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A virus

Updated on February 17, 2013


The following article will present information about a virus that most people never imagine. I was thinking about the first computer software I used and used it for quite sometime without a virus. Then all of a sudden an upgrade to the previous software arrived, then, shortly thereafter an occasional virus appeared. I similar to many did not give these viruses much attention until your computer is inoperative. Again, I put the thought of viruses in the recesses of my mind until; I was viewing a cold and flu commercial. I remember the person saying, “ the cold and flu is here” all of a sudden this virus ideal stated to puzzle me. How could a certain virus only appear at a specific time of the year? Between the computer virus and the human virus cause me to purchase a biology book to research a virus. What it is and what it can do. What I started to find is frightening. I will explain a virus and what is developing and what has been developed in the name of science.

First, biologists classify a virus as alive but not living. The reason for this complex classification the virus cannot reproduce without a host. Once inside the host it can replicate itself causing a terror in the human body, as did the terrorist on September eleventh. Biologist has carried research for the past forty years. They are clear on the following: The virus is made up of genetic material enclose in protein. It is not an organism for it cannot reproduce itself. However, once integrated into the cell of the host it will cause the cell mechanism to reproduce the virus. The study of viruses is continuous, the biologist is equipped to clone, isolate and develop serum for viruses in a laboratory environment.

Once I became aware of what the biologists were capable of I began to look for application of this knowledge. My first example is the cold and flu virus; with all of the research going on why a cure is not available for the above mention viruses. One answer is very simple according to the biologist. The cold and flu virus is never the same virus so a cure has not come about. My thought is maybe the cold and flu medication is so lucrative maybe a cure is not cost effective. Then a close look at germ warfare is quite revealing. Can viruses be used to eliminate population? Based on a science fiction move I view recently, it is plausible. This is the scenario for the application, a free vaccine would be given out using nana technology a radio frequency device would enter the blood stream and would alert a lab once the population is infected and the virus has replicated with mathematical precision. This is the first part of a three part serious on viruses. The follow up article will discuss Hepatitis.


The purpose of this article is to enlighten those who are unaware as to what a virus is and how it operates. On a daily basis we hear words so often that their definition begins to dull the senses. My intentions are to sharply rap the senses into active thought.

Summary Doubled

The purpose of the above article is to familiarize people with a word they hear on a daily basis. So, much so that their senses are now dull to its meaning. This allows companies to make millions on avoidables.


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    • vespawoolf profile image


      5 years ago from Peru, South America

      Wow, I thought this was going to be about computer viruses. How scary. I didn't realize a virus is alive but not living since it can't reproduce without a host. Thank you for sharing your research.

    • platinumOwl4 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Lady E, I am truly elated when you read an respond to my articles. I have gathtered information on the part two of Virus that is mentallly explosive to people who by into the medical's industry fallicies..

    • Lady_E profile image


      5 years ago from London, UK

      Interesting read. I can only see 5 of your Hubs. Hope you haven't deleted some of them because they are very useful. Thanks

    • platinumOwl4 profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago

      Coolmon2009, Thank you for reading my article. I was hoping just one person would have the intestinal fortitude to read it. Lo and behold it was you. Your reading it only verified what I already knew about most people. Nevertheless, I thank you for being the "One" Shortly, the other two article will follow.

    • Coolmon2009 profile image


      5 years ago from Texas, USA

      Interesting article on Viruses, looking forward to the followup hubs.


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