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A full schedule of Shooting Stars 2016

Updated on December 12, 2016

. Most active stargazing falls on the last month of summer, in August, and this is the time to watch this mysterious phenomenon can be almost anywhere in the world. In fact, starbursts occur regularly, and below we have traditionally lay out the most detailed schedule of stargazing in 2016.

January 3-4 - Quadrantids Almost immediately after the new year was the first meteor shower. However, flash cars, flown to us from the constellation Bootes, the naked eye can not be - at this time the meteors fly with very low intensity. Visual observation is also complicated because of cloudy weather and the fact that the mere meteor shower lasts only about three hours.

16-25 April - Lyrids After the first stargazing wait for the next have a long time - until April. In April, the sky is traditionally Lirida pleases us, and 2016 is no exception. Starfall will be visible from 16 numbers and up to 25 April, and the peak of activity occurs on the night of 21 to 22 numbers. It is worth noting that this meteor shower is usually not too pleased with his intensity, can be observed about 15-30 meteors per hour. But the history of observations seen truly magnificent sight when the meteor rain gave up to 1800 flashes per hour. Predict Lyrids Activity scientists does not work, so this spring we can see how a small meteor shower and now historic event.
June 15-20 - Arietids peak meteors will fall on the 15th day, but outbreaks can be observed fuzzy. The peak of activity will be able to observe the inhabitants of the southern hemisphere, and the closer to 20 the number will be able to see the meteor rain, and in the Northern Hemisphere. It will last all until early July.

July 15 - August 22 - Perseids This meteor shower is distinguished not only for its length, but also the intensity. Watch it in the starry sky can anyone, especially because the sky is usually at this time of the year do not cover the clouds. However, this year, for a while Shooting Stars will close the moon, for this reason, a few days will be visible only the brightest flash.

2-16 October - Draconids Since the beginning of October and almost 20 numbers will be back to enjoy the meteor shower. The most beautiful sight at the time of maximum activity is available in the dark on the 16th day.

Oct 22 - Orionids Almost immediately after Drakonid sweep across the sky Orionids. However, this flow can be observed only at 23 in the night - it is short, but it promises to please the bright flashes of great speed and burn up in the atmosphere of meteors.

November 25 October 18 - Leonids meteors from the constellation Leo will permeate our atmosphere almost a month in a row. The visual of the meteor shower observation will be available on October 25 as well as the night of 5 and 18 November. On other days the possibility to watch meteor shower will not.

December 3-10 - Geminids Starting with number 3 and ending around mid-month winter sky will permeate very beautiful stream slowly flying meteors. In the Northern Hemisphere intense meteor rain it will be seen more and 13 December.

December 21-23 - Ursids Shortly before the new year Little Dipper delight short duration of only 10 hours, but beautiful and bright meteor shower. Best of all phenomena will be observed in the evening in the Northern Hemisphere.


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