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Updated on August 14, 2016


Firstly, we all need to know what acids are. An acid, in scientific terms are chemical substances which are said to produce hydrogen ions, when dissolved in an aqueous solution, also known as water. Unlike bases, which are said to be substances which produces hydroxonium ions, also known as hydroxide ions when dissolved in water.

There are mainly two types of acids with many examples. They are:

(1) Concentrated acids: As we defined acids earlier, we said acids are substances which produce hydrogen ions when dissolved in water. This is the same definition with concentrated acids. When you try pouring concentrated acids, what happens?. I will end my statement here on concentrated acids.... Sorry, I did not give you examples of concentrated acids. Some examples include hydrochloric acids (HCl), tetraoxosulphateIVacid(H2SO4). I will end here because time waits for nobody. For more details contact me.

(2) Diluted acid: These acids are ones which have been diluted with water as the name implies. These acids, unlike concentrated ones, do not cause harm to the body!. I have indirectly answered one of the questions I asked earlier. Would you like some examples of diluted acids?, here are some: orange, lime, tangerine. Wait, are you surprised?, pineapple is also part of them. Some fruits we take in are acids.

There are several ways by which you can know acids when you see them. They are.....

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