall white gates suddenly swung open before us. A beautiful woman with fiery red hair and star like eyes welcomed us. She led us inside a magnificent palace. Her form was like a collage of twinkling stars. “What has happened?” I asked. “Have we been bewitched?”

“Not at all,” the lady replied gently, smiling. “Most people’s soul vision is very dim. There is so much to see and experience and everyone has this innate ability as it is a gift from Creator to us all. Few develop it, but more are beginning to do so. You are among these valiant daring souls. You are wanting to see more of all that is and what can be. This will help you to understand and get a glimpse of who you really are in your 'fullness' and it will allow you to better enjoy life. You are so much more than what you see when you look into a mirror,” she said, looking at me. Increasing your soul vision will also alleviate your loneliness. I am called Jelana. I am one of the Dream Makers. How can I be of service to you?”

“Due to my untimely death and Michael’s loss of his grandmother, we have become confused,” said Elora. “Our loneliness somehow brought us together. At first we only communicated at night in Michael’s dreams. But something has changed. There is more taking place. Michael thinks he is losing his mind and I have already lost mine and tried to explain to him that it’s really not such a bad thing.”

“Elora has started coming to me sometimes before I fall asleep. I think I may have even reached out and touched her. This is frightening to me. Am I becoming a spirit? Is my mind disentangling itself from my body?”

“Could I be becoming more corporeal?” Elora asked the Dream Maker. “It’s getting more and more difficult for me to appear and disappear at will. And lately it seems that I’ve become solid or semi-solid. I fear I will become human again. I am content being a spirit in the oak tree. Humans for the most part do not appeal to me. They have lost the magic that they possessed in ages past. Now they are so mundane, selfish and materialistic. How boring! I should not wish to go back and be among them.”

I looked at Elora. She had never said that before.

Jelana looked at us both lovingly, her eyes full of concern and compassion. “Elora, to believe that being human deprives you of magic and power is a misunderstanding. It is totally untrue. Now how about you, young mortal, are you acquiring magical powers?” she asked me.

“I never admitted it to myself or to Elora but I think that I am if that is what you call some of my experiences. I believe I actually disappeared from my room last week. I didn’t tell anyone, not even Elora. It was a moment when the loneliness seemed unbearable. I remember thinking, I want to go where my grandmother is. I repeated this over and over. The next thing I knew I was walking in a beautiful rose garden and saw her smelling a rose. Roses were her favorite flowers. When I tried to speak to her, she placed a finger to her lips and motioned for me to remain silent. I said a few more words which I cannot recall then returned to my room. I had the feeling that the talking brought me back but I was too frightened and I talked because of fear and anxiety. Was that only a dream?”

“Only a dream,” said Jelana softly. “Come with me. I want to show you something.” She led us down several corridors. She began to sing softly:

“Receive these Dream Makers, O Dream Makers inside.

Help them see wonderful vistas far and wide.”

We floated right through a door. Bubbles of colored lights danced about. One of them landed on Elora’s cheek. She noticed two eyes looking at her. The bubble welcomed her. “See you again soon, young Dream Maker,” the bubble said, and then floated away.

“Are we dead?” I asked. “Is this what the afterlife is like?”
“This is what life is like,” said Jelana. “There is no before or after life. That is all a dream or illusion. Inside this chamber are the Dream Makers, including yourselves. Look around awhile and enjoy yourselves.

I felt fear grip me and wanted to run away. I wanted to return to my room but something would not let me. I was about to call Jelana when a bright blue bubble descended slowly from the ceiling. It slowly made its way towards me. “I’m scared, Elora, how can we get out of here?”
She tapped me gently on the shoulder. “There is no reason to leave this place, Michael. Not yet. Can’t you feel the love?” she said smiling at the flame which now faced me. “And the loneliness is gone. At least mine is. I don’t want to leave. Be brave. Let’s see what happens. I trust Jelana and you should too.”

“Okay, but this is scary. It is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before, not even in dreams.”

The bubble moved closer to me, emanating a scent I instantly recognized. “Grandma,” I whispered, can it really be you?”

The bubble transformed into the form of my grandmother. She hugged me tightly and spilled tears onto my face with her kisses. “I’ve waited so long for this day so long. I’ve been telling you in your dreams that I am still with you, but your doubting blocked me.”

“I remember some of those dreams, but I thought they were only dreams.”

“They were. Everything here is only a dream and everything out there as well. You dream it all. We all do. There are so many kinds of dreams and you are beginning to experience some of them. You have dreamed your loneliness, and Elora has dreamed hers. I dreamed my death, and you two dreamed each other into your lives. In this place we learn that everyone is a Dream Maker. Most people have just forgotten it. Here we learn that we can dream any magic into being. Magic is actually the best dreaming there is. With their dream magic, Dream Makers can create any experience or form they want. We can be bubbles, flames, butterflies, anything. But do not misunderstand. This palace is not the only place where Dream Makers learn to remember who they are. The true palace of magic is inside us. I remember how your eyes lit up so brightly when I would tell you that the secret dwelling place of happiness and magic was in the heart. You’d beg me to tell your some more stories, which I was always delighted to do. What I didn’t realize is that I was dreaming them. The stories were not fantasy; they were real.”

“So is this only a dream?”

“Yes, you could say it is a type of dream, but you are not sleeping so it is not a sleeping dream, my little Michael. There is so much about different types of dreaming that people do not understand. It was a type of dream that brought me to you in that rose garden last week, and your loneliness led you to discover the secret within yourself. It also brought you and Elora together. You need never feel lonely again, my dears. When you do it is time to create and experience a different dream. Here we learn and teach people how to do that, and we teach those outside this palace; at least those who are receptive to us. There is no need to feel sad or lonely. Dream magic, as you have discovered, works any time, anywhere and in any place. I hope you do not feel sad or lonely now.”

“No, I do not. I’ll try not to block you anymore in my dreams.”

“Life is going to be more fun from now on. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me, Michael, and not just at night. Believe in magic and dreams, and remember that dreams don’t just come true. They are true to begin with. You can create anything if you believe strongly enough. Nowadays I think people are calling it positive thinking and working with the universal law of attraction. It's all the same. Thoughts are things and that which you focus your intention on eventually comes true depending upon how much energy you give it. Your loneliness and missing me have caused you to pour forth an enormous amount of intention and energy. That is what has allowed you to connect with Elora outside dream time and what has allowed you to come here. Believe in your dreams and dare to dream them for they can and do come true. Never forget this, my dears. Well that is my little positive thinking speech for today. It is time to leave now. Feel free to come back anytime.” My grandmother became a bubble once more and disappeared. Elora and I stood awestruck, holding hands for several minutes.

“I always knew such to be true when I was human,” Elora said. “I knew there was so much more to dreams and life. There is so much more lost knowledge available to those who would access it,” she said, pointing to her head. “I mean the inner self or soul. It has all the knowing. I should have explored that more but I did not. And the few times that I would make some comments based on some experiences I had, I just let other people tell me such thinking was crazy and I shut it out. No wonder I was a miserable unhappy human girl.”
Jelana appeared in front of us. “Everyone creates their dreams,” she said. “Many wish to see very little. They will pay us a visit here in DreamCity when they are ready. I hope this has been a joyous experience for you. I will now escort you to the Chamber of Return.”

“If it is okay, I’d like to use some dream magic,” said Elora.

“How wonderful,” said Jelana gleefully. “So few learn this fast. All it takes is total belief and anything is possible.” We hugged Jelana and waved goodbye. Elora spoke some words and within moments we were back in my room. I looked at Elora and chuckled.

“That was some adventure, Michael. Are you still feeling lonely?”

“No. How about you?”

“Nope, but I am a little tired. If it’s okay with you I will take a rain check on a dream visit tonight. You have new friends eager to meet you there. I think henceforth I’ll just pop in the daytime if you don’t mind and if that means we are daydreaming it will be far more interesting than having our mind just babble and ramble on in a half-sleep state.”

“Nobody would believe this story, Elora.”

“They don’t have to. Let it be our little secret.” See you soon.” She gave me a kiss then disappeared.

I did keep the story secret for a long time. Part of me thought I had made it all up or at best, dreamt it but the more I read and learned about parallel realms, worlds, and universes the more my heart began to tell me that those experiences were authentic and real. I had not fabricated or imagined them. I then started recalling some of my own personal experiences and the more eager and compelled I was to share them. I no longer felt like I was going crazy. I gave gratitude to my guides and angels and informed them that I looked forward to other adventures and friendly visitors. They were not to disappoint me.


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