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A Guide to Great Time Management as you Study.

Updated on January 3, 2016

As you consider a suitable environment for studying you may want to bear in mind that the proper allocation of time should be one very essential factor that must be considered. The allocation of time should be combined with a good study environment for maximum results. Here are some factors that should be considered to maximize time efficiency.

 An area in which you can maintain your focus. If say you have a television in your bedroom make sure it is turned off. This prevents distractions and saves on time that you are likely to spend focussed on an unnecessary distractor.

 You may seek to schedule your study sessions during specific time periods each day. It is easier to follow a timed schedule for study. If you study best in the morning by all means do so. If on the other hand you study better in the evenings, you can follow suit.

 Ergonomics-Posture and mobility forms another important part in the study environment. If you are sitting at a desk or table, an upright posture where the spinal cord is not under undue stress is important. This increases your ability to study comfortably for longer hours. You can also take study breaks after 30 minutes of study if your sessions are longer than 2 hours.

 Be sure you study in an environment that has adequate lighting. Poor lighting can be just as bad as a too brightly lit area. Both extremes can have an effect on the energy that the eyes have to exert as you study.

In whatever tasks we attempt, timeliness and organization forms two of the key ingredients to success. If say you are working on an assignment, you must first consider the time frame within which you need to complete the task. Correspondingly, you will need to plan how you will organize the materials in the appropriate sequence and determine the amount of content necessary to complete the task successfully. If you bear in mind the idea that you want to accomplish your given task with excellence, it behooves one to pay attention to these principles as you proceed .

 Ensure that you create the atmosphere where your interruptions are minimized. This you can do by turning off phones, televisions, radios etc. If you are interrupted make provisions if necessary to extend your study session if you have the energy for the day. If not you may push it forward to the other day where you will add some extra hours to complete tasks.

 Get yourself ready by putting yourself in the physical and mental frame of mind to proceed with your study. You can do a few stretching exercises of both legs and arms before and during study to keep the energy flowing. I have realized from experience, that just by simply chewing on a chewing gum keeps the mind very alert. You can vary the pace at which you chew. If you find yourself getting drowsy during the process chew at a faster pace as your energy level fades.

 Be sure you carefully read the assignment so that you will get a good idea of what the question is asking. Examples of questions to consider are:[1] How can I simplify and explain this question in my own words? [2] How can I organize this information? This is an issue that needs much emphasis as one prepares to study.

 You need to estimate the time that would be required for the task. You can do this by breaking this into a series of steps that will make you have an idea of how you will proceed. This ultimately hastens the solution process.

 If you find the assignment particularly difficult you will need to contact your teacher to see if he/she can spend some extra time with you. You may also team up in a group with some of your classmates to set things clear.

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