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A response to the declaration that it all started with the big bang

Updated on March 5, 2012

Big Bangs?

So this started as a response to a friend's declaration that it all started with the big bang. And I answered as follows:

Yep - THIS being space's' most RECENT bang, that is. For, I'm beginning to wonder that maybe the big bang is not but a blip in the temporal foreverness.

I've devoted quite some daydreaming in my years to the notion that the big bang is analagous to one half of a WAY over-simplied metaphor of the heart beat.

The heart contracts, circulating blood (the universe) out into the body - where it and we do our thing.

Eventually, we all have to go home for dinner and get reoxygenated. We come home and come home and come home (retract) until we are as dense and compact as physics can stand, or maybe there is such a thing as "Absolute Density"?!?!, and then BANG!!!!! back out we go.

Now, our universe is filled with space and matter (and physicists can talk about dark matter and anti-matter and black holes and the curvature of space (not time! I dare say!). But that back-and-forth is for those with quite some alphabet soup afer their name. I ain't there yet! ;)

So, then, if space is of the universe, what is it that is not of the universe - what is "beyond the end"? A perfect vaccuum? Pressure beyond our sensorial (or cognitive?) comprehension?

And what of the "heart" of our universe, whatever and where-ever it exists, if it does. Eventually, it's gonna ring the dinner bell again - when we have expanded to our most strenuous and utmost capacity, or perhaps there is a tension created by expansion, and indeed, then maybe an "Absolute Tension" as well - at which point the universe once and yet again contracts and contracts (goes home for din din - O2, or recombination, or tension release until, again, if there is such a thing, "terminal density" or "Absolute Compression" is reached, and then BANG!

It's the process that is applicable to virtually everything moving and living and changing about life. Dissonance, cadence. Conflict, resolution. Tension. Release.

I just wonder if we aren't just in the midst of one part of the entire vast cosmos' "process", that has gone on forever past, and will forever into the future....

Things that make you go "Hmmmmmmm?" Or maybe WTF, who knows! ;)


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  • rdlang05 profile image

    rdlang05 6 years ago from Minnesota

    Interesting to think about, but I'd to see some scientific evidence to substantiate your claim. Still, made me think!