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A focus on Afghanistan and U.S Interest in the Country

Updated on August 3, 2015

Afghanistan (Islamic Republic of Afghanistan) is an Islamic landlocked country that is located within central Asia and South Asia. It has approximately 31 million in population, making it the 42nd country in the world with regards to population. It borders Pakistan to the south east, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan to the north and in the far northeast, it borders China. This country is one among the world’s most impoverished nations. It is among the most war-torn, beleaguered and most ravaged of nations. It has been beset by invasions internal upheaval and external pressure since the reign of Alexander the Great. The citizens of this nation have endured much more than most of the world can ever try to imagine. For most of them in fact, all that has changed in the past thousand years are only the weapons that have been used against them.

The United States government first expressed interest in Afghanistan after 1979 when the Soviet Union aided a section of the PDPA to take over the leadership of the nation. The USA waged war on the Soviets and the PDPA and provided military training and billions of dollars’ worth of military weapons to Islamic guerillas to take out these two. This involvement had severe casualties that led to the Soviets withdrawing and the Islamic guerillas (Mujahedeen Warlords) taking charge of the country. This however only worsened the situation as more deaths and rape cases occurred during the time when the warlords occupied several cities of the country. The reign of the Mujahedeen Warlords only brought enslavement for women and deaths for many of Afghanistan’s citizens. The Current war with the United states is what made thing worse for Afghanistan with the bombing of the World Trade Centre in the US. Osama Bin Laden was accused of this and the regime of the time, Taliban was ordered to hand him over. Taliban’s refusal to abide by this order led to bombing of the country. The bombing went on until almost all the cities in the country were taken over by the US.


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