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Accounting As A College Major

Updated on April 19, 2012

After working in a different location last week; I was engulfed in the conversation of looking for colleges. This brought me back to thinking about my senior year in high and part of my adult life. My problem was the career choice. While I was high school I wanted to be a band director, but by my senior year I changed to English. I did one semester of English and changed to the degree that my family members all through high school said I should go for……


If you're reading this is then you thinking about a career in accounting or just wondering what it is. "Accounting is a system that provides quantitative information about finances, maintains and audits financial records, and prepares reports for investors and managers to help make business decisions."(Unknown) This career choice is a four year degree and sometimes a five year. Career opportunities for someone who chooses this degree are:

· CPAs(Certified Public Accountants) in public auditing

· Managerial/cost accountants

· Internal revenue agents

· Tax consultants

· Internal auditors

· Financial executives

· Accounting professionals in governmental and non-profit organizations

One thing that I wish I would have know while I was in school is to become a CPA there is different rules and guidelines. I just thought there was test. For information concerning becoming a CPA check your state's Accountancy Board website. Even if you're just starting it is better to be informed now, so that you can plan your goals according.

Just like any other degree accounting takes time and lots of practice. If a online is better suited for you or even a in class university then those are choices you need you to decide as well.

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