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A focus on Schizophrenia

Updated on July 6, 2017

Schizophrenia is among the severe mental illnesses which impairs the patient’s cognitive abilities. It is a chronic mental disorder that requires lifelong treatments. Major symptoms may include a combination of delusions, hallucinations, disorderly behavior and thinking and inability to conduct normal daily activities (Mayo Clinic, 2016)

According to Laursen et al (2012) the most subtle social causes of psychosis and schizophrenia are emotional experiences. In particular, studies have established that majority of schizophrenia patients come from families with high expressed emotion. High expressed emotion refers to the criticism, rejection, and anxious over-involvement that take place between parents and their children as well as other family members. However, Bland et al (2015) explains that nobody should be blamed on this since this owes to the fact that at other times, there is an inherent negative dynamic between the child and parent which leads to stress. Therefore, it becomes crucial for parents and social workers to put strategies of avoiding such situations as well as minimize them. Other social factors that facilitate the development of mental health illnesses include poor housing, poverty, unemployment, and social isolation.

The prevalence of schizophrenia for an individual poses an immense negative impact both at home and other aspects of social life. For instance, a patient with schizophrenia will tend to withdraw himself/herself from others thus interfering with his or her social life. In addition, such a person with develop inappropriate mood swings and behaviors which can make relationships difficult. When a person reports of being delusional or hearing voices, there is a high likelihood of such a person in regular family and home activities. Instead, the family will now start focusing on the schizophrenia since much effort is needed in managing the condition. Furthermore, even if the patient with schizophrenic does not develop tendencies of isolating himself/herself from others, others will decide to alienate him/her because of the symptoms and behaviors exhibited by the person (Foster et al, 2012).


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