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A Daily Life of a Substitute Teacher That You Don't Know About

Updated on September 18, 2018

In August, every student went back to school. Teachers have to get up earlier in the morning, get their day ready, and the teach their students. For a substitute teacher, getting up early each morning can be a difficult task.

Since I am a substitute teacher, I will write down what happens during the day. I am not an expert. I have been a Substitute Teacher for about two years. I don't know everything and most of the time, I work for elementary schools. This is a learning process for me, but I have a lot of experience so, let's get started at school.

A helpful video for Substitute Teachers. I did not make it.

Before the day starts
Sometimes you need to prepare for teaching. I set my alarm and put together an outfit that is appropriate for school. No shorts, jeans, or flip-flops here! Also, if I have to work the whole day instead of a half day, I have to pack a lunch. A half day is when I work only in the morning or in the afternoon. The whole day well, you get the picture. Lastly, what I pack something that its quick and easy to make.

6 am

My alarm goes off at 6 am. I get up, do my normal routine, and get some breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast really starts the day right. Finally, getting on a great Substitute Teacher outfit and ready for work gets me out the door. Just make sure you brush your hair, put on makeup, and brush your teeth before you get to work. It's better to take your time a little bit than to rush everything. If it takes a bit longer for you, wake up earlier.

6:50 am

I leave my home and head to work. If I am a little fuzzy on the details, I use my GPS to get to school on time. I usually get there around 7:45 am.

7:45ish am

I find the school, grab my things, and walk towards the building. I press the intercom and a voice said, "Hello, how can I help you?" I state my name and why I am there. Once they let me in, I go to the office, get my badge (maybe other things like a Substitute Teacher's folder), and I am directed to the classroom.

After finding the classroom, I find the teacher's plans on the desk. Usually, it's on the desk. Sometimes it might be somewhere else or in the office. Very rarely, I couldn't find the teachers plan, so I would get another teacher to help or ask the office.

During this time, I would take advantage of using the bathroom as much as you can. Going to use the bathroom in your free time and going over the plans are very helpful.

What a way to enjoy the day with some apples and some textbooks. Not what Substitute Teaching is about, but okay.
What a way to enjoy the day with some apples and some textbooks. Not what Substitute Teaching is about, but okay. | Source

8:40 - 8:50 AM

The students enter the classroom. I try to figure out who is in the classroom and who is absent. Also, the lunch count is important. After all that and say the pledge of allegiance, I start the class by introducing myself.

"Hi, my name is Ms. Boyer. You could call me Ms. B if you like. I am your substitute teacher for today."

I usually modify my greeting depending on the grade level and the teacher's instructions, I might go over the rules and/or tell them what we are doing today. Sometimes I get,

"Where is the teacher at?"

I tell them that the teacher is sick today or some other excuse. We start the morning with what the teacher wanted us to do. Your behavior towards the student is firm at first then gradually be nice to them. I think it's more of a mixture of both. You have to be firm, but if they are nice group be nice to them. It's like that old saying of being gentle yet firm. I would also learn the reward system. If the teacher has a good reward system, use it. If I have a different reward system that they are not used to, they might not get used to your method. If any other methods don't work, as a last resort, send them to the principal's office.

Lunch Time

This is where we line up the students and take them to lunch. Then, I eat my lunch. If I have recess duty, I would have to go after lunch time. If not, relax a little bit and go over the lesson plans.

The afternoon

Same thing as in the morning except they go to specials. It might be in the morning or the afternoon. After that, I pick them up and continue the teacher's lesson plans.

3:45 PM dismissal

Depending on the lesson plans and the school, they would pack up and leave. Most of the time, they leave when their buses get called. They might work, play games, or go on their computers or iPads (this depends on the teacher's instructions). I reminded them to clean up and put their chairs up. I leave a note for a teacher, close the door, drop the badge off to the office, and leave.

LUNCH TIME!!! I need to bring my sandwich. Where's my sandwich?
LUNCH TIME!!! I need to bring my sandwich. Where's my sandwich? | Source

Quick Note

Don't assume that this is easy - it's not. Sometimes things might change around. There will be times when the students might not be a good class. You just got to keep going until the end of it.

So, what did you think about this article? Did I miss anything important? Leave a comment down below.


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