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What You Do Not Know About The Russian And Americans

Updated on November 28, 2015


Russian and Americans, just like the African and American, are the American settlers who trace their ancestral origin to The Russians. As we know that American comprises of settlers with diverse ancestral origin. The native language of The Russian and Americans is English (the language spoken in the united state of America)

The History

Alaska was one of the territories ruled by the then Russian empire. One of the early settlers was the Russians; hence, it became a Russian empire.The Russian-American colony was not a feasible venture. This was due to a very high cost of transportation between Russian and America. The colony was later sold to the American and after then, many of the Russian settlers left the colony to return back to Russia. However, not all of the Russian left. Some stayed back while others moved down to the southern Alaska and occupy part of California. These new settlers were the gold rush merchant and miners. One f the reasons for establishing the colony in Alaska is the search for fur-bearing mammals on the coast of Alaska. This arises when there is a shortage of supply from Siberia. The Russian hunters developed the maritime trade for the fur animals when it proves to be a profitable business. This resulted to conflicts among Russians after the fur business started to catch the attention of other European countries.

The imperialistic motive of the Russians began around the 17 century when the Russians open a trade relation with the Tlingit. The attempt to monopolize fur trading was what brought about the establishment of Russian-American Company (RAC). This together with the land encroachment, aggravate the other residents/ settlers and the relationship between then was tarnished; hence, a battle ensued. The battle was devastating. The Tlingit warrior vandalized a lot of the Russian settlements properties. Many of the Russians settlements were destroyed. The only spared settlement was the new Russia. The fact that the Russians were not totally expelled enabled them to regroup. This new group launches an attack on the Tlingit. After the battle, the Russians, the presence of the Russian was again established. Three years later Russian-American Company began operation expansion. The expansion extended to north California. That was around 1811-13.

The largest of the Slavic language is Russian which is spoken by a very large number of people (close to 240-60 million speakers). Most Russian immigrant communicated with friends and family in the Russian language before learning to speak in the English language. However, the Russian language still exists in the united state as identity maintenance by the immigrant who find the symbolic function of Russian language sense of identity. This is why the Russian language is still alive in the united state. Much of the Russian culture has been kept alive lately as a result of its appearance in movies, books, journals, and newspapers. Although, there is very much transformation in the language and alphabets as a result of Bolshevik rule when the state of soviet banned all forms of intellectual and cultural activities that antagonized Stalin principle of communism, there are still a lot of similarities.


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