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A Day in the Life of a Sixth Form Student

Updated on October 15, 2017



Maths, Further Maths, Physics, Computer Science

6:00 am

I always set my alarm at six o'clock, but in winter, it's would still be pitch black outside and I just get demotivated and so most of the time I just press snooze. Therefore, I normally get up at 6:10 am.
Then I get dressed, pack my bag. I always take a long time getting ready and so I have to rush through breakfast. Honestly, I have thought about getting my bag packed the night before, but when reality hits, I realised that I am super lazy and ended up telling myself that I'll pack my bag tomorrow morning. All the preparation in the morning will take about an hour.

7:05 am

I leave my house at 7:05 am for the train station to catch the 7:25 am train. Even though I can get from my house to the station in 10 minutes, I always get there a few minutes earlier just to be safe or else I would be late for school. I'm really looking forward to the end of Summer Time because right now I have to leave my house when the sky is still semi-dark, which is not exactly pleasant and it would be worse if it's raining as well.

I have to spend about an hour on the train, but thank god my stop is where the train departs so I'll always get a decent seat. Everyday I promise myself that I'll study on the train, yet I haven't done it once! I might occasionally look over my notes, but really I'm just listening to music and starring through the window. I must admit that the scenery along the train route is super pretty and once I even stumbled across a field of stag!

8:20 am

If I'm lucky and the train is tightly on time, I can get to the station at 8:20 am, and I will have to run across the station and try to catch the 8:23 am train to Central Station. If I have missed it somehow, I'll spend 20 minutes to walk to school only if the weather is good. If not, I will wait for roughly 22 minutes for the next train but that would mean I have less than 10 minutes to get from Central Station to my school. Even though my year group/cohort has only got 65 people, but quite a few of us catches the train, so the chances are I can always find somebody to walk to school with me.

9:00 am

This is when lesson starts from Tuesday to Friday. Monday is slightly different, as my school is a boarding school and some people has to travel a fairly long distance, so school starts at 10:45 am on Monday.

10:30 am

The first lesson is usually an hours and half and they finishes at 10:30 am. We then have a 15 minutes break or else impossible to concentrate again with some hurting brains. The next lesson would be a one hour and fifteen minute lesson, which is pretty exhausting as well but it's slightly better than the hour and half lessons.

12:00 pm

Our lunch break starts at exactly 12 o'clock. Lunch is normally an hour and half except Wednesday and Friday. On Wednesday, we have an extra long lunch which lasts for over two hours, because Wednesday is when most of the clubs and extra-curriculars are on. On Friday, we have extra short lunch break because school finishes at 14:15, so on Friday, the lunch break is only 45 minutes. During lunch, my friends and I spends a considerable amount of time doing our homework as well as discussing some of the complicated maths problems given to us in lesson. (I know, we are very nerdy)

1:30 am

This is when the lunch break finishes. Then it would be followed by a twenty-five minutes homework review lesson, which I thought was a good idea, because one, homework won't take up any lesson time and two, no one is quite in the mindset of studying right after a whole lunch break crammed with homework. The homework review lesson is the most relaxing time of the school day really because we only need around 10 minutes to mark our homework and the rest of the time we can just chat with our friends or for some study-enthusiast, it's a great time to solve some puzzles and complicated problems from lessons.

2:00 pm

Between our homework review session and the next lesson is a five minutes break. But in reality it's just some spare time for us to get from one classroom to the next. Of course, sometimes I get lucky and I don't have to move classroom so for me the break time and the left over time from review session gives me a very nice fifteen minutes break. At 2:00 pm sharp, we have our third lesson which is an hour. Compare to the hour and half lessons, those hour long lessons are such a blessing and it finishes almost in a heartbeat.

3:00 pm

From 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm is another hour and half long lesson. This lesson is where my classmates get seriously demotivated because after all, it's a fairly long day and honestly, none of us want to finish the day with a hour and half long lesson. One of my teacher however has gained the favour among the students by leaving the class early himself (yeah, it's a bit unusual but it's fun to watch!) which means the students can leave early as well. Sometimes he leaves ten minutes before the class should finish which is good for me as I don't have to rush that bad to get to the train station. But the only problem is that the only day I have this teacher for the last lesson is Thursday, the rest of the days we just finish at exactly 4:30 pm.

4:30 pm

School finishes at 4:30 pm except for Friday. And almost everyday I have less than 10 minutes to try to get to the Central Station. But before the last lesson finishes, I always check my phone sneakily to see if the the train is delayed (which is normally the case), if it's delayed I will just have to run to the other station for the train in less than 20 minutes, which is possible but for someone who's not athletic like me, it can be a real struggle. But then, like coming to school I can always find someone to walk to the station with me and somehow by walking with a friend seems faster than me running on my own! (Which is why sometimes I believe that my walking speed is faster than my running speed).

6:00 pm

This is when I get home, which is kind of late for me as I am still in my secondary school mindset. But the dinner is almost always prepared by then and I take about an hour to finish it. Sometimes I chat on Messenger with a friend from my old school who is currently attending a college after graduating secondary school, and only to realise that she has the whole of Friday off and barely every gets any homework. Then I seek comforts from my friends in my new school and by chatting to them about homework and classwork.

10:00 pm

I usually do homework from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm because my school puts a great weight upon homework. And each piece of homework is suppose to take around 2 hours, somewhere between my homework, I'll take a shower just to relax a bit. I have several different teachers for every subjects, which I believe is just a reason to give us more homework.

Afterwards, I'll just go to bed if I'm extremely tired. However, if I am still in my study mode, I'll read some books (which are usually maths and physics relate) as I find that academic books are the single best alternative sleeping pills!

© 2017 Rebecca Huo


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