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A few quick tips for Spanish Learning

Updated on September 4, 2011

When I first started taking Spanish in school, I remember the teachers making us do endless flash cards, verb lists, and other exercises to help instill into us vocabulary. I hated learning vocabulary, even though it is obviously one of the most important things in Spanish. When I started using tapes and other methods to help my Spanish learning along, I discovered quite a few tips.

English words that end in -tion can be changed to -cion in Spanish:

With some obvious exceptions, you can make a lot of English words Spanish simply by Spanish pronunciation and changing the ending to cion. Let me give you a few dozen examples.

Initiation – iniciacion (okay, so two ts change to cs but still!)

limitation – limitación

moderation - moderación

revelation - revelación

nation - nación

perception - percepción

corruption - corrupción

restriction - restricción

permutation – permutación

condensation – condensación

And the list goes on and on. Like I said, there are some exceptions. Some of the more notable ones are translation – traducción, explanation – explicación and a few of the like.

English words that end in -able can be changed to... -able in Spanish:

Again, exceptions aside, there are some words that you can, well in this instance, leave the same. Not just able but ible as well. Example time...

Disputable – disputable

cable – cable

irritable – irrittable

probable – probable

lamentable – lamentable

deplorable – deplorable

defensible – defendible (okay a little different)

English words that end in -ly can be changed to -mente in Spanish:

Like always, there are exceptions, but... examples anyone?

Completely – completamente

initially – inicialmente

principally – principalmente

eternally – eternamente

simply – simplemente

totally – totalmente

perversely – perversamente

English words that end in -ty can be changed to -dad in Spanish:

Do I even need to

Humility – humildad

ability – habilidad (just because you can't start a word with a in Spanish)

responsibility – responsibilidad

sexuality – sexualidad

elasticity – elasticidad

These are just a few tricks you can use to expand your vocabulary, or if you don't care to learn Spanish, you can say you already know a few thousand words!


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    • flagostomos profile image

      flagostomos 6 years ago from Washington, United States

      Carcro - I highly recommend it! As far as foreign languages go, Spanish is very easy.

      Maninabluesuit - Thanks for the comment. You are absolutely right. Another thing on top of that is now French and Italian words also start to sound familiar becuase those are also Romance languages. Spanish pronunciation is great because the rules never change, so you learn it once and you're done.

    • ManinaBlueSuit profile image

      ManinaBlueSuit 6 years ago from Colorado

      That's probably because English has been influenced by the Romance Languages (yes, Spanish is a Romance language). Personally I love the easy pronunciation of spanish words.

    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

      Really great tips, I would love to learn spanish one day, such a beautiful language. Thanks for sharing. When I do, I'll know who's hubs to check out! Voted Up and Useful...