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AL Gore Brands Me A Racist For Being A Skeptic Of Global Warming

Updated on September 17, 2011

Al Gore Brands Me A Racist For Being A Skeptic Of Global Warming

Were a Republican to make a comparison between his troubles and racism, the usual Black mouth pieces would have been up in arms… opining that said Republican was not ‘worthy’ of the racism comparison. Nonetheless, Al Gore, a Democrat, can brand me a racist because I, among many, do not give credence to the “Global Warming” dogma as Mr. Gore would like. I have written before and I am writing again that as a boy in the Caribbean… I got scared because some scientists then, and who are still breathing Jesus' air, said that there was a coming Ice Age.

Now some of those same scientists, and Mr. Gore advocates, are positing the Global Warming hysteria of recent vintage. If I recalled, those scientists that scared me as a boy, had the so called requisite proof and empirical evidence to substantiate their claims of the pending ‘Ice Age;’ yet, those same scientists, and moreover Mr. Gore, would go as far as brand me akin to a racist because I have a healthy dose of skepticism for the science surrounding Global Warming.

Now it is true that Verily Prime has no aptitude for science unless it is broken down and explain to him like a child; but even more so is the many scientists that Verily Prime is privy to, who are treated like pariahs because they have a contrary view of the science that supposedly gives credence to Global Warming. It is amazing how the Far Left can welcome a plurality of voices concerning other issues, especially when it comes to Traditional Christianity, but they are of a singular mind in not allowing any contrary opinions on the issue of Climate Change. Mr. Gore would have you believe that there are no other voices besides him and his advocate on Global Warming… but you too can do your own research and reach an objective opinion void of the competing biased voices.

Do not get me wrong… I am not saying that there might not be Climate Change, but to blame everything on Global Warming is ridiculous. It has only been a few hours since the East Coast went through the relative devastation of Hurricane Irene, but many, including Mr. Gore, are blaming Irene on Global Warming. The Question that begs itself is what happened in the early Nineteenth Century when there were similar weather patterns? Had we contributed to the destruction of the Ozone then too ushering in those inclement weather patterns? These are the hard questions that Mr. Gore and his advocates have no answer for… which then cause him, like a petulant child, to resort to the silly name calling - but of course only the Far-Left-Liberals are allowed to use vitriol, in addition to crying wolf.


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    • profile image

      Verily Prime 6 years ago

      Thanks for the added needed commentary to flush out the issue more because indeed the fight is on with those like Mr. Gore and we need to keep them honest.

    • Larry Fields profile image

      Larry Fields 6 years ago from Northern California

      Hi, Verily Prime. Voted up.

      For the most part, I think that you're spot-on. However I do have one small quibble. The Gore-acle is not calling anyone a racist. He's making a prediction (one of many baseless predictions, by the way) that at some time in the future, climate realists, like you and I, will be shunned--in the same way that racists are currently shunned--whenever we express skepticism about CAGW. (That's Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming.)

      And yes, the innuendo is definitely there. I'd like to add a bit to your observation.

      Some of the Warmist hired guns with scientific backgrounds--who've stopped behaving like honorable scientists a long time ago--know that they're on the wrong side of the science, and they strongly suspect that they're on the wrong side of history, as well. And they've been jumping the shark.

      Out of desperation, the Warmies have been upping the ante. The example that you provided is just the soup course. The Gore-acle himself has ventured forth into Godwin Land. He has compared the 'fight' against Global Warming with the fight against the Nazis during WW2. Oh wait, it gets better.

      James Hansen, who heads up NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, has stated that corporate CEOs who disagree with him about his coal-trains-of-death dogma, should be put on trial for treason.

      Greenpeace has made thinly-veiled violent threats against people with whom they disagree about CAGW. One of their choice comments:

      "We know where you live."

      However in terms of the law, it does not rise to the level of a violent threat, because it does not use words like "death" or "kill". Law enforcement authorities don't even have the resources to stay on top of all domestic violence situations, in which husbands make very direct threats to kill their wives.

      Nevertheless, a common-sense reading of the Greenpeace threat shows a violent intent. Moving on.

      An organization called 10:10 has made a short, graphic, splatter video, which suggests that it would be great fun to blow up people--especially children--who are not sufficiently enthusiastic about saving the planet from the evil CO2 Monster.

      It is clear to me that high-level Warmies do not believe that freedom of speech is a fundamental human right. Anyone who believes that Warmies are all peaceful, granola-munching, eco-hippies, simply has not been keeping current.