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About South Coast College of Court Reporting

Updated on May 18, 2011
Court reporters work inside of courtrooms.
Court reporters work inside of courtrooms. | Source

South Coast College History

Originally located in Long Beach in California and operating under the name of Stenotype College of Long Beach, South Coast College began offering court reporting training in 1961. As of 2011, South Coast College also offers training programs in medical transcription, medical assisting, legal administrative assistant training and paralegal studies.

South Coast College of Court Reporting Credentials

South Coast College maintains full accreditation status from the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools. The National Court Reporters Association and the Court Reporters Board of California approve of South Coast College’s court reporting training program.

South Coast College of Court Reporting Program

South Coast College has one main campus located in Orange, California. The campus features a repair shop for stenotype machines in addition to a bookstore and three classrooms where students can practice their typing skills. Court reporting students practice using stenotype machines in a mock courtroom that simulates the working conditions they will experience after graduating and securing a court reporting position. During the court reporting program, students learn how to accurately transcribe witness testimonies along with other courtroom proceedings, such as closing arguments. The college does not offer any on-campus living options to students.


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