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A Look Into Philippine Media’s Portrayal of Gender Roles

Updated on January 10, 2020
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Human beings are deeply influenced by other people. Through socialization people adapt and learn to modify their behaviour, thoughts, feelings and attitudes according to the requirements of their culture and society. Through socialization gender roles are learned and developed. Gender roles greatly influence how we think and behave. This gender roles may lead into gender stereotypes. Gender stereotypes disadvantage and discriminate one in the workplace, at home and in society as a whole. Gender stereotypes create bias and prejudices.

People are adaptable and learn to modify their behaviour, thoughts, feelings, and attitudes according to the requirements of their culture. Media plays role in gender representation. Media plays a big role in making social standards, due to the fact that different types of media, including advertisement, television, and film, are present all over the place in current society


Media and Gender Role

Media plays a big role in making social standards, due to the fact that different types of media, including advertisement, television, and film, are present all over the place in current society. They cover current issues and give structures, mobilise citizens as to different issues, reproduce predominant culture and society, and amuse. Gender Role, as an example, exist exclusively on the grounds that society overall acknowledges them, however they are sustained by the media. Television is the most pervasive type of media, with almost 80 percent of Filipino families owning a television, as indicated by The Kantar Media. Of the 19 million Filipino homes, around four and five, 80 percent are single-TV-set homes, seven of 10 have kids in their particular homes. Twenty percent subscribe to link and satellite TV. In urban and country Philippines, 40 percent sit in front of the TV during primetime, and spend a normal of five hours sitting in front of the TV during weekdays.

Gender roles in the Philippines are found in various places; for example, educational systems, dating, marriage, and particularly their families. There are a few unique components that assume a part in ordering men and women into certain statuses among their sex parts. At the point when Filipino’s are born they naturally are relied upon to expect a particular role. They are characterized by their gender and then expect that gender role. Gender differences have key impact on what they are assume to do as a person of that gender and what they shouldn’t do. In a matter of speaking every gender has an arrangement of social standards they follow.

Portrayal of Men and Women in Philippine Television

Generalization is pervasive in every day media. Ladies are frequently depicted exclusively as homemakers and carers of the family, dependent on men, or as objects of male consideration. All things considered, there is a connection between the interest of ladies in the media and changes in the representation of ladies.

Men are likewise subjected to stereotyping in the media. They are ordinarily described as powerful and dominant. The media has a tendency to disparage men in minding household roles. Such depictions can impact perceptions of Filipinos as far as what society might anticipate from men and women, additionally what they might anticipate from themselves. They advance a unbalanced vision of the parts of men and women in the society.

Portrayal of LGBT Community in Philippine Television

The depiction of a male homosexual is frequently the same with a female homosexual. male homosexuals are regularly depicted as “feminine”, while female homosexuals are depicted as “masculine”. In spite of the fact that these are all the more regularly true and are normal misinterpretations found in the Philippine media. Besides, the presence of homosexuality in the media has turned out to be more well known, in this manner creating numerous more cliché suppositions to be made. In later years, Gay men have been stereotyped as frequently being extremely overstate with their words and in addition their design sense. Lesbians have, be that as it may, been generally seen as masculine, normally depicted by a lady with short hair.

The media frequently influences our judgment on specific points, however can likewise impact our perspective on individuals. Media representations are not generally harmful. In spite of the fact that they impact your picture of homosexuality along with stereotyping it.

Impact of Gender Role Stereotyping

In our current society, males and females execute particularly distinctive roles. Although these roles do not posses true for every person. The mainstream of people lives out their lives in accordance with these very pervasive roles. Society has a tendency to allocate classes of social roles to “man” individuals and classes of social parts to “woman” individuals (as society sees their perceived genders). These gender role limits what both men and women can and cannot do. Gender Role enslave persons and drive them to be what others need them to be. They are propagated and authorized by the society.

Gender Role can be portrayed as an arrangement of practices and qualities that are standard for each gender in a group. Gender Role stereotypes are comprehensively held convictions about those practices and characteristics. The stereotypes, as it were, turn into the parts. Society forces people into some roles simply by anticipating that those roles are appropriate and enforcing them.

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