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A_levels Computer studies

Updated on September 18, 2015
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Umarah Gul has done Bachelors in Information Technology from NSEECS and currently doing MSCS. Has taught CS at Roots IVY International


Before we embark upon an ambitious and long journey ahead, I would like to get some things straight: why am I doing this act of philanthropy? Firstly there is a desire to do, secondly I had been a lost student in my A-levels years.Lost in the sense I had to figure out a lot in my own head. I have been teaching at different schools in Faisalabad and I feel that the teachers are very thrifty in sharing their knowledge. If the relationship between the student and the teacher is not there, then the whole point of a classroom is pointless. If you want to learn then learning should be fun: Computer Studies is a very rewarding subject. Period. In our months together now, I welcome you all to put questions regarding the content read on this website and I will make a humble effort to resolve them.

Syllabus 9691

Have your A-levels syllabus handy. This website will facilitate both the students who are revising and the students who are beginning their AS. Syllabus 9691 assumes no prior knowledge of Computer Studies ; which means you need have done your O-levels in Computer Studies. Having said that we will scurry towards our target. The syllabus is divided into four section and section 1 and 2 will be studied in the AS level. This is where we will begin the journey of enlightenment

. Paper ! will be based on Section 1. Today we will try to cover section 1.1

1.1 Components of a computer system and modes of use

1.1.1 Types of hardware

1.1.2 Types of software

Speaking broadly a computer system is constituted of two basic parts: the software and the hardware.Simply put computer is a digital machine that takes a finite input, processes upon it by using storage area and then produces an output.

Computer system
Computer system

Computer Hardware

Hardware is the tangible part of the computer system. You can see the hardware and you can touch the hardware. It has a physical existence. Examples of the hardware can be your keyboard, mouse, memory card and the hard disk. Many time students argue that we can not see the hard disk because it is inside the system unit! Yes, but we can always open the system unit and have a look.

Software is , if I simply state, the programs installed inside your computer system and your operating system. There is more to software but for now this simple definition will suffice as we move along, things will become clearer.

For now, we will zoom in on the computer hardware's Input Devices



Laser Mouse



Finger print scanner

Retina scanner

ris scanner


Touch pad


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