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5 tips to help you enjoy math

Updated on August 7, 2016

1. Start for children to become familiar with the numbers from an early age

When buying toys for the children, parents should choose toys for developing smart thinking. Soon be familiar and identify the numbers on the favorite toy that will make you start to have feelings for math. In addition, parents can let children watch television programs, cartoons and children's music with the introduction of counting with vivid images, funny about the numbers to attract children. According to the share of the moon, so your child knows from an early age was like on-off switch button, click on the keys like protrusion as keys, phone buttons or knobs control the television, she has think of a way I can have fun while learning. It's every day, you are deliberately because I turned on the television, changing channels. Or to the desktop phone, she asked me to dial her grandparents to call. Each time through the same, you have to read out the numbers so you can manipulate the press the corresponding number on the phone recording or control. Therefore, the identification of numbers very quickly and also excited to get it right, mother praise, encouragement.

2. Encourage your child to memorize the numbers

Encourage your child to memorize or remember the number , a serial number is also a great way to be able to exercise the mind , thinking their problem . However , keep in mind any number range is not easy and not a lot of fun for many children . Therefore , parents should help children memorize the numbers by attaching to objects , but the favorite subjects . The familiar with the numbers from early will help children with their love for math at school

The familiar with the numbers from early will help children with their love for math at school

3. Insert Figures And Computation In my life

Many children would love to follow her mother to go shopping , go to the supermarket . Here parents can pass through the calculations of households counted as money to pay , to return excess cash to increase my mental arithmetic or facilitate thinking about the simple puzzle format . For small children , counting the number of classmates or count the number of family members is also a good way for children to learn the numbers.

4. Select the purchase of books and math problem solving with children

Parents can choose to buy all kinds of books related to the numbers, math books for children on logical reasoning and problem solving with children . For young children , parents pay attention to buy books with pictures , beautiful colors , numbers printed loud and clear and the numbers can be personified to increase excitement fun for children . Time solve the problem should not be too long , about 30 minutes left to break the child does not feel the pressure that is simply learning by playing .

5. Encourage your child to take part in the competitions and quizzes math math

In schools often organize competitions like this , but many young timid , shy , not confident participants. Parents need to monitor the school's announcement , refer to the information on the network of acquaintances and to grasp the construction period . Should parents not to adopt a " sure win" , " competition is to have the prize" because it will create pressure for me. When the results are not high , nor should parents expressed frustration that just motivated me , " I lost the glue presents other glue " , "this time to take the exam experience , is to try " to eliminate child feelings of failure , depression and low self-esteem or hate math from there .

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