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Criminal Justice System

Updated on June 22, 2014
Criminal Justice System
Criminal Justice System

The Criminal Justice System

The criminal justice system in every country has a number of agencies working together to ensure that justice prevails and crime is either alleviated or done away with completely. Some of the agencies include the state, private, public and the local agencies as well as the religious ones. Some of the important responsibilities that these agencies have are crime investigation, gathering and producing evidence when required, apprehending and booking criminals, and finally the judicial responsibilities of trials and sentencing are done. The various organizations of the police and the judicial system work together along with other social organizations whenever necessary. All these organizations combine to form the criminal justice system. Different laws govern the criminal justice system in different ways in each country, therefore, though there may be some features that are common, basically the procedures and the criminal justice system is quite diverse. All the countries have formulated laws and regulations that must be followed by all the various agencies of the criminal judicial system as well as by the members of the public.

The Sequence Of The Procedures Followed:

The procedures with respect to the criminal justice system include five components that make the complete system and they are:

Enforcement of the Law: Investigation of the crime at the site where it was committed, is conducted. They gather as much evidence as they can from the site of the crime. The evidence can be in the form of materials found in the vicinity, the people in the surrounding, and their elaborations on the crime, eye witness, their testimony and evidences and any further investigation if necessary by the judiciary.

Prosecution Stage: This is the stage where the alleged criminal is taken to and prosecuted if found guilty. All the evidence and witness statements gathered by the law enforcement authorities earlier is submitted and based on them the prosecutors come to a conclusion regarding the alleged criminal. The prosecutors represent the state government or the federal government.

Criminal Justice System
Criminal Justice System

The Defense for The Accused: The defense attorney is usually argues the case on behalf of the accused and is pitted against the prosecutor in a criminal case

The judiciary: The judicial courts are where the judgments are pronounced. The law of the land is respected and the judgment is based on it. Judgments are given on the basis of the various arguments put forward by the defense attorney and the prosecutor.

The Corrections Officers: These are the officers who are in direct contact with the criminals and once the accused is found guilty, they are sent to jail, corrections home or for probation in the community. The correction officers are then responsible for the accused who are found guilty and sent to prison. They are also responsible to ensure that those who are required to serve the community do so in the required way so that they don't end up in prisons again. The criminal justice system all over the world is against capital punishment unless it is required in the rarest of rare cases. Since most judgments are based on the severity of the crime, the incidences for capital punishment is not so common.

Criminal Justice System
Criminal Justice System

The Modern Concept of Criminal Justice System:
Today the need for criminal justice has increased, and there is a strong debate against the kind of punishments meted out to the criminals. Psychological and sociological studies have introduced new concepts to deal with criminal psychology and the punishments have changed from what it used to be. Today the efforts to bring the criminals back into the mainstream society and convert them into socially responsible citizens so that the incidents of crime is further reduced is underway. The main concept behind the modern methods of punishment like community service has led to a number of people being re-instated and now living and leading respectable lives irrespective of the fact that they have had prison terms behind them.

Laws that are more stringent is necessary and more than laws, more innovative methods need to be implemented in the sphere of education to improve the thought processes and the mind-set of the people.


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