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Updated on September 3, 2009

 I am sure you have seen the catchy 1-2 minute adds at most cinemas as you wait for the movie you paid to see. They all tell you about, an internet website where you find your movie and purchase your tickets from e and then simply go to the movie and walk in.

It seems like a great service,and is, especially with blockbuster movies like the recent Harry Potter where there were long lines to get in.

But despite the illusion of conveniance, what does not tell you anywhere in their ads is:

You still have to wait in line. You simply do not walk in, bypassing others, and hand your ticket to the ticket taker. Isn't this the reason why you would purchase the tickets online and pay an extra $2 fee for the service? It really is the only reason to use it.

The kicker is after you purchase your tickets online, the info is sent to the cinema where your movie is playing. In order to get your tickets, you must wait in line, not to pay again, but to get them from the booth! You do not print them at home (as most think and as I did) and walk in the cinema door. Since you have to stand in line ANYWAY, what exactly is the benefit of the service? Nada. Except, maybe you are guaranteed to get a ticket because you bought online. But even that is no guarantee for movies like Harry Potter, where there is seating capacity in the cinema. You may not be able to see the movie when you want to see it.

So, is really no benefit and self-defeating when compared to other online services where you can print your admission tickets after buying them (such as, Raging Water parks) and simply walk in.

Why would anyone pay an extra $2 fee for this insanity? I will never again.


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