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A Focus on Nanotechnology

Updated on December 31, 2017

Nanotechnology $ Its Impact

Nanotechnology refers to the engineering of matter either on a supramolecular, molecular or atomic scale. This covers both the most advanced technology and current works. In lay terms, 'nanotechnology' relates to the capability of constructing items from the abstract by use of current tools, techniques and equipment to produce products that are high performance and complete (Rajiv; Santosh, Sugandha (2010). However, a more precise definition of this term is the re-engineering of a one-dimensional matter with the size of 1 to 100 nanometers. This is undoubtedly the new technology of this century when compared to electricity invention. By simply altering the chemical composition and physical structure of nanomaterials, new functional materials can now be easily manufactured. Many of these materials can have a positive impact towards addressing some of the adverse challenges experienced in the society. For example, Nanotechnology has facilitated new forms of energy production, led to the creation of stronger and energy efficient vehicles, improved healthcare delivered development of more efficient and effective computers, treatment and storage of water among other developments. This simply means that it has made life easier for many people in the society while also improving the social and economic aspects of the society.

Despite its immense benefits to the society, Nanotechnology also has an adverse negative impact. As reiterated by professor Kaneof Havard University, nanoparticles are highly reactive and have a possibility of causing a negative biological impact on people and the environment. The small nature of the associated particles makes them be mobile, hence can move or be moved from one place to another with ease. This smallness also makes them easy to penetrate biological matters and acting as a barrier or cause any other impact. Indeed, professor Kane has made a vivid description of Nanotechnology, its features and how it affects people and the environment. This information is important in making people understand how to handle the materials.


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