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Qualities of a Good Teacher

Updated on November 25, 2016

A perfect Teacher

Every single person in our society is aware of this word. This word is not just a word but carries the responsibility to build a life, to give it a proper shape and show the correct path of life. It is not only the noble work between all the societies but also plays a vital role where no mistakes may be accepted. After our parents, teachers are the only ones who structure the life of a person.

However, with the span of time where everything has changed drastically, ways of teaching have also changed. In Hindu mythology, where a teacher has been given the biggest priority of the world with ‘schlock’s and mantras’ (Hindus’ devotional prayers) and compared with the God by saying that teacher is bigger than all Gods, at the same time today teacher has become more like a friend. It is mostly seen that teacher who behaves more friendly with their students and tries to convey knowledge putting themselves in the shoes of the students have succeeded more than anybody else.

Ways to deal with students

When talking to their students, one thing should always be kept in mind by the teachers that after the parents at home, teachers become the first body of idle in the life of the students. So only good examples be set in and every student should be treated equally so that their life is not only structured, but structured at a correct level like in a case of a mother who does not differentiate her kids irrespective of an ugly or beautiful child. The same way, no student should be super special for a teacher rather; it’s the responsibility of the teacher to make every single kid super special in their own way. For a teacher, it is very important to understand that everybody cannot be sane and has their own qualities so grooming them for the best does not stay an easy task any longer. The teachers should not only think of making them understandable, but should also understand the outlook of a student and his/her grasping power to acquire the effect of teaching.

Interaction with the Students

When teachers interact with their students they should talk in a very confident, polite and a disciplined way so that the students always respect them. Being a teacher, they should have a great level of patience and always should construct words while speaking in a more understanding way and not scolding or beating the students. We should always remember that respect comes from the action we do and cannot be taken forcefully from anyone. They need to act just like a mother who always thinks of her kids and wishes of their well-being.
Act like a Counsellor

In primary section teachers should become keener about the habits and behaviour of their students. They should keep an eye on them because this is the age when the kids learn both good and bad aspects of life. A teacher should not only have the knowledge about the students and his thoughts but should also have the knowledge about their family life. This helps to understand the students more and the reason for their mistakes as well. It is always necessary to make them understand their mistakes, but it is also important to highlight their qualities that encourage and enable them to do better and then the best. All students are not same, some become harden after being scolded for their mistakes and some need encouragement and seem to be motivated at every step and do not show results only when scolded. So the teachers need to do like a counsellor, psychologist etc.

There are also instances found where teachers also love may be praised and enjoy the complaints against other teachers. It may be kept in mind as well that encouraging students to speak against other teachers in front of you can cause the level of respect to go down in the heart of the students that are not a good sign. Thus being a teacher, it should always be avoided that any wrong message is conveyed to the students by a teacher or students should have the thinking of taking out and highlighting mistakes by making fun of a teacher in front of the other teacher.

It should also be considered that in your class if the students are making noise and are going out of control, the mistake does not only lie with the students, but it needs to be understood that somewhere or the other the teacher has failed to connect or the students or has lacked in teaching them due to which concentration of the students was missing. Punishments should not always stay a key point or a weapon of a teacher because, at some point in time when this is often used, students lose fear for the teacher and respect as well. So patience and making your lessons more interesting and full of knowledge makes studying more useful and interesting for the students. In higher classes, it is always seen that when a teacher becomes friendly and not only interacts with students with the sentences in the book but goes beyond and behave like a friend, the interests of the students increase in those subjects and they remain under control. Just like different faces of growth in human we should also be aware of the changes in the behaviour of the students with their growing age.

Communication between parent and teacher

Communication on both sides is extremely important. The parents need information about what and how their child is learning, and the teacher needs important feedback from the parent about the child's academic and social development, as well they need to view the child from a parent's perspective. Parents should also tell the teacher about behavioural changes of their child at home.

Parents need to model a child

Parents need to study the positive qualities of their children and model their ability to stay energised, imaginative and completely in the moment no matter what might be going on around them. Parents can understand their children better than any other person.

What parents should do?

1. Keep in touch with the school.
2. Create a problem-solving partnership with the teacher
3. Try not to boast
4. Think like a child.

What a Teacher should do?

1. Involve parents in classroom activities
2. Give parents a voice in decisions
3. Foster good communication during parent - teacher conferences.

Brief Qualities of a good teacher

- Always ready to help students.
- Does the lesson interesting.
- Have a positive attitude.
- Patience.
- Students do not hesitate to seek his help.
- Understands and knows the need of students.
- Inspiring behaviour.
- A good communicator.
- A good sense of humour.
- Integrity beyond doubt.

Being unpopular at School is hazardous to health

Being unpopular at School not only make your school days miserable, but also increases your chances of falling ill later in life. Those who are socially isolated in their teens are most likely to suffer health problems when they hit their 40s, shows research from Sweden that tracked 900 16-year-old for 27 years.

Unpopularity and social isolation were linked to the obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, bad food fats and 'lack of 'good' cholesterol, a cluster of problems are known as metabolic syndrome that creates a risk of heart attack and stroke. The effect was particularly noticed between girls with the most unpopular and introverted at 16 more than three times as likely to be in bad shape at 43.


There may be only examples and ways to teach but the main responsibility lies only on the shoulders of the teachers and it is never an easy task. We can never teach you how to become a good teacher, but can only add to the qualities. So to become a good teacher, we should always remember that heart to heart relation and understanding and looking at everything in the world from the student’s perspective is necessary.

Teachers who are intellectual and straight forward love their profession and feel rewarded by young students showing them with abundant love, absolute faith and reverence. They have openly admitted that student continually teaches us human values, if only we keep our eyes and hearts open. Some of the students also view that they have come across the teachers during studying in college who are least concerned about others and their most of the encounters with teachers were unpleasant especially in college.

Anyway, we need to realise that though it is easy to get the job of a teacher but it is tough to be a good teacher who possesses all the good qualities a perfect teacher should have



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  • padmendra profile image

    PADMENDRA S R 3 years ago from DELHI/NCR

    Your comments do not relate to my article.

  • padmendra profile image

    PADMENDRA S R 5 years ago from DELHI/NCR

    Thanks for the comments.

  • sarahdc profile image

    sarahdc 6 years ago from California

    I like how you listed down the qualities of a good teacher! :)


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